Tennis Courts Won’t Be Demolished, Yet

About a year ago the Town Council voted for a moratorium that would prevent the tennis courts at the high school from being demolished and used for parking. During the year, many people wanted to observe the traffic flow around the school and study the findings.

On Tuesday night, tennis coach Marie Finn came to the council to lift the moratorium, to keep the tennis courts where they are and to fix them. A year ago one of the biggest concerns was parking around the high school. Finn and others claim that there were no problems, but Police Chief Terence Delehanty is still not convinced.

“The courts are still playable for this year,” Finn said.

Tennis players are not the only ones who use the courts at the high school. Because there is one shared gym for middle and high school classes the courts are also used by other classes.

The estimated cost to fix the courts is $400,000. New courts have been installed in Ingleside Park, but there are no bathrooms and often children are riding bikes or playing street hockey.

Finn said she and the tennis players have attended several meetings to get feedback, including one at which a 500 signature petition to save the tennis courts was presented.

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