Police Blotter 11-29-2018

Monday, Nov. 19

Caller on Cutler and Veterans Road states there is an injured raccoon on the sidewalk that is covered with a shirt. ACO is off-duty and was unable to contact him. Units were advised of the situation. Charlie 1 requested to reach out to Revere’s ACO and 92 reports making contact with Revere’s ACO. He responded and has the animal and is enroute to the Winthrop Town Yard.

Contractor reports he is working on Grandview Avenue and needs the water to be shut off, but has not been able to reach anyone at the DPW. Operations manager notified and will have someone respond.

Caller on Shore Drive has emptied her pool and a contractor starting filling it with dirt. Another party of the same contractor started throwing construction trash in the pool. Caller is the owner and she will meet officer when he arrives. 91 states caller had a verbal altercation with the contractor last  Thursday while unloading his truck. 91 took pictures of the damage and has the phone number of the driver, and will reach out to him.

Party reports a real estate fraud/scam that is related to an address in Winthrop. She was advised and a report will be forwarded to investigations.

92 was flagged down by a citizen to help locate his motor vehicle. 92 reports he was able to locate vehicle on Atlantic Street.

Caller on Shirley Street states that his tenant who is home called him and reported a tow truck dropped off an unknown car in the driveway of the house. 92 reports the tow company accidentally dropped the vehicle off at the wrong address. Caller knows the next door neighbor and will wait until he arrives home to move the vehicle.

92 states he is enroute to headquarters to retrieve property and return it to a resident on Overlook Drive. No one was home so he left a note.

A Fed Ex truck struck a vehicle on Shirley Street and Washington Avenue.

Caller at Governors Park suspects that his brother is doing drugs and wants him removed. Units clear brother left for the night.


Tuesday, Nov. 20

Caller states an elderly man was confused and asked for help. She brought him to Payson Street. She is concerned that he may leave again. Male party was safe with his wife.

Party came in to report being a victim of identity theft.

Library called stating they saw a party on camera from yesterday who was trespassed from the property. Party came in yesterday to return a book.

Party called to inquire if anyone had reported losing any money. Party spoke to 935 and was told what the procedure is when something was found.

Report of a dead cat at Pauline and Pleasant Street. Message was left for ACO. Unit going by due to several calls being made wondering if it is their cat. Officer searched the area and could not locate the cat.

Calling party on Trident Avenue who lives on the street states a Fort has been parked in the same spot for over a month now. Owner lives on the street and is legally parked. No violations.

Party on Buchanan Street states there is a Toyota Camry parked in front of her house. The vehicle is not registered or insured. The vehicle does belong to someone in the house but wants to speak to an officer about getting it towed or moved. Units stated the vehicle is registered and insured. The caller did not come out to speak to the officer.


Wednesday, Nov. 21

Caller on Woodside Avenue states he can hear someone yelling outside. S1 stated there were only two woman outside and they went into their car and had already left. 92 and 93 are going to the caller’s house to speak with him about the situation. Units stated they just spoke to the caller and advised him they will be doing periodic checks at the Blackstrap and he does not need to call any more for the night about it.

Car was repossessed from Governors Park

Caller states there is a male party at the bus stop at Governors Park and is sleeping. She thinks there is 94C involved and is concerned of the well-being of the subject. Unit stated the male party is waiting for the senior center to open.

Man was walking his dog on Nevada Street and an unleashed dog bit him. ACO reports male party was not bit. He was startled by the loose dog and he fell. ACO will follow up once the party returns from the hospital. ACO is still actively looking for the dog at this time. Officers were able to locate the animal who has been taken to Ocean View Kennel. A note was left on the house stating to contact ACO and that we have the dog.

Attempted to serve summons to subject on Centre Street. Papers were served in hand.

Report of multiple trucks blocking Wave Way Avenue. A truck blew a hydraulic line and is disabled. Officer reports the company will be contacting Department for a Safety Officer. Fire was notified about the blockage. The street is blocked with cones.

Party on Circuit Road states that her ex has not returned their daughter, and is harassing her through text message. She would like an officer to assist. The father showed up prior to officer’s arrival. The daughter is safe and sound.

Report that a panel of windows were on  the street at Charles and Tewksbury Street. Another caller moved the street’s pallet in between two cars. 93 states he located the item and it was a styrofoam board. 93 has removed it to side of the road.

Caller on Woodside Avenue stated there are a bunch of people outside of the Blackstrap being loud and causing a disturbance. Unit stated there were only a few people outside and they were not making a lot of noise.

Caller on South Avenue stated there was loud music. Units stated there was no loud party going on, just two people sitting in a vehicle and they will be going inside their house.


Thursday, Nov. 22

Caller on Putnam Street stated that five minutes ago she heard a girl screaming. She stated she can’t hear anything now, but would like a unit to check the area. Units are in the area and he stated there were a bunch of people in the area scattering. Units walked around the area and no one is outside.

Caller on Nevada Street came home to see his door broken in and money stolen from his desk. This is a past breaking and entering and is an ongoing issue between roommates.

Multiple cars on the sidewalk blocking caller’s driveway on Pearl Avenue. Two vehicles moved and both were legally parked.

Report of five parties fighting in front of home on Sagamore Avenue. Three females and two males. No weapons. It was a verbal argument between brother and sister. The brother left prior to unit’s arrival.

Motor vehicle accident hit and run at Faun Bar Avenue. Report to follow.


Friday, Nov. 23

Unit off with school bus on the side of the road at Shore Drive an Dolphin Avenue. Unit checked on the vehicle and parties are living out of it and smoke from the exhaust was from the fireplace.

Caller on Shore Drive reports there is an older model Nissan parked with its lights on. Unit went by the area and the party had run out of gas but was already refueling when the unit arrived.

Party on Pauline Street states the burglar alarm is sound on the first floor or maybe the second floor of the EB Newton School. She is on the third. Officers met with the calling party and went through the school. It is all clear. Caller was an employee of the Performing Arts and the door was left open for her. She was unaware there was an alarm. She is on the phone with her employer now getting the code for the alarm.

Minor motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Highland and Revere Street. Private tow enroute. Vehicle is pulled over safely and legally waiting for a tow.

In the cemetery on Bowdoin Street there is a male party causing a disturbance. Nothing showing on the lower part of the cemetery. Officer off with the vehicle. S4 spoke to party and he is now headed to speak to the second party involved in this verbal altercation. S3 spoke to second party involved and his story was a bit different; stating first party stopped his vehicle in the middle of the street and would not move it so he yelled at him.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states that his neighbor is playing his music extremely loud. He states that he lives nearby and can no longer listen to the noise anymore. Parents are now home and all parents were contacted to pick up the youths playing the loud music.

Party came to the station to report a larceny of a check. Party or parties unknown got ahold of a check she had mailed to Comcast for $207.79 and altered it to read $1,407.79. She reported this to Comcast and her bank, Webster Federal.

Caller on Revere Street states that two Asian male parties in their late 20s, early 30s, held his girlfriend’s car door open preventing her from leaving and cursing at her. This was an altercation between party’s girlfriend and two men and happened about an hour ago. Unit will review the camera footage. Nothing in the surveillance video will help the unit out. Female party was approached by two male parties who held her door open and would not let her leave.

91 reports smoke coming from bus parked in the area of Shirley Street and Dolphin Avenue. This is due to people living in it and have heat/stove. People are safe and there are no issues.

Report of a female, missing out of Bow, N.H. Parents spoke with her today and they are unable to get in touch with her now. The phone was pinged about a mile to the vicinity of address on Dolphin Avenue. Parents are requesting that if she is found to hold the youth and they will come and pick her up.  Officers found her safe and sound. Officers have the keys to the vehicle as well. Parents, as well as the Bow N.H. PD, were notified.



Saturday, Nov. 24

Caller on Shore Drive states dogs are left outside for long periods of time in the cold. They do not stop barking at all hours of the night. Dogs are currently outside in the yard, and have been barking for hours. Officers spoke to the owner who was sitting outside with her dog and they are not barking.

Report of a rollover on Short Beach. State and Revere Fire are en route. Revere Street and Dean Avenue blocked for traffic. Crest Avenue blocked off by K9. Roads were opened up after State had vehicle towed.

Fight between two dogs at Short Beach parking lot. Report of woman screaming. Dog was tazed by unit. ACO responding. The dog was not friendly. Unit clear, as State Police are on the scene.

Party on Washington Avenue came into the station to report that she was being harassed by a party whom she is friends with on social media. She stated he was in the same Marine unit as her brother. He stated he wanted to get together and when she refused he said, “watch what happens.” He then blocked her from contacting him through social media. She is not afraid for herself, but wanted this logged in case of further contact. She was advised of her rights and will call if he contacts her again.

Caller on Plummer Avenue states that someone hit her parked car. Three cars in total. No injuries. G&J responded and cars are stuck together. G&J had mini Cooper towed.


Sunday, Nov. 25

Report of loud party on Upland Road. Unit spoke to the party and he was advised to keep the music down.

Officer from Brookhaven PD out of PA called to say that they have a car that has been parked in a private driveway since Friday. Car comes back to party on Read Street. Brookhaven would like us to get a phone number for party so they can speak with her. 93 states he spoke to resident who stated that the person in question has moved. There was a secondary address and while 93 was enrollee to that address, we received a call from party’s mom who stated she has moved to PA but is in Winthrop for the holiday. Her car needs brakes so she left it in PA. Brookhaven was contacted with this information.

Report of a disturbance between two woman at Walden and Lincoln Street. It was verbal in nature. Peace was restored.

Caller walking his dog on Kennedy Road states that someone vandalized the electrical panel near the field that controls the lighting and the irrigation system. DPW notified. 91 reports that the electrical box is town property. Charlie 1 reports DPW notified and they are enroute. DPW secured the electrical box.

There is a disabled motor vehicle on Crest Avenue parking lot. Caller is not from around her and may need a tow truck. She is nervous and is requesting police assistance. Party has AAA en route. The vehicle is parked on private property in the lot.

Party on Shore Drive states a dark-blue pickup is driving up and down the road blaring his horn and yelling.  Unit searched the area and nothing was showing. They will keep an eye out.

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