Police Blotter 09-14-2017

Friday, September 15, 2017
By Transcript Staff

Monday, Sept. 4

Shirley St., Blocked Driveway

Overlook Drive, caller states his wheel chair had died.

Sea View Ave., General Complaint for public safety.

Bowdoin St., suspicious activity reported that a van has been outside for the last couple hours and the engine is running. He knocked on the windows and no one answered. Says windows are tinted and he cannot see inside. Officer reports resident sitting in the vehicle talking to a friend.

Banks St., Reports of loud music.

Forrest St., Report states there is a tan mini van parked on the sidewalk for a day and it doesn’t belong there he stated it is illegally parked. No violation at this time.


Tuesday, Sept. 5

Johnson Ave. at Bellevue Ave., Party sleeping in motor vehicle.

Dolphin Ave., Caller reports loud music coming from behind his house.

191 Washington Ave., Elks Club, Loud music coming from club.

Governors Park, reports of cars spinning their tires in parking lot.

Metcalf Square, party picked up his wallet that was turned in.

Kennedy Rd., School Crossing.

Read St., Report states neighbor’s landscaper threw debris over fence in his yard, he would like to speak with an officer. He stated this is an ongoing issue.

Bowdoin St., Truck blocking Stop sign. Citation issued.

Shirley St., Unit found a plate in the street with NH reg.

Shirley St. & Mermaid Ave., Citation issued on one-way violation.

Tileston Rd., Parking complaint.

Washington Ave. & Shirley St., Truck is blocking the intersection and the fire hydrant.

Walden St., & Lincoln St., Reports of drag racing.


Wednesday, Sept. 6

Myrtle Ave., Neighbors outside drinking and being loud. Spoke to parties they were advised, peace restored.

Cutler St.

Report states a dark sedan is parked in her handicap spot. Citation issued.

Governors Park, Report states lady downstairs is banging on the ceiling. Very lengthy history with this party. She was advised if she keeps it up she will be locked up.

Winthrop Market Place, Revere St., Commercial refrigeration truck is running very loud.

Locust St., Report states daughter is giving mother a difficult time and will not go to school.

Almont St., Medical Aid

Tewksbury St., Investigation follow up.

Summit Ave., Reports states there is a mini cooper with a Ct. reg blocking his driveway.

Cross St., alarm entry zone kitchen door.

Revere St., Person states she was involved in a hit and run. 2nd vehicles took off. She called back and stated the man is at the Twin Baker.

Walden St., Caller reports that there are vehicles traveling at high rates of speed in the vicinity of the Cummings School as the students are being dismissed. Officer responding.

Cutler St., Investigation follow up.

Maple Rd., Alarm, front door dining room hallway motion.

Shirley St., Medical Aid

Almont St. & Veterans Rd., Motor vehicle stop for violation.

Ingleside Park & Brookfield Rd., Party locked inside tennis court.


Thursday, Sept. 7

Main St., & Bowdoin St., Verbal warning for speeding. Party had an argument with her boyfriend at River and Washington Ave., Officer will assist.

Shirley St., & Nevada St., Citation for speeding.

Irwin, Ocean Ave., River Rd. and Shirley St. area. Person will be going door to door for in house inspections.

Highland St., Party made threats to woman on Highland St.

Revere St., Parking complaint.

Argyle St., Car has been parked a month and not moved 72 hour sticker is being placed on it.

Jefferson St., Car with expired sticker was given hours to fix car.

Bowdoin St., Motor vehicle stop.

Locust Way, Broken window back left. Officer spoke to neighbor no has lived in the house for about 10 years. Window is rotted out possibly caused the window to break.

Jefferson St., traffic enforcement.

South Ave., 2 animals removed from house, being transported to Ocean View Kennels.

Pauline St., E.B. Newton School, DPW trying to fix issued with phone lines.

Metcalf Sq., Walk in complaint. A man walked into the station to file a complaint about the neighbor dispute.

Sunset Rd., Caller states she left her car running outside while she ran in her house for a minute and came out and her car was stolen. Report states there was a cell phone in the MV at the time that we could ping. WPD called Metro PCS and they sated under guidelines this does not qualify as a ping circumstance.


Friday, Sept. 8

Morton St., Dark motor vehicle with light on parked for over an hour.

Ingleside Park, Officer got a report of male party sleeping inside shed.

Cottage Park Rd., Motor vehicle accident, no injuries.

Neptune Ave., Suspicious males stating they work for National Grid.

Winthrop Market Place, Revere St., Employee there stated a customer gave them a fake $10 bill. Officer stated money is counterfeit. They will follow up.

Pleasant St., Report to officer in regards to someone messaging person on Facebook in regards to family.

Lincoln St., Patient is walking away and need help catching them. Patient was located and brought back inside.

Pauline St., Motor vehicle stop.

Pleasant Pk., Elderly male with dementia needs assistance getting home.

Brookfield Rd., Vandalism to motor vehicle.

Veterans Rd., There are a tractor-trailer running and the fumes are strong. He believes driver is sleeping in the back unaware of the strong diesel fumes.

Wheelock St., Behind the Old Middle School, reports of a group of teens behind School by the dumpster. Searched, no teens around.

Pleasant St., All vehicles parked legally.

Jefferson St., Vehicle parked facing wrong direction.

Crest Ave., Reports an injured dog and will stay with him until reach Animal Rescue. Owner was out looking for the dog and has been reunited.

Wilshire St., Disturbance, reports kids keep going to a shed in rear of house.


Saturday, Sept. 9

Woodside Ave., Male party outside yelling and verbally threatening people. Officer spoke to all involved. No one wanted to press charges.

Jefferson St., Male party wearing brown jacket arguing with 3 people outside. Male party was advised by officers to go home. Peace restored.

Kennedy Rd., Assist fire and EMS with female. Reports she has taken too much meds.

Jefferson St., waiting for police arrival stating that multiple vehicles parked on the crosswalk.

Sunset Rd., Minor motor vehicle accident.

Pebble Ave., Cars double-parked. Officer spoke to parties about properly parking vehicles.

Shirley St., Party came into the station to report his mother had misplaced her purse. He requests if found give him a call.

Shirley St., Party called and stated male party was assaulted. Medical en route.

River Rd., Units reports the homeowner and does not need any assistance. She stated she has a key and must of hit it by accident.

Cross St., Person states there were three golf balls that almost hit her car.

Hermon St., Cummimgs School, Unit reports that the window on side door on the Hermon side was smashed. No access was gained. Reports that we did have call alarm earlier. Unit is clear.


Sunday, Sept. 10

Woodside Ave., Woman is slump over the wheel. Unit reports party left prior to arrival.

Revere St., Medical aid.

Ingleside Park, Party stated male party sleeping underneath the slide. Unit reported he has left.

Edgehill Rd., Believes raccoon in yard – possible rabies.

Ocean View St. & Bowdoin St., White kid about 30 yrs. Old on bike, green pants and green baseball hat, pink shirt, black backpack looking in motor vehicle windows.

Locust St., Abandoned motor vehicle.

Cora St., Unresponsive 55 year old. Party transported to hospital.

Circuit Rd. & Court Rd., Report of a child struck by motor vehicle. Parents on scene – fire en route.

Main St., WHS, Alarm – accidental.


Monday, Sept. 11

North Shore Rd., Reports of a male party walking in middle of street. Unit states he lost his wallet and is trying to walk to Marblehead. Unit gave a courtesy ride.

Locust St., Party states male walking up and down her driveway knocking on windows.

Pleasant St., Possible rabid raccoon.

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