Police Blotter 08-24-2017

Monday, August 14

An abandoned motor vehicle was on the 72 hour list on Hadassah Way. The owner came out and was issued a parking citation.

Follow-up investigation on Winthrop Street. Officer spoke to the father and information was given.

Follow-up investigation on Coral Avenue. Officer spoke to a family member.

Car was vandalized at the corner of Jefferson and Winthrop Street.

Follow-up investigation on Golden Drive. Officer found the party he was looking for.

Well being check on Russell Street. Party has not spoken to subject in weeks. Does not know where they may be and has left messages with DCF. She has not heard back from anyone. No one home at this time. Officer looked in the front window.

Motor vehicle accident with injuries at Crest and Revere Street. One to Whidden.

Caller reports she found a dog and contacted the ACO who told her to call Oceanview Kennels to pick up the dog. Oceanview is unable to pick up the dog at this time and she wants to know what to do with the dog. WPD headquarters informed the RECC to contact the ACO. Left message with ACO to call us or reach out to the party with the pup.

Party came to the station to retrieve his registration plates which had been taken pending the re-registration of his motor vehicle. A check in CJIS revealed that the plates are now active and the plates were given back and a receipt signed.

Calling party on Palmyra Street states that cars are parked on both sides of the street, and if apparatus should be dispatched to that area, they would not be able to get by. The owner came out and moved the vehicle.

In the area of CVS on Pauline Street, heading towards Pleasant was a yellow Paul Revere bus that had its flashing green emergency lights on. Bus company notified as well as units. Bus identified the bus and said it was accidental.

Three out of state vehicles were issued courtesy notices to register their vehicles in Massachusetts within 7 days as the vehicles had been observed in the town of Winthrop for months on end. The owners of all three vehicles failed to comply with the request and were all issued $505 citations for misrepresenting their residence.

Caller at Governors Park reports a resident is banging on her ceiling and it is not allowing her small children to sleep Caller states there is a court order to prevent this type of harassment in place. Spoke to caller and resident downstairs and both parties will take it up with management. Also party has been advised if they have to come back, there will be charges.

Male party with suicidal thoughts on Pleasant Street. Assisted fire and ambulance. One to Whidden.

Party on Park Avenue reports two people playing basketball and keeping up the neighbors. The youths were sent on their way.


Tuesday, August 15

Notification to have subject on Beach Road call Braintree Police ASAP. Nobody answered the door.

Female party, possibly drunk, on Sunset Road called reporting she was going to cut her throat. We have no specific location at this time. We will try to ping phone and get a better location. Female party voluntary to MGH.

Water Department stated a meter was stolen from the corner of Coral and Shore Drive. It was worth $4,000. Off. Brown was notified.

Male party on Veterans Road refusing to get out of motor vehicle. One male in custody for assault with a dangerous weapon, failing to stop for police, refusing to identify himself, obstructing traffic, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, miscellaneous equipment violation, and two counts of unsafe operation of motor vehicle.

party on Pebble Avenue called and stated that cones are in the street. The street is completely clear when officers arrived.

Woman on Dolphin Avenue had three constables aggressively knocking at her door and attempting to talk to her. In the attempt, they broke the door to go into the basement.

Party on Hermon Street states that next to her by the public stairs, there is a white bunny there with water inside a cage. Referred to ACO.

A well being check on Sunset Road. Unit spoke with the female party and everything is okay.

Reporting party on Pebble Avenue states that a resident has been putting out orange cones which are blocking two spots at the end of the street for quite sometime now. 93 went by and no cones obstructing anything. Unit 92 swung by the address and the only cones are at the end of the street near the seawall where there is little damage. Unit also spoke with the calling party and those cones that are at the end of the street are the ones in question. Unit explained why they are there.

Calling party states there is a vehicle on the bridge coming into Winthrop with a man who looks like he is sleeping with his head back and mouth open. Boston was notified and they will send a cruiser that way to check it out.

Party came to the station after being released by the court fro his arrest today. He came looking for property that was being held. Party stated that the judge at EBC told him to come to the station and for the police to return it. Party had no paperwork to the effect. A call was made to the court and the clerk stated that he was in the court during the proceedings and the Judge gave no such order and that the property would be held until the next court date. Party was asked to leave the lobby after beginning to act up and then ordered to leave.

Male party from Veterans Road came back to the station and wanted to get a look at the surveillance cameras. Male since left school. The manager would like to speak to officers. Teachers are afraid he might be in the area. Units reports the male has left the scene and the units will search the area. Notified headquarters to let them know that the call they have at the station is the person the units are searching for. Unit reports that the male party is not in the area anymore and they are closing up shortly. They will stay in the area to make sure he does not come back.

Mother on Lincoln Street called to report that her son reported being struck in the eye. Caller reports it is the second time in a month that her child reports being struck while at visitation.

Vehicle observed parked on the crosswalk at Pauline and Hermon Street. Debris was hanging way out over the tailgate of the truck. Operator was asked three times to move the truck and he did not. Not having any tickets with him, officer responded to the station to order a parking violation to the violator who purposely and knowingly obstructed the crosswalk and walkway. Motor vehicle drove away quickly. Ticket will be mailed to the violator.

Two tenants dispute over parking on Orlando Avenue.  Reporting party states that he flicked a cigarette at her. Unit reports he spoke with all parties involved and everything is settled for now. Will call back if anything else happens.

Anonymous caller reports a disturbance in the rear of the car wash. He heard a woman screaming. Officers report a group of three cleaning their car. The voices may have carried. Parties will be leaving momentarily.


Wednesday, August 16

Caller on Cutler Street states that her designated handicapped spot is being taken up by a small black car. Officer issued a parking citation and will check on it later. If the vehicle is still parked there, he will request a tow.

Town employee reports somebody seen going through the town DOW truck while it was parked in the rear of Town Hall lot. It was an elderly male looking for a lighter in the DPW vehicle. Officers poke with the subject and he was told not to enter people’s vehicles.

Follow-up on Read Street. No one home at this time and will follow-up at a later time.

party came to the station to request a copy of his arrest report relative to 17-101. He also requested to speak with a supervisor regarding a complaint he had about the arresting officer. Sergeant spoke with the party, provided him with a copy of the report and also provided a complaint control form in accordance with the law. The form was filed accordingly and a copy given to  the requested party.

Party came to the station to report that his motor vehicle was struck by unknown vehicle while parked on Forrest Street.

Caller called to report that he discovered what appeared to be human waste in his driveway and smeared all over the exterior walls of his neighbor’s building. Mess has since been cleaned up, but caller just wanted the incident logged in the journal in the event that this is repeated.

Assisted fire with unknown medical at Pauline and Woodside Avenue. CVS got a customer who stated that a party was outside in the area acting out of sorts. Police and fire canvassed the area and were unable to find anyone.

Party at Governors Park called to report that a former tenant had illegally accessed her bank account to withdraw $259. Party was calling from New York where she is temporarily living with her husband in the military. Victim/witness statement and other supporting documents were delivered via fax to her.

Caller on Main Street states that her brother and mother were fighting. Reporting party left the home. It was a verbal argument between mother and son. Both parties were advised and peace was restored.

Caller on Bates Avenue states that earlier i the day as she was walking her dog, a vehicle was backing out of their driveway. She was hit with the vehicle. Fire/medical was on the scene, and she left prior to the officer’s arrival. She stated that she did end up brining herself to the hospital, but would like to speak to an offer about making a report. Officer stated that the female party stated that if something is to happen later with her health that she wanted it noted with the police. Female party sought out her own medical and everything appears to be fine.

Calling party states there is a male and female arguing on Sunnyside Avenue. Calling party states he can hear the woman screaming. Officer spoke with the male and female. there was a verbal argument and everything was resolved. All parties were advised.

Party came to the station to request a copy of a report in which she was a domestic violence victim. Copy of request provided along with 209A rights.

Caller reports that her ex is driving around the town with her son after being ordered by the court not to drive with his child due to his revoked license. He is living on Summit Avenue. All units BOLO.

Caller on Perkins Street states a this vehicle is partially parked in front of his driveway and he stats that it is very difficult for him to get out of his driveway due to the fact that he has a pick-up truck. Officer reports the vehicle is parked right up to the endow the driveway. There is supposed to be at least 3 feet from the driveway. Officer left a warning ticket and if the vehicle is parked there again they will be given a parking ticket.

Reporting party on Buchanan Street states that his roommate used his credit card. Officer spoke with the involved reporting party and explained his rights. He was also advised to contact his bank. If the bank wants to pursue, they will get in touch with WPD.

Party came to the station to repot being harassed via text by her grandmother and her uncle regarding an upcoming case. She showed me the texts which did not appear to rise to the grounds of criminal harassment. She wanted this logged for future use in the court case.

Party on Elmwood Avenue states that his son is out of control and he needs police assistance. Peace was restored.

Essex stated there is an unwanted party on Buchanan Street. unit stated there is no disturbance or un wanted party at this address. He spoke with the father and everything is fine at the residence.


Thursday, August 17

Report of loud music inside on Winthrop Street. Officers spoke with both parties and this is an ongoing issue. It was the alarm clock going off every three hours. It was entered into the log. Party will come down to the police station and pick up the report.

Male party was in a fight at Cove Convenience. Other male party took off in a vehicle headed towards Deer Island. Officer spoke to the victim and witness. Male party that fled is known to the police office and all make his way to the Point. Made contact with the male party located at Shirley Street and he was advised of procedures.

Party on Hawthorn Avenue stated that someone hit her motor vehicle overnight. Other vehicle was parked in front of the reporting party’s vehicle. Minor scrape. Undermined how the scratch got on her vehicle. No report to be made.

Attempted to serve warrant on Orlando Avenue. One in custody for being fugitive from justice.

Caller on Shirley Street states that a neighbor upstairs is harassing her. 92 reports that this is an ongoing issue there. No threats are made and he spoke to all p parties involved. Peace was restored.

Gray motor vehicle SUV obstructing the sidewalk on Forrest Street. Reporting party wanted to remain anonymous. Was unable to locate owner of vehicle. It is parked in the driveway overhanging onto the sidewalk. Was tagged for sidewalk violation.

Reporting party states there is a woman walking down Lincoln Street hitting and screaming. 92 will respond to the girl’s residence shortly to check on her well being. Officers poke to other and daughter. Everyone is fine and safe. No one is abused in any way.

Party on Buchanan Street states that one of the parties involved in the domestic dispute  is at the house with a moving van emptying the contents of the apartment. He will not approach as there are two different RO’s in effect and he does not want to be considered a third party contact. All parties are left the area.

Reporting party states there is white male in parking lot flying a drone. No units to send at this time. Boston was notified. State Police also responding.


Friday, August 18

Party on Floyd Street sleeping in motor  vehicle. Reporting party stated she did wake up and she is a white jeep with her cats. Party is fine.

Reporting party on Winthrop Street states that the female on the first floor is making too much noise on purpose to wake her up. Party states this is an ongoing issue and they are scheduled for civil court next week. Unable to make contact with party making the noise, but spoke to the reporting party and told them what they need to do in the future.

Male party came to the station to report that he parked his vehicle on Sea View Avenue and then observed damage to the drivers side front end. He spoke to his neighbor whom he believes struck his vehicle and the neighbor admitted to hitting his car. The two parties will work out restitution.

Complaint from Walden Street of youths urinating and officer advised them to use proper bathrooms.

Complaints again about youths urinating. Officer spoke to the subjects again and explained they are to not continue doing this.

Daughter called from western Massachusetts about her elderly mother on Overlook Drive who got scammed. He is afraid and would like to speak to an officer. Officer spoke to the elderly mother and explained the right way to handle the scam calls.

Party made a request we contact his former roommate on Buchanan Street and ask if he can get clothing he needs for work out of the apartment. Sergeant called the roommate and left a message Party was advised to wait until we hear back.

Party came to the station to report that her missing Everett Credit Union debit card had been  used to extract cash on August 3 in the amounts of $39.99, $39.99, $9.95, $59.99 and $39.99. Reporting party has already been in contact with her credit until and the car has been cancelled.

A trespass order was served in hand with no incident on Shirley street. Individual clearly understood.

Reporting party states that behind the Nautilus condos there is a male in the basketball court by himself screaming and reporting party states he does this frequently. No one the area at this time.

Party on Lincoln Street states a 100 year old male resident walked out over an hour ago and has not been located. party returned and requested medical as he fell.

Attempt to serve harassment order to subject on Orlando Avenue. unable to serve at this time but spoke to individual’s mother and she will have him come to the station when he gets home.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue thinks parties in black van are doing 94C activity. He said it is closer to the water. Vehicle moved and nothing showing.

Caller on Loring Road states a black pickup truck drove by a threw a fire extinguisher out of the truck and it is now in the middle of the road. Extinguisher was picked up.

Dark silver SUV with Christmas lights inside have head people sleeping in it for the past three days on Shirley Street. The people are okay but they keep coming back to sleep in the car. No vehicle matching the description int he area.

Party ran into the 7-11 reporting there was a fight outside. The employee called and said he went out and saw people but did not see any fighting. Nothing showing and units checked the area.


Saturday, August 19

Assisted State with party concerned for her boyfriend’s well being on Tafts Avenue. Female party will meet an officer there. Four motor vehicle in parking lot. Unoccupied. No signs of distress. People fishing and the female party never showed up.

Caller on Shore Drive reports his vehicle was vandalized sometime overnight while parked on the street. State Police will handle.

Report of two people sleeping inside a vehicle on Shirley Street.

Three car motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. Fire/medical enroute.

Suspicious male party sitting in a b lack Jeep at the end of Ocean Avenue at the corner for a long time.

Kids are urinating in between the buildings on Walden Street and rollerblading on the grass. Officer spoke with the calling party. There are two different events going on across the street at the park. Officer spoke to the DJ to make an announcement over the loud speakers.

Calling party states there is a fight in progress on Locust Street. Possible pipe as a weapon. Two men and one female. Unit stated it was a verbal argument.

Caller reports two males in a blue car being extremely loud for over two hours at George Street parking lot. Car left lot prior to officer’s arrival.

Calling party on Central Street complaining about loud party with a lot of noise. The noise was coming from small child in the house. Parents will address this.


Sunday, August 20

Party called in and stated that this goring there was a Sassier plane that was flying over the houses on the land side of the water. The plane was flying very low to the houses. Passport was notified.

Party from Shirley Street came to the station to report he has been harassed by an individual for years of threats. He has two dates that can be documented so if a third date comes, we can obtain a harassment order. The calling party was told to make sure he called the station if a third event takes place and he understood. A victim/witness form was filled out.

Four vehicles illegally parked at the stairs of Yirrell Beach. G&J Towing requested for vehicle on side all and blocking the hydrant. The rest of Yirrell Beach were parked correctly.

Caller on Main Street reports a suspicious male who stated he is a federal agent looking for guns. Caller stated she did not know if the man was armed. Unit stated that the party left prior to their arrival. Manager got plate number and unit advised the manager that if the male party returns to all WPD immediately.

Caller on Shore Drive wants to speak to an officer in regards to damage done to her property. State PD does jot have any record of any motor vehicle accident or vandalism at the stated address. Unit stated there is damage to the front fence of the stated address Unit will take a report.

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