Police Blotter 03-29-2018

Monday, March 19

Unit attempted to make warrant service to party on Bowdoin Street. Party no longer lives at this address. Family member will try to find out where he lives now and call back.

Female party came to the station to report a male taking pictures from his vehicle of high school students walking to school. Units have been alerted and will check the surrounding areas. Units will also be in the area for school dismissal.

Party on Hillside Avenue states that he is driving a garbage truck and hit a parked car. He wants to speak to an officer. An accident report to follow.

A landlord/tenant issue on Fremont Street. Party states that his landlord is causing him of hiding guns in the attic. Unit spoke to both parties and peace has been restored between them.

Teacher called stating that kids are skateboarding on the property filming each other on Payson Street. Unit spoke with the kids and they picked up their stuff and cleared out.

Employee on Shirley Street wants to complain about a female parking in front of his store. Officer spoke with the clerk and the party was not in the fifteen minute marking. Unit advised him how those spots work.


Tuesday, March 20

911 hangup from Boston. It was off in the area of Shirley Street. Unable to locate caller that dialed 911. Call was pinging off a radio tower in the ocean.

Report of a dark gray Honda parked and unmoved for over two months at Sea View and Winthrop Street. Vehicle placed on 72 hour list.

Party came to the station to report that she feels she is being harassed by a neighbor who is reporting alleged ode violations for operating an AirBnB out of her home. Party reports that she no longer does business with AirBnB and that any such reports are unfounded.

Transfer fro Boston stating open line. No one speaking o the line. No apartment given on Sturgis Street. When number called back, there was no answer. Talked to staff and they checked all rooms. No emergency at this time.

Attempt to serve warrant of apprehension to subject on Winthrop Street. 93 transporting one to East Boston District Court.

Report of male possibly drunk driving all over the road at Pleasant and Bartlett Road. BOLO given out to units.

Wednesday, March 21

Burglar alarm going off on Shirley Street. Male gave wrong passcode. Officer spoke with female on the scene. Everything is okay.

Crossing guard on Pauline Street stated that while she was crossing children, a vehicle kept going and grazed her with the sideview mirror and kept going. She is not injured and is now home but would like a unit to file a report. Charlie 1 took the crossing guard’s information and he stated he would speak to her. He may call for medical aid for her. He will notify us if EMS is needed. 93 on the scene for a follow-up. 93 requests medical. Fire/EMS notified. 93 reports 32 year old female being transported to the Whidden.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Sea Harbor Road for trespass.

92 off with a hitchhiker at Golden Drive and Revere Street. Subject has been dropped off.

Party on Hutchinson Street states that there are two people banging on doors soliciting aggressively. Party called back and stated that she spoke to her neighbor who stated they asked her if they could come into her home. 92 off where Winthrop Shore meets Crest Avenue. 91 off with male party. Reports parties belong to a company called Mass Visions. Parties did not go to town hall to retrieve proper permits. 91 informed them on how to go about getting proper permit to solicit in Winthrop.

Party on Shore Drive reports that a white jeep SUV is parked in his driveway. Unit reports he spoke to both parties. The owner was given permission by the mother at the location and the son did not know about it.


Thursday, March 22

Attempt to serve warrant to subject on Bellevue Avenue. Unable to locate party with warrants.

Nurse practitioner with MGH Revere requesting a wellness check on her elderly patient on Pond Street. She states that she receive a call from the patient’s daughter stating that the patient has been acting aggressively which is very out of her character. Party did not answer the door and she has possibly moved to Malden through the Chelsea Housing. Will call back the nurse from MGH Revere.

Report of two white males on Sunset Road going door to door asking suspicious questions stating they are from an electric company. Parties work for National Grid and were told to go to town hall to get a permit.

Party came in to report that her front registration plate has been missing since yesterday while parked at work. information was entered in  CJIS and NCIC.

Report that two cars are parked in front of a fire hydrant on Shirley Street. Both cars are blocking the emergency and the back door. K9 requests fire to go down to this call as well. Owner is stating that per WFD, no cars can park there. K9 would like verification. K9 got the vehicles to move Fire cancelled.

Party on Upland Road states that actual threats were being made via a fake Facebook account to her ex-sister-in-law in Chelsea. Subjects were advised to bring her to Chelsea PD to file a complaint.

Party on Hermon Street states a male is knocking on doors soliciting. Male in question is now walking towards Belcher Street. Male is working for Direct Emergency and does not have a permit. He was advised to go to town hall on Monday to obtain one.

Party from Governors Park came to the station to report that her delivery from Amazon was stolen from the common entryway.


Friday, March 23

Motor vehicle accident on Main Street. Vehicle is on the guard rail across from Dunkin Donuts. G&J requested and is now enroute. 93 giving a courtesy ride to female party. Parties on scene denied medical. Male party took a cab home to Boston.

Report of loud music on Shirley Street. Units reports that it is an ongoing issue. Staff cleaning listening to music. They were told to keep it down.

Warrant service needed on Shirley Street. Motor vehicle ticketed for partially blocking. Transporting one female for trafficking in cocaine, drug possession to distribute Class B and drug possession to distribute Class C.

Report that a pitiable chasing parties in the area of Grovers Avenue. Dog ran into backyard. The gate was left open and the dog is back in the yard.

Hit and run accident on Hawthorn Avenue. Party did not see the vehicle that hit him.

Calling party states there is a young man pacing back and forth on Cliff and Pond Street. Caller is concerned for his safety. Checked the entire area for the male party, but he may have left the area.

Party walked into the station to turn in a .22 HI standard target pistol. He was cleaning out his deceased parents’ home and came across his father’s firearm.

Party came into the station to report that she had paid her insurance agent to renew her homeowner’s insurance, but the agent never tendered the payment to the insurance company. Party discovered there was no policy/coverage when she attempted to make a claim for damage sustained during recent storms.

Walk-in to report of a motor vehicle accident across the street from the police station.

Party on Tileston Road report being assaulted and put in fear by his neighbor who also used homophobic slurs against him. He would like to speak to an officer. Officer will be going to the neighbor’s house. Both parties are going to try to stay away from each other.

Report that a green older Chevy truck on Shirley Street. Driver got out of vehicle and hit a white vehicle with a baseball bat. There were three males in the truck. Caller believes this was road rage. Nothing showing in the area.


Saturday, March 24

Report that lights are going on and off on Hutchinson Street. There are also noises. It was a cleaning company at the gym.

Syringes in the area of the upper cemetery. Several syringes retrieved and will be disposed of.

An abandoned motor vehicle reported on Waldemar Avenue. Unable to locate the owner of the vehicle but it is parked legally and owner lives around the corner.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports that one of the metal water caps on the street has come up and appears to be very sharp. He is concerned that someone may get hurt or an accident could happen. All the caps are fine.

Officers are going to River Road to seize suspended license to carry. Unable to locate the subject. They will try again later.

Report of vandalism to vehicle on Coral Avenue.

Party on Dolphin Avenue states that her neighbor is starting trouble with her because she told her to lower the music. Verbal in nature at this time. Parties are in their own units. Occupants were having a verbal argument regarding music. Peace has been restored.

Parties came to the station to repot that one of their small dogs were killed and their 2nd dog was mauled by another dog on the street last week. Parties wanted this on record and completed a V/W statement. ACO officer was contacted and he is already aware of the situation and has been speaking with the parties and following the proper protocol.

Walk-in from Jefferson Street to report that the people who live in the apartment complex has been very loud and making noise. Stated that the children are loud and jump around all night. She spoke with the landlord and since then the children have sworn at her and write nasty messages to her on her door. She would like this on record.

Walk-in to request  an officer escort her to Read Street to pick up items. Plaintiff called and will allow her to pick up the items with a police officer.


Sunday, March 25

Caller on Woodside Avenue states there are youths hanging around the back door of the CVS. Unit reports no one hanging around the back door and claims the area is clear. Caller called back to state that the youths moved to Somerset Avenue. Units will check this out.

Concerned citizen flagged down an officer stating that kids were on the roof of the rink. Officers checked the area and see no children on the roof.

Subject on River Road notified police of location of firearms due to his LTC suspension.

911 hang-up/well being check on male party. Caller stated he dialed 911 accidentally. The call seemed to be odd in nature and the dispatching pinged he phone in that area of Cutler and Veterans Road. Officers searched the area and unable yo locate the subject.

Male party on Loring Road came in to report finding a cell phone on the street. We found out who owned the phone and party will contact her father who will come to the station to get her phone. They both came in to recover the phone.

Party came to the station to report that her former landlord is sending her threatening text messages regarding a civil matter pertaining to his failure to return her security deposit. These messages started after the reporting party filed a complaint in court.

Area police cooperate on drug bust

Police Chief Terence M. Delehanty reports that the Winthrop Police Department, working in close cooperation with Revere Police and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, charged a woman last week in connection with cocaine trafficking.

Kathleen T. Sullivan, 49, of Shirley Street, Winthrop was arrested and charged with:

  • Cocaine Trafficking Over 100 grams less than 200 grams
  • Possession of a Class B Substance With Intent to Distribute (Subsequent Offense)
  • Possession of a Class C Substance With Intent to Distribute

In addition, Sullivan faces multiple charges of Distribution of a Class B Substance (Subsequent Offense) out of Chelsea District Court.

Winthrop Police, Revere Police Narcotics/Gang Unit detectives and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department executed multiple search warrants at an apartment on Shirley Street in Winthrop.

Officers located Sullivan inside the apartment and she was taken into custody without incident.

During a subsequent search of the apartment and Sullivan’s person, investigators located several plastic bags containing 135 grams of a white rock-like substance that was identified as crack cocaine. The search also yielded more than $1,600 in cash, as well as several Oxycodone and Clonazepam pills and items consistent with drug distribution.

Sullivan’s arrest was the result of a collaborative investigation involving the Winthrop and Revere police, as well as the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

“The investigation was initiated after receiving complaints from area residents and business owners,” Delehanty said. “This case is a perfect example of the community trusting and having confidence in local law enforcement and passing on information that results in improved quality of life in our neighborhoods.”

“I’m proud of the work of all of the officers involved in this case,” Revere Police Chief James Guido said. “Our regional partnerships have once again proved to be an invaluable asset for both of our communities.”

Sullivan was scheduled to be arraigned in East Boston District Court.

Man ordered to surrender firearms

Stephen J. White, 70, of Winthrop, was arraigned in Dorchester Municipal Court today on 10 counts of unlawful possession of a large-capacity feeding device and single counts of unlawful possession of an assault weapon and improper storage of a large-capacity weapon. ADA Robert Connelly recommended $50,000 cash bail and an order that White surrender all firearms to the Winthrop Police Department. Judge Serge Georges imposed $7,500 bail and the surrender order. He returns to court in May 3.

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