Police Blotter 11-22-2018

Monday, November 12

Assisted fire with a forced entry on Hermon Street. Fire made entry and contact with party prior to units’ arrival. Fire had to use window on front porch to gain entry.

Calling party on Summit Avenue stating there is a car who is parked in front of her and it looks like the car hit hers. Her drivers side bumper is cracked. Party will file with her insurance company.

Alarm company states a possible burglary on Main Street. Doors were pinned open and units checked the building. They will secure it at this time.

Party on Circuit Road reports that his wife was assaulted by a neighbor. Peace was restored.

Caller found a wallet in the Center area on a bench. Wallet appears to be owned by a juvenile HS student. Parent notified and will have his son pick it up. Contents include two gift cards and a WHS student identification card only.

Assisted fire with resident on Sagamore Avenue. Clear, fire was able to get the resident back into the house.

Calling party on Main Street states a box of about 100 nails are in the road and requested police to assess the need for possibly having DPW involved. Clear, 91 and residents assisted in getting the nails out of the roadway.

Custodian called regarding a group of young teens hanging out on Hermon Street. They started swearing at him, being vulgar and he wants police officer to go by. Group was sent on their way.

Tow truck driver is fighting man on Main Street. Two trucks have its hazards flashing. In front of area between football field and golf course. It was verbal in nature. The AAA tow driver and another driver over how the tow truck was set up to tow a motor vehicle. The AAA driver does not wish to pursue the matter. Peace was restored.

Officer from Lynn PD called stating he had some suspects picked up with a stolen vehicle. Among their possessions were credit cards not belonging to them. One belonged to a resident out of Governors Drive. 91 reports no answer and is now checking another address. Second address was a bad address. 91 will go back later in the shift to attempt to make contact as party is not home.

Lost animal, male, name is River. Lab-pit mix brown in color. Has tags and chip. Update: Owner called back and stated that she gave the dog a bath earlier and forgot to put his collar back on.


Tuesday, November 12

Caller states there is a baby carriage sitting in the middle of Crest Avenue parking lot in the pouring rain. Would like someone to go by and check it out. The baby carriage was unoccupied. Unit left the carriage is the park area in case the owner returns.

Two car accident with no injuries. Motor vehicle accident involving one moving vehicle and two parked cars. 93 reports second parked car has minor damage. Two tows requested. G&J notified. Paul Revere MBTA notified not to go down Hermon Street per 93. 91 assisting with traffic. G&J on the scene. 91 reports to call bus company to inform them that Hermon Street is opened up now.

Party reports a utility company working in the area of Bayview Avenue and Shirley Street and he is concerned about public safety. 93 reports speaking with the crew who is clearing the area.

Caller reports being threatened by a known party. Hearing will be scheduled at the EB District Court.

Caller states a large white and brown Husky is walking by itself in the street. No owner, dog is friendly. Near the corner of Belcher and Winthrop Streets. Second call from resident stating he has the dog in his backyard on Winthrop Street. 93 reports the dog is I’m the yard, fenced in. 91 reports he may know the owner of the dog and trying to contact the owner. 93 reports able to bring dog to the pen at the auxiliary policy facility. Will continue to try to make contact with the owner.

Caller on Winthrop Street states lost Husky is in his back yard. Duplicate call.

Dog was finally brought to the ACO facility in Winthrop.

Party brought in a wallet he found with a considerable amount of cash. Maine driver’s license and an AMEX gift card. Owner contacted and will pick it up. Owner came I’m and retrieved his wallet with all the cash and contents.

Report of a card going down Pleasant and Washington Avenue and almost hitting caller’s car. Swerving almost hitting parked cars also. BOLO given out.

Party came to the station to retrieve her missing dog which was running loose after getting out of the yard. 990 assisted in letting dog out of lockup and released to its owner.

Saugus PD asked to make notification to contact female party on Beach Road. Units made contact with female party and message was relayed.

Caller on Lincoln Street states tow truck will not allow him to leave and will not allow them in their house. Caller hung up before unit could attain more information. Called back twice with no answer. Units clear tow truck driver who was doing nothing against the law. Driver left the scene. Peace was restored.

Disabled motor vehicle at Shirley and Revere Street. Unit assisted operator to move the vehicle off the intersection.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue states there is a pit bull or lab running loose around the area. Dog does not have a collar. Unit reports the dog is headed on Nevada and the dog won’t come near the officers. Unit reports they lost the dog again.


Wednesday, November 14

Calling party on Shore Drive and Sturgis Street reports a syringe in the area. 91 reached the area and was unable to locate the syringe.

Caller states a shoplifter in the store. Heading outside, baseball hat. Left the CVS headed toward the Center. S5 searched entire area with nothing showing. 91 reports male party headed toward Winthrop Street. Jeans, with a distinguished limp. 91 flagged down by resident. Possible person of interest might have gotten on a bus headed out of Winthrop. 91 followed bus route male might be on. Bus already in East Boston. 91 headed back to CVS to gather all information needed. 91 headed for follow-up on shoplifting incident from earlier today. 91 returning to area to see if any surrounding businesses may have seen motor vehicle leave the scene.

Revere resident walked into report that over 15-20 years ago she has been periodically bothered by a woman who most recently (Oct. 1) parked behind her car on Pauline Street and sat up and made a funny face when she walked by. She was to able to describe the person or the car. She agreed to call the police for assistance when this person is around again.

Report of a 18-wheeler that took down wires on Tewksbury and Shore Drive. Fire responding. Cable wires down. 92 assisted 18-wheeler down the street. Fire secured cable wires.

Party on Main Street reports items missing from his residence.

Charlie 1 notified 92 over the radio of past breaking and entering on Main Stet. Duplicate call.

Caller on Crystal Cove Avenue of a Jeep which has been parked in front of house for approximately three months. Jeep has had a flat tire for two months. Would like an officer to investigate. 91 states he is going to speak to the owner to see if he will move the vehicle, if not, vehicle will be placed on 72-hour list. 91 unable to locate party and will put the vehicle on 72-hour list.

Party on Winthrop Street states there is a little white Westy dog running around Magee’s Corner. She is unable to catch him and she is concerned for the dog’s well-being. 91 states he searched the whole area and found nothing. Will return if he receives another call.


Thursday, November 15

Unit was standing by with a female on Main Street for Winthrop Taxi to arrive. The female did not have a phone to call them. Winthrop Taxi arrived on the scene and will be taking female to Orient Heights.

Caller on Summit Avenue states a motor vehicle was speeding down doing 60-70 mph. He has done this several times. Caller states that they spoke to the male driver who did not respond to his concern. Vehicle is doing work on the street. 93 spoke to the driver of the Explorer and he was advised to drive safety and slow down.

Party on Revere Street states that two dirt bikes are missing from her basement.

Possible Q5 report on Winthrop Street. 32-year old male on foot left his house on Bowdoin Street heading towards Orient Heights. 32-year-old male voluntary to MGH.

Party came to the station to report a past assault and battery.

Assisted fire with heavy smoke coming from shed on Fremont Street. All clear, with engines gone.

Units assisting truck driver who is blocking Shirley Street while emptying dumpster. Driver was advised not to block lane of traffic in that manner.

Parking complaint on Ocean View Street. Officer went by the registered owner’s address, no contact. Vehicle was towed by G&J.

Assist fire with traffic on Revere Street. Units clear, services rendered.

Off on Wave Way Avenue assisting fire with traffic. Clear, it was a toaster fire. WFD vented and units cleared.

Walk-in to report a hit and run. No report needed, minimal damage. Walk-in just wanted it noted.

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