Police Blotter 09-06-2018

Monday, Aug. 27

In the vicinity of Prospect Avenue, there is a large, grey SUV parked on the sidewalk making people walk in the street. This was unfounded.

Caller on Siren Street state that someone has a ladder up against the house trying to get into her apartment. Male party left the area. Officer will check area since he left on foot. No signs of the party.

Well-being check on 11-year-old involved in custody issue on Read Street. Nobody was home.

Party from Hillside Avenue came into the station to report that sometime in the morning on June 7, a person or persons unknown stole a red/white pair of Jordan’s II Retro sneakers, size 9 or 9.5, at the high school. The theft was reported to the principal at the time. She just wanted this logged.

Unit off attempting to locate owner of vehicle at Hannaford Park. Units clear, unable to locate the party.


Tuesday, Aug. 28

Assist party on Charles Street with checking house for items missing with a social worker. No items were missing. Party will be brought back to the station.

Party states there is a large amount of sharp tools on the side of the road at Main and Douglas streets. DPW will pick up the tools.

Caller who wanted to remain anonymous, stated that a white male with short hair, is yelling at everyone walking by at the public landing. Unit checked the area, party not found.

Property manager at Governor’s Park asking to have a female party removed from the pool area. Female party is intoxicated. EMS enroute for possible section. 18-year-old female to MGH to be sectioned. 92 will accompany her in the ambulance.

Three car motor vehicle accident on Jefferson Street. Tows enroute. G&J on the scene. 9 reports a pole was slightly damaged, no rush, but should be inspected by National Grid. Two vehicles were towed and an accident report will follow.

Wife is concern about her husband’s well-being on Bowdoin Street. He is diabetic and not answering his phone. If his car is in the driveway he should be in the house. Wife received a text as she was speaking to headquarters. The husband is fine and was not responding because he was at the gym. No need to go by the address.

92 states a citizen reported a white truck parked on the sidewalk for the past few days on Fremont Street. Officer reports the vehicle has one tire hanging over on the sidewalk from the driveway. Unable to make contact with the owner. Vehicle is not impeding traffic or pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Caller on Shirley reporting a dog fight. Officer spoke to all involved parties. One dog has a laceration to its tongue. Report will be forwarded to the ACO.

Officer was flagged down by a citizen who stated they found some needles behind a house on Wyman Street Officer will retrieve those items.


Wednesday, Aug. 29

Caller stated that she talks to her niece every day at 4:30 a.m. while the niece walks to her car to head to work. She did not receive a call this morning. The aunt did make multiple attempts to call her husband and the landlord and no one are picking up. She wants to make sure that her niece is okay. The aunt lives in CT. Unit reports he spoke with the party who probably overslept or had a day off. She will be contacting her aunt now.

Female party on Shore Drive came to the station to report a financial civil matter between a group of trustees of a condo building and their contractual property management company. She was advised of her rights and to seek an attorney.

Attempt to serve a warrant to subject on Hale Avenue. Spoke to female party’s father and she is out of town working but will contact Saugus PD as soon as possible.

Report of unknown disturbance at Governor’s Park. Strong language barrier. Possible neighbor dispute. Party was banging on the ceiling with a bat. Peace restored at this time.

Report of a manhole cover possibly coming loose on Revere Street. Officer put the cap back on,but should not be a problem. If it pops off again, will contact DPW.


Thursday, Aug. 30

Caller on Beacon Circle reports that a vehicle is playing music very loud. One in custody. G&J on the scene. 91 giving a courtesy ride to female party going to Orient Heights. One party under arrest for disturbing the peace.

Motor vehicle accident at Walden and Main Street with injuries. Fire and medical enroute.

Report that doors are open for two-three days at the water tower. Officer reports outside sliding door is open. Both doors to gain entry inside are locked. Officer reports fire has key for door and he has made contact with them.

Party states that while driving on Revere Street ear the Winthrop Marketplace, his car “bottomed out,” causing undercarriage damage due to ongoing street construction. This happened yesterday.

Report of a hit and run on Pleasant Street. The son is on the scene and would like an officer. Parents were away. There was already an accident report from Aug. 25. 93 advised how to retrieve the report.

Caller on Pauline Street states that cars are flying by to beat the street light. She is concerned for the children crossing. 91 off monitoring the traffic. 91 spent over 20 minutes observing. No violations found.

Party came to the station to report that someone had gained access to her bank account. All her accounts have been frozen by the bank.

Well-being check requested for female party on Palmyra Street. Headquarters received call from a third party that the female wants to harm herself. Fire and EMS enroute. Female party went voluntarily to the MGH.

Report of a manhole cover off and party is concerned about the vehicles driving over it on Winthrop Street. Unit states there is construction going on in that area. She will assess the scene. It is confirmed that construction is going on in that area.

Calling party start that a blue Subaru was speeding up and down the street, pulling into driveways and speeding off. He then stopped on Temple Avenue and threw a pair of golf clubs out of the front door. Units spoke to the caller, as well as the male party involved. Peace has been restored.

Party on Ocean View Street states about three people yelling and fighting. No weapons. Party then called back to state that the parties are getting into their vehicles and leaving. No need for dispatch.

Caller on Ocean View Street states that a female party got out of her car and had a verbal altercation with a male party. Unit 94 stated the female party will seek out a harassment order against the other party that was involved. Unit 94 will also do a report for the female party as well. Report to follow.


Friday, Aug. 31

A woman called to report a credit card fraud.

Report of a construction trailer blocking the entire road on Hutchinson Street. This was called in by WFD. G&J notified and are enroute. Owner came out and is putting the trailer into the driveway. Officer is taking the late and issuing a citation. G&J was cancelled.

Motor vehicle accident at Cross and Shirley Street. Driver cleared by medical. Minor front end damage to the Toyota. They are taking it to the auto body shop around the corner. 92 will be giving them a courtesy ride home.

Caller on Shirley Street states there is a black Saab parked in front in a handicap spot with no plate. Caller was handicapped and needed a place to park. Plate was on the dashboard.

Calling party at Governor’s Park stated that her downstairs neighbor is deliberately banging on her ceiling. She states this is an ongoing situation. Everything is quiet when the officer arrived. There were children walking in the house. The walls are very thin.

Caller states that in the vicinity of Jefferson Street, there is a male, with blood all over his face from falling; possibly 94C activity and he is with his 9-year-old niece. Units checked Winthrop, Fremont and Buchanan streets, and back end of Madison and Wadsworth avenues and Bowdoin Street. Nothing showing. Units also spoke to businesses and several residences. Search was negative. Units will continue to search the area.

Party reports a male just turned onto Crest Avenue and he is stumbling, possibly drunk. Party walking towards Golden Drive. EMS and fire en route. Male party will be going to the Whidden.

Caller on Highland Avenue states there is a male who was just urinating in public, possibly drunk. He is sitting on the bench. Spoke to the caller who said the male party was walking up Crest Avenue towards the beach and cut through the parking lot. Area search of individual was negative.

Caller who states that he is a friend wants a well-being check on male subject on Underhill Street. The male in question is extremely depressed and hasn’t been heard from in a while. The caller is concerned about his well-being. Units spoke to party’s daughter who is on the scene. She stated that he has been feeling down but nothing wrong. Everything okayed by units.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that next to the liquor store, several youths are drinking in the alleyway. It was a group of young adults of legal drinking age meeting to go into a restaurant. No alcohol in sight.

Caller on Sunset Road states that a male party is trying to get into her house. Possibly drunk. Caller believes it is an ex-boyfriend of a female that lives in another unit. Fire and EMS en route. Party went voluntarily to the Whidden.

Neighbor on North Avenue states that loud music and neighbors are speaking loud. Both 91 and 93 off on motor vehicle stop and will be dispatched when they clear. Units clear, it was six people in a pool. They have agreed to keep the noise down.


Saturday, Sept.1

Report of a male and female arguing in front of business on Revere Street. It was a verbal argument only.

Caller on Pebble Avenue states that the Board of Health and Inspectional Services stopped a painting company from sanding residence due to the fact that it was not contained. That same company is back and now spray painting the house and it also is not being contained. He would like a unit to check it out. Spoke to the subject and there is no sanding, just painting.

Report of a dead skunk on Pleasant Street. ACO will contact someone to pick that up.

Report of loud music coming from house on Myrtle Avenue. Officer spoke to the subject and he will turn the music down a bit.

Male party walked into the station to report he received a large check in the mail from someone he does not know. He believes it is a scam. Officer advised reporting party to shred the check.

Attempt to serve paperwork to subject on Locust Street. Nobody home at this time.

Report that out on the soccer field at the Fort Banks School, there are two motor scooters driving around on the field. Two remote control scooters and the parties will be using them on the asphalt.

Report of a male party riding a dirt bike through Ingleside Park. By the time the unit got to the scene, the party had stopped riding the dirt bike on the park. He was advised that the bike was unregistered and he was not allowed to drive it.

Report of a brown pitbull walking down Summit Avenue with no owner in sight. Unit is with the dog. Owner called and said she would take a walk and meet the officer on Summit Avenue. Owner is now with the dog.

Caller states that a male party is taking his pants off on Shirley Street. Alpha 3 on the scene with nothing showing. 93 also on the scene. Uint spoke to priest from the church. A gentleman was allowed in the church. Units checks the male party who was having a problem with his belt. The belt is fine now.

Party on River Road states that about 20 people are lighting off fireworks in the park. She also believes there is 94C activity. Unit spoke to the homeowner and no more fireworks and he also spoke about the noise level.


Sunday, Sept. 2

Walk-in to report that he is a member of the WYC and is concern for the well-being of an employee who did not report for work.  Unit spoke to the bartender and the only information he is able to provide is that the employee lives in Beachmont. No record in house or in the RMV for the male. The bartender stated he left the manager a voice mail and the WYC will call bak in the morning with the required information on the employee.

Units heading to Hannaford Park to assist detail officer with a wedding guest. The units will able to get the guest into the bus, and only the clean-up crew is in the area.

Report of a loud party on Thornton Park. The parties were advised to bring it in for the night.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Beach Street. One vehicle towed by G&J. Towing was canceled as a licensed driver took over the vehicle. One under arrest for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.

Caller on Plummer Avenue reports that a male party is sitting in their driveway. Units spoke to the party and the involved party was the party from a previous call. The party was just outside having a smoke. The party’s uncle was advised of the circumstances.  The involved party was also made aware and advised to stay inside.

Eight male parties outside yelling and causing a disturbance on Sewall Avenue. One male has jeans with a white shirt. Units off with a party and the rest were sent on their way out of town.

Report of a white pit bull running around with no owner on Woodside Avenue. ACO notified. ACO contacted the owner who was unaware that the dog got out.

Caller states that a male is in the gazebo partaking in 94C activity. No weapons. Caller asked the party if it was legal and suspect said yes. Units clear, party was smoking a cigarette.

Two male parties walking all over the place on Nevada Street.91 off in the area. One man down in the driveway. Fire and EMS en route. Units requesting another unit and 98 en route. Second male party made himself known and is also being evaluated. One male party going to Whidden. No ID on the male party. Second male party transported to MGH and will be sectioned.

Report of drunk female on Washington Avenue. Units were flagged down. 18-year-old female transported to MGH voluntarily.

Report of a female party yelling help me in the vicinity of Cliff Avenue. Caller states that she is on the floor. Party was located on Cliff Avenue and there were injuries from a fall. EMS and fire en route. 33-year-old female transported to MGH.

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