Water and Sewer Rates Up 17 Percent

It is not news that anybody wants,  but when water and sewer bills go out next week, ratepayers will see a 17 percent increase in the water and sewer rate.

The Town Council heard from consultant Dick Kingson, who analyzed the new rates.

The current rate is $16.90 per cubic foot for FY 18 and the new rate, effective immediately will be $19.90 per cubic foot for FY 19.

Not only have the rates gone up for fiscal year 2019, there is also a $479,000 deficit in the FY18 budget that led to the higher rates.

In addition to the deficit, other factors contributing to the increase were principal and interest on new debt issues for Contract 5, MWRA center project work  and Winthrop Shore Drive Water Meters all totaling over $435,000. There is also $38,999 in a new salary that also resulted in need to raise the rates, and a purchase of a dump truck for $121,000

Kingson said a large impact for the new rate was a $272,282 assessment increase from the MWRA, a direct charge to the town. The extra assessment is linked to how much extra water the town uses in a fiscal year.

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