Police Blotter 09-28-2017


September 18

Male party called in a suspicious backpack in the bushes on Washington Avenue. Mass. State Police notified. State Police bomb dog on the scene. All units clear, someone’s clothing and personal items in the bag.

Attempted to give party their personal items back on Crystal Cove Avenue. Party’s items were returned and he was advised not to leave his items in the bush anymore.

Unwanted person on Pleasant Park Road. Units spoke to all parties. Boyfriend, girlfriend argument. All parties advised of their 209A rights.

Party came to the station to report that his estranged boyfriend had pretended to be him in order to obtain information from a veterinarian regarding a dog he owns. Party would like this noted in the journal.

A general disturbance on Cliff Avenue. Unit stated this was a verbal argument. This is an ongoing situation.

Party on Shirley Street will be out front. He stated that he lost documents in a taxi from Logan Airport. Party was instructed on what to do with his lost documents by the officer. Services rendered.



September 19

Sergeant requesting an incident to be created for a walk-in. He stated that a citizen is turning in his firearm as his LTC was denied.

Spoke to a party on Pond Street regarding a neighbor situation.

Temple is looking for extra patrol during their holiday due to a recent attack on a person. They are most concerned for Thursday night.

Unit spoke with a member of the Temple and they are very appreciative that we are patrolling the area. The biggest concern will be Thursday night.

Party came to the station to notify us that he has been alerted by his credit card monitoring-company that an attempt was made using his information. This was caught by his monitoring company. At this time, all his account holders have been notified.

DPW called in requesting an officer to meet him to retrieve a hypodermic needle on River Road. The needle was recovered and disposed of.

A1 reports he received a call from a person that witnessed a white male with blond hair on foot who pointed a 9mm at someone and put it away. This happened in the area of Shirley and Beacon Street. Area wide 3 BOLO put out for the male party who fled in a white GMC truck towards the beach.

Report of a man down on Golden Drive. He was transported to MGH.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Licensed operator will be picking up the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was issued infractions and a summons to court for driving unlicensed. Party is being sited for stop sign, operating unlicensed, operating to endanger. A criminal application has been given to the party.

Caller on Upland Road states that an older style Jeep has been parked there for over three weeks. Uint reports a parking ticket was issued for the expired inspection sticker and is placed on the 72-hour list.



September 20

Officer obsessed a motor vehicle with the trunk open on Mermaid Avenue. Does not appear like anyone went through it. Truck was secured.

Officer reports a motor vehicle that has been parked on the high school grounds for several days. Will add it to the 72-hour list. Caller reports a grey sedan in the rear parking lot of the Bank of America. Stated that the car may have struck a wall. Unsure of how many occupants. Officers spoke to male party and sent him out of the area. He was advised.

Party came into the station to accept service of a summons.

A pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle walking with baby carriage. This happened at the Cummings School. Medical aid responding. Operator of vehicle was issued citation for crosswalk violation and no left turn.

Very minor motor vehicle accident next to CVS. Driver was given a citation for U-turn and one-way violation.

New England Aquarium wants information from ALCI about the baby seal found on Monday on Shore Drive.

Unit off with motor vehicle on Shirley Street. Elderly gentleman lost trying to get back to Swampscott. Officer is bringing him to the Revere line.

A protective custody order issued for subject on Read Street. If party is there, they will be transporting him to BMC.

A group of branches down on Read Street. DPW informed and they will be responding. Branch was over to the side out of the way of traffic. They will be returning later in the day with a bigger truck to dispose of the rest of the branches.

Motor vehicle stop at Halford Beach. Fritter sent on his way.

Party on Loring Road states a car alarm has been going off for 45 minutes. States that the car is parked behind his home, does not know the street. Alarm is no longer going off. Party came out and spoke with the officer and stated it was coming from Court Road. No answer at the door. Called a phone number for that address and no answer there. Owner is out of the country. G&J has been notified.

Caller states that he was driving past the Cumberland Farms on Revere Street and he observed a male wearing a face mask on the side of the building. Wanted to make sure that the place was not about to get robbed. 92 spoke with several individuals that have been in the area for a while. They stated they have not seen anything suspicious. Area is clear at this time.



September 21

A car hit a curb at the corner of George and Winthrop Streets. It is now disabled. Unknown make or model called in by an off-duty officer. G&J enroute.

Transporting female party to East Boston Court. The party was dropped off.

S3 picked up party seeking R/O at EBDC for a ride home.

Party on Shirley Street states that there are two males and a female banging on the front door of the building. Party states that the same female has been escorted off the property in the past by the police. Party left prior to police arrival. The officer found that party on the side of the building and she was trespassed again.

Motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road and Cutler Street. Citation issued for stop sign violation.

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley Street and Bayview Avenue. Verbal warning for defective headlight.



September 22

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Winthrop Streets. Clear, verbal warning for plate light.

Caller on Ocean View Street reports a commercial vehicle parked on his street and it is an ongoing issue. Officer will time and tag the vehicle. Vehicle was cited.

Motor vehicle stop at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. Citation issued for red-light violation and registration not in possession.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Citation issued for marked lanes violation. Verbal warning for speeding. Operator was also advised in regards to the laws involving 94C.

Calling party on Washington Avenue states that his son took his vehicle without permission. He states that his son is going through withdrawals, and was worried he may hurt himself. He has no idea where he could have gone with the vehicle. Son returned with the vehicle prior to officer’s arrival. Units clear.

Report of a tree down on Crest Avenue playground. A very large tree on the Highland Avenue side. There is damage to the fence. DPW on the scene.

Party states that he was driving his vehicle on Main Street, and a tool flew out of his truck and struck another vehicle. He is looking to make contact with the owner of the parked vehicle to exchange information. Tried to make contact with the owner of the vehicle that was struck, but no answer on cell. Also no answer at his home. Officer will do an accident report and he can pick it up at the WPD if he calls.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Banks streets. 93 is clear with a verbal warning. Out of-state driver. Operator will follow 93 to Winthrop Square which they were looking for.

Report of a deceased squirrel in the middle of the sidewalk on Main Street. Squirrel was picked up.

Coming down hill from the water tower going into Shore Drive, there is no detail officer and traffic is all backed up. 92 reports no issue at this time.

Reporting party works at Town Hall for Veterans Services. She is heading to Marshall Street to assist a female veteran. Units clear, interaction went peaceful.

Report of a group of kids in front of Lucky Convenient. Going to walk across the street to disperse the group. Sergeant spoke to the group of teens that were horsing around. They are going to disperse.



September 23

Party stated there were two pick-up trucks racing down Pleasant Street, and they hit a fire hydrant.  The hydrant was removed and is about 100 feet down the road. DPW notified. WFD was notified of the hydrant. They advised us to notify DPW. Message was left on the DPW voice mail. Caller on Corinha Beach Road said she heard two parties outside yelling to each other in regards to the hydrant struck. Officer was dispatched to the area. The unit stated that the vehicle was unoccupied and it is legally parked at this time. 93 and K9 searched the area and they are unable to locate the driver. The officer will head back over to Pleasant Street to investigate the report of a gas meter hit. There was no gas meter hit. It was a cover that belongs to part of the hydrant. Units clear. DPW arrived and picked up the hydrant and the debris is all cleaned up.

Party on Harvard Street called to state that a vehicle was driving erratic and now the vehicle pulled over in the area of the senior center. Officer stated that there is no vehicle in the area.  Units checked the entire area for that vehicle and nothing showing at this time.

Calling party on Shirley Street states there is a dark blue Dodge truck parked in the handicapped spot with no HP placard. It is parked in front of the Winthrop Yacht Club. Vehicle was moved.

Minor motor vehicle accident in the parking lot of Bank of America. Parties need help in exchanging paperwork. Papers were exchanged.

Alpha Charlie One off with a few dogs in Ingleside Park without a leash. Parties were advised as they were out of town and did not know our leash laws.

Party on South Main Street states that he found a silver firearm. He was instructed not to touch it. Scene was secured and report to follow.

45 year old female intoxicated sitting on the steps on Revere Street. Female was sent on her way.

Party came to the station with a man’s wallet that he found. This occurred earlier in the day. W92 went to the home of the owner to return the wallet. Mother took custody of the property and signed a receipt for the return.

Caller on Upland Road stated that there is a blue car that has been parked on front house since last Tuesday. Police did come out and ticket the vehicle but it is still parked in the same spot. Owner moved the vehicle.

A couple came to the station concerned regarding a pack of dogs living next door, one of which is a pit bull. Parties believe the dog is vicious as they are aware that the pit bull was reported to have chased a woman with a child and a small dog on the street and also bit their tenant. The parties are installing a bigger and stronger fence between the properties for safety. The dog owner originally gave permission for their contractor to traverse his property for construction and now has rescinded and also stated that he would let his dogs out if the fence installer steps on his property. ACO was contacted, and is familiar with the parties, and will help to mediate this situation on Monday.

Report of a loud under age party on Center Street. Beer bottles are being thrown. Alarm company also calling on a front door alarm while police are on the scene with the residents. It was an accidental trip. Peace was restored.

Report of dogs barking on Sagamore Avenue. They have been barking outside for two hours. Reporting party states that this is an ongoing issue at this property. Three large dogs are walking in and out of the basement which has an open door to the yard. Homeowner is not home or not answering the door at this time. Officer is not going to jump the fence. Units clear for now and will check on the home again later. Peace was restored for now.

Party on Center Street reports that her house was broken into. When they pulled up, there were 25 kids leaving the home.

Caller at Cottage and Hillside Avenues stated there are two y young boys, maybe 12  years old, standing in a yard. He was concerned because there are no parents. Two teens that reside at the house on their front stairs. Not a police issue.

Caller on Brookfield Road reports a very loud party in the backyard. Unit stated the homeowner had a permit for the party until 2,200 hours. They will turn the music down.

911 hang-up at Governors Park. No answer on the callback. Apparently subject punched in the window and had lacerations to his hand. Medical en route. Unit stated there is glass on the ground on the second floor. Maintenance has been notified. Subject transported to the hospital.



September 24

Report of an extremely loud party on Brookfield Road. There were multiple calls. Unit stated that a radio seems to burned off but loud people in the yard. Party has been cleared.

Vehicle on Loring Road was broken into last night. Past breaking and entering. Report to follow.

ACO picking up deceased skunk on River Road. Reporting party bagged the skunk, just needs to be picked up.

93 issued a commercial vehicle citation on Fremont Street.

Party came to the station to report a landlord/tenant dispute on Bellevue Avenue. Officer at the window will handle the call at the station.

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