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Celebrating 50 years AS A PRIEST

Father David H. Gill, S.J., a native of Winthrop, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.  The occasion was marked at a Jubilee Celebration in late September at Boston College High School.  The annual event recognizes members of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) marking significant milestones in their religious lives.  The son, of the late Henry and Alice Gill, Father Gill entered the Jesuits after graduating from Boston College in 1956.  He was ordained 11 years later in Frankfort, Germany. He is the brother of Peter and Richard Gill.



Town Clerk Carla Vitale recently held two seminars on the new election equipment. About 60 people attended the seminars,  many of whom are the people that work at the polls.

Speaker DeLeo sponsored lunch at both seminars, and there was a 90-minute training on best practices. Also, discussed were the new voting locations, which are attached.

There will be no school on Election Day. Vitale worked with the school committee last year to be sure the school had professional development on that day with no students in the buildings, so that the public will be able to access the schools without the students being impacted.

Vitale has also worked with the schools around parking, and the teachers have graciously committed to leaving the spots closest to the schools open for voters on Election Day.

So many departments will need to work together to make election day a success – police, public works, schools and the election team. Polling locations are as follows:

Precinct 1

Winthrop Middle/High School at 400 Main Street

Precinct 2

Arthur T. Cummings School at 40 Hermon Street

Precinct 3

Winthrop Middle/High School at 400 Main Street

Precinct 4

O’Connell Hall on Golden Drive

Precinct 5

Arthur T. Cummings School at 40 Hermon Street

Precinct 6

Winthrop Middle/High School at 400 Main Street

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