Police Blotter 01-18-2018

Monday, January 8

A well being check for a female party on Shore Drive, who called her doctor about being uncomfortable and made a “vague Q5 statement”. No weapons. This was called in by her psychologist. The back door was open so we can make entry. Nobody around and the house in in good condition.

Male subject from Marshall Street came to the station to report that the wooden fence on his property was damaged by a snow plow truck on the night of January 4. The owner believes the value of the damaged fence is $500. DPW was notified of the incident and will follow up with the owner.

Attempt to serve summons to subject on Shirley Street. No service made. Notification was made.

Elderly gentleman on Cottage Park Road found a cell phone and wanted a unit to go to his house to pick it up. The cell phone was retrieved.

A disabled motor vehicle in the municipal lot near the boats at the end of Washington Street. Reporting party states that she is blocking the roadway in the lot. When speaking with the caller, she stated that she wants a unit to help her tow her car out. Officer was able to help the vehicle owner out of the lot.

Party from Myrtle Avenue came to the station to report  a package containing medical supplies was stolen from her mail box area sometime on 12/26/17. She just discovered this when attempting to track the delivery with the supply company. It has been reported to her medical insurance and the supply company.


Tuesday, January 9

Calling party on Shore Drive stated there is machinery outside doing work, and unsure if it is DCR. Bobcat working on snow removal. Officer spoke with the operator of the vehicle. It was a company hired by DCR to clean the snow from the beach side of Winthrop Shore Drive.

Party on Triton Avenue states that his Nissan was broken into. Items in the vehicle were tossed around and a change purse was stolen. 91 reports no forced entry. $5 in change is missing. Party left the vehicle unlocked.

Party on Undine Avenue states that her car was broken into. Missing gift cards and she also believes that her neighbor’s car was broken into as well. 91 reports vehicle left unlocked.

Another car on undine Avenue was broken into. 91 on the scene and states that the vehicle was unlocked. Over $400 was removed from this vehicle and a charge coming out of Everett at the 7/11. 91 will follow up with Everett PD.

Caller on Shirley Street states there is cars parked on the corner near the auto body shop and it looks like busses are having a hard time getting by the vehicles and snow bank. 92 states cars are not parked illegally and there is enough room for all vehicles to get by including busses.

WFD requesting assistance from WPD on medical call on Wilshire Street. Sierra 4 responding with 91. 91 reports this call is a straight medical but will remain on the scene to assist fire and EMS.

Calling party works at town hall and states a citizen walked in and has been complaining about a car parked in the municipal lot stating that it has not moved and is not shoveled out. Police spoke with the owners and they will move the vehicle.

Social worker called and wants a well being check on party on Veterans Road. Party and his mother have a bad relationship. Sierra 4 reports clear. 92 will remain on the scene to gather more information from party and will also contact the social worker to try to mediate the issue.

Party on Shirley Street states a car has been parked in front of his house for about a week and has not moved. Vehicle is parked legally and call was unfounded.

Caller on Winthrop Street has been receiving harassing phone calls and has them on a recording. He would like an officer to come and listen to the recordings. Officer states there were messages on the party’s voicemail, but they can not identify the person on the voicemail. Officer advised the caller of her rights and will be clear with services rendered.

Report of cars parked on both sides of Almont Street. UPS had to back down the way it came in. It could not pass between the parked vehicles. Vehicles were moved.

Party came to the station to report a hit and run that occurred on school property yesterday.


Wednesday, January 10

Caller on Shirley Street states that a neighbor’s dog has been outside for over an hour. Nothing showing at this time.

Party on Pauline Street stated that while she was in the school a woman hit her rent-a-car. Another parent told her it was the neighbor with the handicapped license plate. The car struck was a rent-a-car. The woman was not in the car during the damage from the neighbor. Neighbor was backing out of her driveway and hit the car. Minor damage.

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Citation issued for speeding.

In the direction of the Point, there are vehicles parked on both sides of the street, causing a major traffic jam. Unit investigated and snow on side walks causing moderate delays, forcing it to be one lane movements on both ends.

Caller on Cutler Street states a Honda CRV is parked in the middle of the road making it hard to pass.

Caller on Veterans Road reports ongoing harassment from another tenant in regards to parking and notes being left on her car. She would like to speak to an officer. The other tenant is not doing anything at this moment. Party is also getting letters on how they are parking. There is nothing criminal about the letters.

Report that two people playing music and being loud on River Road. One of the two parties was being dropped off. Both parties were advised about the noise.


Thursday, January 11

Calling party reports that in the area of Cliff Avenue the road is narrowed due to the snow. Caller requesting assistance by DPW and they have been notified.

DCR called in stating vehicle blocking access to street near Shore Drive. The vehicle in question had left.

A handicap placard was found in the municipal lot behind the Methodist Church. Unit will attempt to locate the owner of the placard.

Party came to the station to report that her vehicle was struck while she had been parked on the street. Both parties agree on the scene to exchange papers and take car of the minor damage between themselves. She just wanted to have the incident documented, in case unforeseen problems came up at a later time.

Party found a duffle bag stuffed into a garbage can in the public lot near Fort Heath Park. He thought it seemed suspicious. Duffle bag searched yielded trash.

Caller on Fremont Street states people screaming in the street. Possible motor vehicle accident. One motorist is a female party with damage to the right side of her vehicle. She fled the scream and unit will continue to look for her.

A female party on Winthrop Street came to the station to report receiving threatening calls from an unidentified individual.

86 year old female injured from fall on Lincoln Street. Unable to get to her door. While on the phone with female, someone had come in to the apartment and helped her up. She stated that she was not injured.

Well being check on female with possible altered mental on Bartlett Road. 42 year old female, voluntarily going to the Whidden.

Landlord/tenant dispute on Dolphin Avenue. Threats made for burning the building down.  Parties are going through an official process to resort the differences.

A brother would like a well being check on his sister on Main Street. He is in North Carolina and spoke with her this morning. Fire and EMS notified and a walk through the house yielded nothing. Charlie 1 called in and stated that the female made herself known to the police and she will come into the station.

Caller is a supervisor for Liberty Mutual Insurance out of Virginia. She talked to a female party on Sunnyside Avenue who stated that she had no heat and that her furnace was broken. They would like a well being check on her. The female is elderly. Fire stated that she was put up in a hotel in Winthrop as they fixed the issue. 93 will continue to search around to other hotels and find the woman.

Party came to the station along with her mother to report receiving a telephone call tonight while driving to Peabody with her father. Party reports that the number was spoofed.

94 requesting medical at Locust and Revere Street. Fire is enroute. 94 states that fire is transporting individual to MGH.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that around 1 a.m. this morning, a post office truck broke down in front of her driveway. The postal worker assured that it would be moved, but no one has come to move the truck. She has attempted to contact someone at the post office but has had no luck. She now has to leave her home and is unable to do so. Reporting party will speak to supervisor. We cannot tow the truck where it is a federal truck The party was able to get in touch with the post office and they are going to be towing the vehicle.

Walk-in from Bayview Avenue to report that her unlocked vehicle was entered into and items stolen overnight.

Party states they lost at small brown Shitzu near Summit Avenue. Dog is a male and has a red collar and a micro chip.


Friday, January 12

Calling party states that he spoke with his mom on Bowdoin Street and he feels that she should be checked on. Woman was fine and she will contact her son.

Caller on Sea View Avenue states there is a vehicle parked illegally in front of her. Party states that the vehicle is parked at least 3 feet from the curb and has been there for approximately 3 weeks. Officer spoke to vehicle owner and she is going to properly park her vehicle.

Walk-in from Somerset Avenue to report a larceny/fraud by check.

A dog was bitten by another dog in a building on Beach Road. The dog attacking the other is a Pit Bull. The dog is bleeding from both ears. Officer spoke to both parties. There was an issue in the hallway with the dogs. They are going to work it out amongst themselves.

A car parked on Moore Street is parked away from the curb so far that people are driving All clear, no vehicles impeding the roadway.

Loose Pit Bull on Centre Street. 91 has a Pit Bull in his vehicle and is brining it to Payson Street to transfer it to ACO. On January 12, owners of a dog arrived at the station to report their dog missing. ACO was contacted and brought the dog to the station to be reunited with its owner.


Saturday, January 13

Report of a male party sleeping in a black vehicle at Lowell and Circuit Road. Male party is fine. He is waiting for his girlfriend to wake up to go in. No issues.

Party on Shirley Street reports that his car was hit overnight. He also states that his neighbor’s car was also hit.

Party on Quincy Avenue reports that her wheels were stolen from her vehicle. A 2017 Honda Accord. Someone stole her wheels and put on different wheels.

Caller is building manager on Dolphin Avenue and states that he is trying to do work on the building and two occupants are giving him trouble. Parties left prior to their arrival. The building manager was advised of his rights.

A dog was found on Overlook Drive. ACO contacted. A white and brown Cocker Spaniel. Dog was reunited with its owner.

Unit assisted WFD with car fire on Crest Avenue. Owner will arrange for his own tow.

Received information from SRO regarding a situation involving a juvenile. Officers checked the residence and no one is answering. All quiet and dark. Sierra 2 contacted the mother who informed us that she had just spoken to her son and he is fine.

Car parked in handicap spot on Cutler Street. Unit issued parking ticket for parking in handicap spot without placard.


Sunday, January 14

A male is in a vehicle on Trident Avenue passed out with music on. Caller knocked on window and he did not respond. Male party in vehicle is fine. He is staying at a friend’s house.

Female party on Locust Street believes that someone is trying to break into her home and there is damage to her front door. 93 reports there is damage to the lock. Not sure if damage is from someone trying to barter in or the fact that the lock is old.

Caller on Cliff Avenue states there are several cars parked on the wrong side of the road. 93  reports all vehicles are parked illegally and have been moved. There was a baby shower going on at the restaurant across the street and all the people have been notified that they cannot park illegally.

Father wants a well being check on his daughter on Main Street. He has not heard from her in a few days. Spoke to the party in question and everything is fine. She will call her father immediately.

Party on Terrace Avenue states that cars are parked on both sides of Terrace Avenue making the street impassable. However there is no signage stating there is no parking on that street. 91 is addressing the situation. Vehicles were moved. Officer states he will call DPW to get possible signs added to the street to prevent future issues at this location.

Visiting Nurse unable to reach patient on Golden Drive. Doors were locked and no one answered. He states that the doors were never locked when he is due. Patient is a 80 year old male. The party he needs a check on does not have a phone. Male party in question was transported earlier today via Action Ambulance to MGH. Police were canceled and nurse on scene was updated.

Punta Gorda Police in Florida called to inquire about a person who may have a medical condition who is in their city. Information was given to the police to assist them.

Caller on Kennedy Road heard a woman screaming. A lot of people going in and out. Units clear, party had a verbal argument outside but is fine.

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