Bringing Her Artwork Home:Joanna Ciampa’s Show to Be Held at Clock Town Gallery

Winthrop’s Joanna Ciampa, interior designer to the stars,  will display her own artwork at a show that will begin on Friday, Sept. 14 at the Clock Tower Gallery on Pauline Street.

Ciampa, whose clients include sports celebrities, famous musicians, and many area dining establishments and residences, will showcase 33 separate pieces of her artwork that will be available for purchase, with the proceeds going to local charities.

A 1985 Winthrop High graduate who is always promoting her hometown, Ciampa, 51, invites local organizations to contact her about being one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds.

Ciampa decided to call her show 33 Artists, “after I had  a dream about having an art show and that as the title.”

There will be 33 different styles of on display, ranging from realism to mysticism to philosophy to science.

“This is my first show ever in Winthrop,” said Ciampa, daughter of Adele Ciampa. “I’m an artist at heart, so I just feel like time’s going by and there are things I want to express. And I always wanted to give back to the community.”

Ciampa’s interior design work is well known and widely

admired in the town. Her most recent project was the redesign of the Seal Harbor Condominiums lobby. She has created the décor in several of Boston’s finest restaurants and is currently redesigning of the Serenity West Recording Studio in Hollywood, Calif.

A former fashion model and actress, Ciampa has worked in interior design for more than 25 years. Though she  lived in California for a short time, Ciampa said her heart and inspiration will always be in Winthrop.

And despite being one of Boston’s most noted designers and artists, Ciampa is still advancing in her craft.

“I’m taking classes at The Academy of Realist Art in Boston,” said Ciampa, who has also studied at the Art Institute of Boston, the School of Fashion Design, Boston, and Lesley University.

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