Suspicious Package Closes Mall

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Police closed down Michael’s Mall on Putnam Street two Saturdays ago after a small suitcase was found in the U.S. Post Office, and the State Police Bomb Squad had to be called in.

The crisis began when a foreign exchange student took a cab to the post office to mail two packages.

For some reason he left behind the suitcase which prompted a call to police at 8:37 a.m.

Everyone was evacuated from the shopping area.

Deputy Chief John Goodwin said the bomb squad x-rayed the suitcase and found wiring and other electronic device material. By this time the taxi driver heard about the situation and helped police put together what happened.

To complicate matters and heighten concern, the foreign exchange student was tracked down at Logan Airport trying to board a plane to New York City.

“All of his actions prompted a huge response,” Goodwin said. “We are on heightened alert and we can’t play around.”

The suitcase was dragged out of the post office by a robot. State Police then used a water canon to explode the suitcase open. Inside were found computer keyboards, wires, and video equipment.

It is unclear why the bag was left behind. There were no charges filed.

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