Resident Creates Musical Based on Experiences on the Golf Course

You don’t have to be a golf fanatic to get some enjoyment out of a new musical comedy about golf, luck and

Left to right, front row: Jaime Bingham (Choreographer,), Zachary Scott (actor), Haris Lefteri (director), Ralph Tufo (writer, composer, producer)
Back row from left to right: Sonya Joyner, Arthur Williams III, Ken Brassard, Larry Segel, Alicia Zipp. Absent from photo is Adjovi Koene.

friendship. “I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good,” will be hitting the stage at the E.B. Newton School in October.

Whether you are an avid golf player or not you will find yourself laughing at the many jokes and characters surrounding the sport and the situations that players find themselves in. Loosely based on his own personal golfing experiences, resident and writer/producer of the show, Winthrop resident Ralph Tufo, believes that the show is one of feel-good nature and fit for anyone 16 and older. The premise of the production involves two pals and golf buds, Lucky Lou and Meticulous Max, as they make a bet that involves a life-changing action, and they encounter a wide variety of characters along the way, including six Golf Gods, a sexy cart-girl, an irate golfer, a disgruntled grounds-keeper, and a golf widow. The show embraces aging, senior dating, adversity amongst friendships and is laced with humor and many metaphors that portray golf and how it relates to everyday life.

“It’s a community event…Trudy Macero from the Winthrop School of Performing Arts helped out a lot, the production team and stage crew are all residents of Winthrop,” said Tufo. “The target audience will be golfers but there is enough going on in the plot that anybody would enjoy it. You see the behaviors of people who play golf and you see people’s personality types come out.”

The play is directed by award-winning Boston area director, Haris Lefteri, and choreographed by Winthrop School of Performing Artist choreographer, Jaime Bingham.


“It’s a fun play about friendship, luck, and talent,” said Lefteri, who admits that the audition process was the most challenging part, as they were determined to find the right fit for each character. The seven cast members includes Arthur Williams III, Ken Brassard, Sonya Joyner, Alicia Tripp, Larry Segel, Zachary Scott, and Adjovi Koene. Members of the Squeezebox Stompers responsible for the shows many catch songs include Larry Plitt, Geoff Wadsworth, and Ralph Tufo.

Tickets can be purchased in advanced for $15 on Search for “I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good.” They can also be purchased at the door for $20. Show times are at 7:30 pm on October 12, 13, 19, and 20, and at 5 pm on Oct. 21. The cast and crew members are asking audience members to dress in golf attire if they are inclined.

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