Winthrop High Senior Rewarded for Hard Work on the Ice

Bella Perrotti has found a love for playing hockey, and over the years, she has rightfully been rewarded for her hard work on the ice.

Last winter, Perrotti was nominated for the Shriners All-Star classic game which was set in motion to raise money for burn victims across the world.

“When I was first nominated, I thought I would just be playing a normal all-star hockey game, but once I attended meetings, I realized that the main goal of the game was to raise money for burn victims, and it was such an honor,” said Perrotti, who has big goals for the future.

Any future plans?

I hope to be studying elementary education and minoring in special education and I’d love to attend either Salve Regina or Salem State University next fall.


What activities are you involved in?  

I’ve been playing hockey since I was seven years old. It’s sad my Winthrop career is coming to an end, but I’m finishing where I started with Butch Martucci and Sean Carleton, as my coaches. They are also my coaches for high school. I’ve also been playing softball for about eight years, ever since my older sister got me into the sport.


Who is your role model? 

It’s always hard to pick a role model but if I had to choose I’d say my sister. I’ve always looked up to her.


Favorite school subject and why?

My favorite school subject is psychology because I love learning how the mind works and why we do things a certain way.


What do you do in your spare time?  

During my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and family and occasionally help coach younger kids at the rink with my high school coach.

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