Congratulations, Ron Vecchia

Thursday, December 14, 2017
By Transcript Staff

Amidst the commotion of the holiday season, we were a bit remiss in failing to offer our congratulations to Town Council President-elect Ron Vecchia, who was declared the official winner of the recent town election after a recount by a slim margin of 11 votes over Jeff Turco.

Both Ron and Jeff, and the third candidate, Rick Boyajian, ran clean, issues-oriented campaigns, which were a credit to themselves and the voters.

However, in the end there can be only one winner, and that was Ron, who has been a familiar face in our community in so many capacities for more than 30 years.

We recall when Ron was a member of the Board of Selectmen in the mid-1980s when he served with Bob DeLeo and Bob Noonan. It is fair to say that individually and collectively, that trio comprised what may be considered to be a Hall of Fame Board of Selectmen — three young men who strived to make Winthrop the best it could be and who laid the foundation in so many ways for the shining example of a well-run community that we have today.

So we wish not only to congratulate Ron Vecchia for his victory, but also to express our gratitude to him for maintaining his never-ending quest to make Winthrop the great town that it is today.

We know that with Ron at the helm, even better things lie ahead for Winthrop.

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