Police Blotter 01-04-2018

Saturday, January 6, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Sunday, Dec. 24

Main St., transport to hospital.

Revere St., Hit and run.

Winthrop St., Parties arguing.

Main St., Female was transported to MGH.

Main St., Odor of gas, National Grid responding.

Pleasant St., Black SUV parked on corner making it difficult for traffic to get by.

Shirley St., Female in vehicle screaming let me out.

Monday, 12/25

Madison St., Assist Revere police.

Main ST., alarm called in.

Temple Ave., Person stated her son pushed her.

Paine St., Truck parked facing wrong way.

Loring Rd., Car blocking driveway.

Fremont St., Hit and run.


Tuesday, Dec. 26

Quincy Ave., multiple vehicles parking on the street without parking stickers.

Bartlett Park Way, Hit and run.

Shore Drive, Dog barking constantly outside.

Pauline St., Walk in to report his wife got rear ended.

Main St., Alarm, called canceled.

Linden St., Motor vehicle stopped.

Shirley St., Lights going off and on several times, owner is out of town. Units checked all secure.

Trident Ave., Car towed.

Shirley St., Verbal for stop sign.

Governors Dr., Trespassing.


Wednesday, Dec. 27

Walden St., MV stop.

Washington Ave., Citation issued.

Shore Dr., Loud barking dog.

Shirley St., MV stop.

Willow Ave., Interior from vehicle spread out on the street. Officer advised him to clean up.

Corinha Rd., Alarm sounded.

Shirley St., Dispute between customer and owner of vehicle.

Shirley St., Person received call from alarm company stating motion in her house. She is now home and afraid to go inside with her kids. She is waiting in driveway.

Revere St., MV stop.

Revere St., MV accident, no injury.

Grovers Ave., Party called to report her boyfriend just took car but does not have a license to operate.

Main St., MV stop.


Thursday, Dec. 28

Veterans Rd., Verbal warning.

Summit Ave., Verbal for tinted windows.

Madison Ave., Verbal for headlight.

Revere St., Female drove into the fence next door to Cumberland Farms.

Woodside Ave., M-mas lights on the stop sign at the bottom of Woodside are hanging down into the street.

Pleasant St., Verbal warning.

Pleasant St., Fire secured with wire.

Kennedy Rd., Central alarms called in a common burglary alram zone.

Revere St., Assist fire department.

Floyd St., Party reports his 6 foot nutcracker was stolen from the front lawn.

Cutler St., Two vehicles parked on the corner, had a hard time making the turn.

Crest Ave., Officer stopped vehicle for speeding.


Friday, Dec. 29

Winthrop St., Party was staying with family member on the street. Party was relaxing in motor vehicle.

Sturgis St., Repossession.

Myrtle Ave., Loud music. Party turned down the music and was advised police would return again and citation issued.

Summit Ave., Dog in the yard that has been left there for over 20 minutes. Has been left outside for a couple of days.

Golden Dr., Front door alarm of recreational building.

Pearl Ave., Smoke in building.

Washington Ave., First floor alarm.

Revere St., Displaying an expired handicapped placard.

Tafts Ave., Walk in to report Iphone 7 has been lost or stolen.


Saturday, Dec. 30

Highland Ave., Repo company came.

Pauline St., Person fell on ice. Declined medical attention.

Waldemar Ave., Female  making threats. Medical enroute.

Pleasant St., Someone on a sail boat at Atlantis Marina trying to chip his way out of the ice.

Crystal Cove Ave., boy called 911 by accident.

Court Rd., Manin kayak about 200 feet from road. Officer spoke to party and asked him to stay out of water without life jacket.

Grovers Ave., Tractor trailer in front of senior citizen apartments. Out of state plate.

Pleasant Park Rd., Two young males in the Belle Isle marsh with hockey sticks. Concerned for their safety.

Quincy Ave., Verbal warning for stop sign violation.

Foam Ave., Black car in front of the hydrant, parked on the corner making it difficult for cars to get by.

Franklin St., Red and blue light type item flashing in the field.  Remote control helicopter was found in the field.

Governors Dr., People banging being loud.

Shirley St., Neighbor stated on the first floor a female party is verbally arguing with her nephew.

Washington Ave., Female party called stated the brother gained access into building.


Sunday, Dec. 31

Main St., Front door alarm.

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