Police Blotter 03-01-2018

Friday, March 2, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, Feb. 19

Reporting party on Winthrop Street called and stated a motor vehicle is blocking his driveway. Officer went there and did cite the vehicle. 93 reports the vehicle is fully obstructing the owner’s ability to enter/exit their driveway. 93 also requested G&J for a tow. G&J en route. 93 reported the owner of the vehicle has shown up and is moving the car. G&J was cancelled.

Party on Grandview Avenue states a vehicle is parked in front and possible 94C activity. 93 reports vehicle occupied with two, and they will be on their way.

Tried to serve summons to subject on River Road. 93 reports unable to serve the summons as there was no answer at the door.

Caller at Pleasant and Palmyra Streets states that cars are parked on both sides of the street causing difficulty getting down the street. 93 reports speaking to the caller. This is an ongoing issue with the parking. Both vehicles are to be cited.

Party came to the station to report losing his Apple iPhone in the area of Winthrop Yacht Club on Feb. 17. Party attempted to locate phone by pinging, but it appears to be offline at this time.

Officer tried to locate a male party for the Framingham PD. If party is located, Framingham PD will go to Winthrop PD and pick him up. No service made. Spoke to the mother who stated that the son no longer resides there and lives in Framingham. WPD will contact Framingham.

Calling party on Hermon Street reporting a male and female drinking and eating on the property. Male on scene identified as doing tiling work. Will be wrapping it up for the night. Both parties doing work in the building. They are done for the night and are leaving the property.

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Winthrop and Pleasant Street. 93 requests G&J for the pickup of a truck. 93 has one under arrest for driving under the influence and marked lanes violation.

Godmother called, stating that her goddaughter left her house an hour and a half ago via Uber from Chelsea. She was supposed to be heading home to Winthrop Street and call when she got home. She has not done so, and her phone goes right to voice mail. Godmother says this is not like her and very out of character. Family was home, and will call the godmother.

91 was flagged down on Central Street and is assisting. 91 requesting an ambulance for an evaluation of a party. Boyfriend and girlfriend having a verbal argument. Female made some comments and voluntarily went to the Whidden for an evaluation.


Tuesday, Feb. 20

Female called to report that on Monday she was crossing the street at Main and Pleasant Streets. A red vehicle was taking a left from Main onto Hermon. The vehicle struck the female. The female and the driver were both all right and there was no medical requested at the time. Both parties went on their way. The female called just to have the incident reported.

Party on Forrest Street states that her driveway is blocked by another vehicle. Elderly female stated that she is handicapped. G&J enroute. Parking ticket issued and G&J has the vehicle.

Unit 91 and 92 are attempting to serve a warrant of apprehension for individual that resides on Shirley Street.

Party from Governors Park came to the station to report  a theft of a package that was delivered to his home.

93 enroute to serve warrant to subject on Shirley Street. Male party in custody.

Motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Winthrop Street. Papers were exchanged.

Party called to state that someone tried to alter one of their personal checks and cash it at their bank.

Third-party caller on Sargent Street states that her friend (male) is making Q5 statements. Caller states that he wrote a note and was threatening to hurt himself. No weapons. Units request ACO for two large dogs in the house. Male was transported to the hospital.

Dog barking and causing a disturbance on Summit Avenue. Caller states that this is an ongoing issue. Clear, no dogs barking.

Party on Wave Way Avenue states that people on the third floor are playing music way too loud, and this is an ongoing issue. 93 reports motor vehicle out front running. The music has been turned down.

Received call from daughter to lives in Belmont. The last time she poke with her 85-year-old mother on Sargent Street was yesterday. She had a neighbor go by and knock on the door. No answer, but her mother’s car is in the driveway and the lights are on. No answer on the house phone or cell phone. 91 and 93 made contact with the involved female. Charlie 1 spoke to the daughter.


Wednesday, Feb. 21

Report of too much noise on Woodside Avenue. Units on scene and report that the store is closing up. Manager of the building reports that the last customer left 30 minutes ago and the entire center is quiet.

Party on River Road states that an ex-girlfriend hit him with her car. Does not want medical. He also stated something about she forced him in the car and threw his cell phone out of the sunroof. Party was transported to the Whidden with a leg injury. Party did not give much information about anything else.

Female called to report that while she was out walking on Faun Bar Avenue, she passed the doorway of a home. At that time, she witnessed a naked male doing a lewd ac in the doorway of his home. 91 will investigate. No answer at the home. Will keep track if it happens again.

Officer attempting to serve summons to subject on Trident Avenue. Officer did not make contact with the subject. Party there states that the subject may live at a separate address in Revere. Unit bringing paperwork back to the station.

Another attempt to serve summons to subject on River Road. Unit was unable to find the party at the address. No service made.

Calling party on Natant Avenue states a black dog with a red collar is in the vicinity and running loose. ACO went up and down the street and did not see the dog. The unit talked to multiple parties and they did not see the dog.

State Probation called for assistance to serve a warrant on individual. Call closed. Party is no in the area. Charlie 1 has the paperwork and if the party presents himself in the area units will attempt to serve the paperwork.

Officer checking on an individual in a vehicle at Yirrell Beach. The party in the vehicle was sleeping.

Unit by the tennis court at Ingleside Park. He was flagged down by a civilian as there was a dispute between players and others. The disturbance was over children playing in the tennis courts. Players were told by that unit that he was not going to tell the children not to play in the area. He also advised them that if they have a problem they can go to Town Hall. The children were all very  young being watched by their parents.

Resident called to report receiving a check int he mail informing him that he had won $250,000. The resident is aware that this is a “scam,” but wanted to warn other Winthrop residents.

Report of a dog fight on Shirley Street involving a pit bull. Awaiting information from party after he returned from the vet.

Report of youths at Massa Playground with dogs. Reporting party states that dogs are not allowed at the park. He states that all is well at the park, but just wants youths and the dogs removed if they are not supposed to be there. C1 states they will have ACO look into it. Unit responded with nothing showing.

Two-car motor vehicle accident with injuries at Governors and Revere Street. Minor accident and papers were exchanged.

Party came to the station to report that she lost her purse at Orient Heights Station parking lot. Party last had it when she got her key out of it to her motor vehicle. Party had two small children with her. S2 and 935 went out with flashlight to look for the purse to no avail. Transit Police contacted and will meet the party back at the lot to assist her in looking for the purse.

Melrose called MNRECC and stated that a mother received a distressed call from her daughter. The mother is out of Melrose. Daughter lives on Bowdoin Street. Call back for Melrose PD. Units spoke to party in question and she is all right. Services were rendered.

Well-being check on party at the end of Villa Avenue. Party was on this phone. Unit cleared.

Calling party on Dolphin Avenue stated that her neighbor was yelling outside. Received a second call from the neighbor. The second party states that her kid was yelled at and would like to make a report. This is an ongoing issue between second and third floor. Both parties were advised of their rights. An harassment order may be filed by one of the parties later.


Thursday, Feb. 22

Party on Otis Street reports that there are people knocking on her door. Calling party stated that three parties are stating they found her boyfriend’s wallet. Calling party stated she said to leave the wallet on the ground, and they refused to do that and said they are not leaving and kept knocking. The male party knocking at the door had found the wallet of the party at the house. The male party that was knocking is being given a courtesy ride to Orient Heights. One male party was dropped off at Orient Heights.

Party came to the lobby to complain about an incident with a tenant. Party requested to speak to the on-call judge about a harassment order. the party left after waiting for call back from judge. See victim/witness statement.

Caller on Johnson Avenue states that her father’s tires were vandalized last night in her driveway.

Party on Dolphin Avenue states that the upstairs neighbor is outside screaming out in front of her door.

Attempt to serve summons to individual on Rifer Road. Nobody home at this time. Well try again later.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports that three vehicles are parked with expired tags and would like an officer to investigate. Two parking tickets issued.

92 off to talk to party on Prospect Avenue about his motor vehicle parking situation. Attached plates onto the 2012 vehicle and female party under arrest on the scene. She was arrested for interfering with a police officer.

Report of a suspicious white male with baseball cap and black trash bag going through people’s trash on Sea Foam Avenue. Nothing showing, party known to collect cans.

Assist fire with traffic on Brewster Avenue. Possible house fire. Paul Revere buses were notified.

Party came to the station to report being bitten by a dog on Tuesday. The dog was located at home on Cottage Avenue. Party completed a statement and the incident will be forwarded to ACO who was notified.

Party came into the station to report Apple iTunes charges of $42 a month for many months. These funds were debited from his account at Citizen’s Bank. Reporting party did not authorize these charges for iTunes to be taken from his bank account. iTunes has told the party that he will be reimbursed $475 in the weeks to come. Party was advised to notify his bank as well of the unauthorized charges to his account.


Friday, Feb. 23

Another attempt to serve summons to subject on River Road. Summons was served in hand.

Red Impala parked illegally in handicap spot on Overlook Drive. Vehicle did have HP placard but was parked in a no park zone. Ticket was issued.

Motor vehicle accident with physical injury on Revere Street. Ford towed to York Ford. Merc towed to Ocean Auto Body. All parties refused medical. Accident report to follow.

Motor vehicle with cancelled plates parked on Woodside Avenue. Towed to private lot in Melrose. Patriot Taxi enrollee to pick up owner. Citation issued for unregistered vehicle.

Received 911 call from Bartlett Road. Calling party was very  unclear, language barrier. Stated they wanted to report something. Stated they did not need an ambulance. Party reports calling 911 by mistake.

Party on Tafts Avenue states white male, possible intoxicated, kicking the fence. Stated he was headed towards the Point. States that she almost hit him with her car. White male wearing plaid shirt, jeans and light hair. Units searched the area and no sign of individual.

Employee from Winthrop Marketplace would like an office to respond. Stated today at 5:30 p.m., two male parties came into the store and made inappropriate comments to a 16-year-old female who is an employee there. Officer spoke with female party who stated a father and son both made her feel uncomfortable with their comments. Officers are going to the male parties’ residence to speak with them. Store manger does not want the male parties back in the store. Officer was advised by C1 to call the store and have them send a formal letter advising the two parties that they are no longer allowed in the store. The address of the individual approves was not given to the manager for privacy reasons. The store was told that the officer did speak to the father and advised him and his son not to return to the store.

Follow-up to speak to male parties on Irwin Street from previous call. Officer spoke to the father as the son was not home. They advised him they were not allowed in the store any longer. Father did state his son did not take his medication.

Owner on Putnam Street called to state the band playing there is causing a disturbance and mouthing off to him and the owner wants them to leave. Band was breaking down upon arrival. Will stand by to keep the peace. Band has left and peace restored.


Saturday, Feb. 24

Caller on Hermon Street states that someone is trash picking on his street when it should start at 7 a.m. and it is only 6:30 a.m.. He was advised to call DPW and complain.

ACO off on animal complaint on Hutchinson Street. Party is fine.

Well-being check on female party who fell asleep in vehicle on Shore Drive. Female party is fine. Just tired.

Calling party states there are two children who are locked in the tennis courts and cannot get out. Fire en route. The children have been removed safely from the tennis courts by fire.

Motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Lincoln Street. Initial call was for Revere. Caller now reports that they are in Winthrop. Caller stated he watched another vehicle bump his vehicle that was parked out front of his home. He just wanted it documented with the WPD. Unit stated minor damage to the vehicle. Both parties will exchange paperwork.

Report of apartment upstairs making a lot of noise at Governors Park. Caller state it is annoying issue that he taken up with the building management. Officer reports there is no loud music or excessive noise. Noise is made form old floorboards. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. All involved parties were spoken to and advised to take the matter up with management. Peace restored.


Sunday, Feb. 25

Caller on Revere Street reports  gray vehicle blocking her driveway. Officer report the vehicle is completely behind the yellow line and is not blocking the driveway at all. Officer spoke with the reporting party who is not happy with his services and stated that she took several pictures and will call because this is an ongoing issue. No violation was observed.

Party on Revere Street reports ongoing parking issues with neighbor making it difficult to safely back out of her driveway. W93 reports no current parking violation, but did note the vehicle is registered out of Wisconsin. According to the caller, vehicle has been parking in the area for over ay ear with numerous temporary parking passes granted to the out of state registration. Student has a parking permit until 3/6/18. Unit is clear.

Report of a vehicle towed for trespass from Governors Park.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue states there is black SUV blocking her driveway. States that the car has its wheels on the sidewalk and has been running for half an hour. Officer spoke with the party and the vehicle was moved.

Motor vehicle repossession on Wilshire Street.

State Police Concord would like WPD to see if there is white Lexus with front end damage and possible re paint transfer on Emerson Road. Vehicle reportedly involved in a hit and run in Concord. Unable to locate vehicle at this time. State Police was updated.

Two black males standing in front of store on Shirley Street. The owner does not know them. The store was recently held up. Party was just meeting a friend to sell some items.

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