Police Blotter 07-13-2017

Monday, July 3

Calling party at Governors Park states that his downstairs neighbors are making a lot of noise and banging on the walls. Unit stated it is quiet in he unit. He spoke with the reporting party and advised him if it happened again to call us back. This is an ongoing issue.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue stated he has not heard from his girlfriend since 9 p.m. and is concerned for her well-being. Unit stated she was sleeping and she is fine. Boyfriend and girlfriend have been reunited.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue stated neighbors are being loud in the side yard. Units stated the involved parties would be going in the house for the night.

Lights are not functioning properly on Herman Street. DPW notified. 93 reports the lights are back up and running properly.

Elderly female got a call, which asked for her name and then hung up. Party gave out no information. Last week she got a different call which stated she was under investigation. She was informed that these calls are scams, which she knows not to give out any information.

Party reports while biking through the trail path behind Coughlin Playground, her children found an iPhone 6. The phone is locked and unable to retrieve any information. It was posted on social media websites.

Report of an elderly woman down at East Boston Savings Bank. Medical aid responded for an evaluation. She was sent to Beth Israel Hospital.

Past shoplifting on Revere Street, which the owner has on video from July 2nd. Units in the area looking for suspects.

Water main break, which has water coming down Chester and River Road.

Follow-up for a harassment that came in earlier today from Wilshire Street. Units headed to home to keep the peace. Unit stated they were unsuccessful in retrieving the property. Both involved parties have been advised that it is a civil matter.

Reporting party on Strand Way reports he is at the beach with children and about four cars are on the sand and he said it is dangerous with his kids. Unit stated they are in process of trying to move the four vehicles off the beach. Unit stated that all vehicles have been moved.

Subject driving up and down Undine Avenue sitting on hood of car and possibly drunk. Unit stated he spoke with operator/owner of the vehicle. They checked out.

Caller on Pebble Avenue states that his girlfriend cannot get out of her parking spot due to the fact that people in front of her car and in the back are up against her bumper. Unit stated the vehicle has been moved. They were parked too close to each other.

Party on Bowdoin Street requesting police assistance. Unit stated party just wants a log entry just in case involved party does damage to property. All parties are attached. Report to follow.

Teenagers fighting in middle of Chester and Buchanan Street. No weapons seen. Unit stated they spoke with a group of five youths leaving a house party that was not involved in an altercation.


Tuesday, July 4

Report of loud music on Hawthorn Avenue. Unit stated he spoke with the resident. They will be sending everyone home for the night.

Loud barking dog on Whittier Street. Unit stated this is an ongoing issue between the neighbors. No dog was barking. Nothing showing. Unit stated as they were leaving, the dog started barking. They did speak with the owner of the dog. Resident agreed to close the windows and bring the dog to the second floor.

Unit out with a group of four individuals at Cutler and Shore Drive.

Call in by state, which stated a dispute between neighbors on Siren Street. It was over a parking spot.

Caller on Pleasant Street stated that her friend was texting her saying she wanted to harm herself and to send the police. Unknown if any weapons. Caller was advised that we were just there recently for a boyfriend/girlfriend dispute. Unit stated it looks like this may be a similar situation and the friend took it the wrong way. Boyfriend will be leaving the scene for the day and everything seems to be okay with the female party.

Calling party states about 200 teenagers fighting on Yirrell Beach. No weapons and possibly drunk teenagers. Second caller stated about 50 teenagers. One in custody for disorderly conduct.

Well being check on son on Sea Foam Avenue. Unit stated he spoke to subject and he is fine. Mother is in the hospital. He will call over to the hospital and talk to his mother.

At the end of Yirrell Beach, a group of drunk kids throwing bottles. Three back packs transported to headquarters. Juveniles transported to headquarters. Two arrests made. One in protective custody and the other for carrying alcoholic beverage.

Calling party on Payson Street stated an 11 year old fell of her bike. Medical enroute. Subject transported to MGH.

Someone broke the windows of the gym on Shirley Street. Unit stated that this was damaged by a passer by from the fireworks. No witnesses. Unit will get all the information.

Male and woman fighting and screaming on Temple Avenue. Medical enroute. Patient refused medical.


Wednesday, July 5

Some parties are in Coughlin Park. Could be the fireworks crew. Unit spoke with the parties. The fireworks crew is just breaking down and going home.

About 10 people in the playground on Veterans Road.

Party at Seal Harbor states that someone is lighting off fireworks at the park. Party also stated that they are allegedly drinking alcohol. Units spoke with all individuals involved and advised them of the hours of the park.

Party at Donovan’s Beach states there is a female down with her dog and the dog is not on a leash. Also states that this is an ongoing issue and that she does not pick up after her dog. The dog is aggressive. Dog had left the beach, but the issue has been resolved.

Report of a dead raccoon in the middle of the street across from the golf course. DPW will pick it up.

Report of a man asking for money and being aggressive when he does not receive it on Shirley Street. Individual sent on his way.

Manager of property on Shirley Street states that a male party who has been trespassed from there is on the property. All parties advised of their rights.

Complaint that Deer Island was not cleaned up after the fireworks. Report of bottles, garbage left. DPW notified and will clean up.

Party states she came home to her mom on the phone with a company stating they are the IRS. The mother was giving her information to them until the daughter realized whom she was talking with. She gave some personal information. She was told not to give any other information, as this was a scam.

Parking issue on Read Street, which turned into a verbal argument between a young kid and an elderly male. The young kid was yelling at the elderly male and swearing at him. Party agreed to move his car up.

Calling party on Grovers Avenue reports that someone broke into his back yard and stole his fire pit.

Party on Read Street reports that there are about 8 teenagers going in and out of her back yard and driveway. She asked them to leave and they swore and yelled at her. They were aware that she called the police and they did not care. Officer spoke with all the kids and parents involved. They will stay out of her yard.


Thursday, July 6

Caller on Highland Avenue states a person ran up the street yelling fire. Party states she does not see a fire but she thinks she smells smoke in the air. WFD has been dispatched as well.

Well-being check on a female party making Q5 statements on Charles Street. She stated she wanted to commit suicide and take a bunch of pills. 93 states he spoke to the female. No Q5 statements made. She was fine. Just frustrated.

Report of a larceny on front porch on Palmyra Street.

Individual on Main Street came to the station to report suspicious activity.

Ladder 1 requesting police. WFD requested police to their medical aid call for a subject who fell off his bike. WFD dispatch states subject taken to the hospital. 92 reports 27-year-old male went to the Whidden.

East Boston Neighborhood Health care officer primary care request a well being check on his 38 year old male party possibly 94C use. 93 on the scene standing by for second unit. 93 update states that the neighbor now sates that they saw the sister leave, not the subject being checked. 951 requests doctors’ name and phone number to try to receive more information. 93 reports the sister of party is meeting the police with key to her brother’s apartment, so police can check for subject in question. Subject not there. Spoke with the hospital who stated that they had spoken to the subject and he is better.

Dog bite on Trident Avenue. Message left for ACO. ACO on the scene. Two pit-bull got loose and bit child and another small dog. Child being taken to hospital and dog being taken to animal hospital. A female party was watching two pit bulls when they got lose and bit the girl and the dog. ACO was able to get possession of the pit-bull in question and he will be taking it to Ocean View Kennel.

Unwanted person on Woodside Avenue. Spoke to the female party. The manger was told in the past not to let her shop, but female was never received any paper work on that.

Caller on Billows Street states that his neighbor is verbally harassing him and threatening to take down the stating on his property. Male party came in to report that the neighbor’s addition, which was put up illegally, is infringing upon his property. Subject was advised to contact the building inspector because it appears to be a civil matter.

Well being check on 30-year-old male on Russell Street. This was called in by his friend. Spoke with neighbor who said that the male party left right before the police arrival.

Report of two girls, two guys running down Shore Drive. Unit states they searched the area and no one matching that description.


Friday, July 7

Caller reports two large Rotwellers loose in the area of Crest and Grovers Avenue. Running in the middle of the street and might get hurt. ACO notified. Owner found the dog and brought him home.

Caller on Chester Avenue reports that there is a female that he used to be friend with that has returned to town and he is concerned that she may be on his property. He wants police to go by to make sure there is no one on his property. No one on the scene at this time.

Caller reports a man laying down, possibly intoxicated, near the old Middle School. Subject transported to the hospital.

White male walking up and down Coral Avenue suspiciously. Possibly under 94C. Also talking to himself. Medical requested.

Caller on Short Street reports a past burglary. She is disabled and cannot go to the station. Medical requested. Patient refusal.

Report of a wire down on Somerset Terrace. Large wire down secured by WFD.

Received call from brother-in-law of occupant on Walden Street. Occupant is reporting someone from National Grid came and wanted entrance to the apartment to check on his electricity. He was not let in. Occupant is legally blind. Possible scam. Spoke to the occupant and everything checks out.

State Police requesting assistance at Deer Island. Female party yelling for help. Fire and state will stay on the scene to investigate.

Party on Read Street hears neighbors yelling, screaming and crying. Party was told to keep the noise down. Male party was combative and argumentative. He was told the consequences if police have to return.

Two males yelling and screaming on Read Street. One in custody for disturbing the peace.


Saturday, July 8

Party on Tileston Road reports fireworks going on. Officer spoke with the subject. They will shut it down for the night.

Report of a loud stereo outside on Myrtle Avenue. Party will keep the noise down.

93 off with party sleeping on bench on Morton Street. Party sent on his way.

Caller on Shirley Street stated a baby raccoon inside her trash barrel. Clear, knocked the barrel down and raccoon was able to flee.

Party on Billows Street states there is an unknown animal in her barrel. She called ACO and they did not respond back. Officer states that the animal was a possum. He knocked the barrel over, and the possum should be moving along.

Petty Officer from USCG reports escorting a boat into the Atlantis Marina. Suspected DUI. Requests assistance. Marina has possession of the boat and police have possession of keys. Subject will sleep on boat tonight and pick up both sets of keys tomorrow.

Report of female in her underwear and a male in just shorts outside of a car on Franklin Street. On arrival, unit spoke with calling party who said they left in a black vehicle towards the cemetery. Nothing showing.

Elderly male on a bike who seems to be confused and be in need of assistance. He is at Washington and Thornton Park. Officer giving a courtesy ride to the male party.

Report of a loud party on Hermon Street. Unit stated it was a couple of kids. They spoke with them and advised them to be quiet. They are leaving the area.

Another loud party on Lincoln Street. Units spoke with the homeowner. They agreed to keep it down for the night.


Sunday, July 9

Report of a passed out subject on Crest Avenue. One male transported to hospital.

22-year-old male on Almont Street. Girlfriend has not heard from him in over 24 hours. Officer spoke with male party and he is okay.

Follow-up investigation to subject on Cross Street. Roommate will be giving message to subject officer was looking for.

Caller reports a boat that ran out of gas on the water in the rear of Shirley Street. Harbormaster notified and will assist.

Party reports that on July 8th, someone she was at the beach with stole her phone at Short Beach. She has the suspect’s name and wishes to press charges.

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