Police Blotter 06-08-2017

Monday, May 29

Report of a white male with shaved head in back of Winthrop Lodge of Elks. Made contact with the party and he is fishing off the rocks. He was given a better location to fish and is leaving the area.

Report of an individual throwing cigs out the window on Undine Avenue. Spoke to the calling party and told him it was a civil matter. Spoke to the individual who was throwing cigs out of the window and advised them of the dangers of doing that.

Party on Main Street stated that two dogs are running around the high school with no collar. No owner. Officer had nothing showing upon their arrival. Contacted the reporting party who stated that the owner came out and got the dogs. He stated that the dogs keep jumping over their fence and getting loose.

Party stated a dog walking around the area of Central Street with no owner. Officer spoke to the dog owner and explained the situation. The Doberman was secured. The owner was advised that if this continues to be an issue there will be further action taken.

Officer requests medical assistance for a walk-in to the lobby. WFD and Action EMS responded. EMS evaluated subject and he was transported to the Whidden.

Walk-in to report of a past hit and run crash that occurred at the CVS.

Caller on Coral Avenue states that another vehicle hit his parked car. He sates that his neighbors witnessed who hit his car and drove off. Officer reports that the vehicle that fled was a company vehicle out of East Bridgewater. Officer has the phone number and will attempt to contact the company.

Received multiple calls about a pickup with a boat trailer hanging in the street at the Pleasant Park YC. It has been moved.

Walk-in seeking advise in regards to possible domestic issues. They were advised of their rights and were advised to call police if services are needed.


Tuesday, May 30

Calling party reports young dark skin male in alley way peeking in windows on Jefferson Street. Units checked the area and were unable to find anyone matching the description. Units report finding open back door and the units went in. They report the open door led into a common area which checks out. Door has been secured.

A cab driver found a phone in his cab. When party called the driver to arrange a drop off, someone other than the owner of the phone approached the cab looking for the phone. The driver feared the worst and drove off. He called the owner and told him that he can pick up his phone at the police station.

Report of a tall black male soliciting on Revere Street. Clear, male party not in the area.

Party came into the station to report that possible tainted food being left out for neighborhood dogs on Emerson Road. All information received on subject and reporting party forwarded to ACO.

Report of two year old baby inside a motor vehicle with no parents around. Passenger side window is open. Fire will be responding.

Party on Winthrop Street reports receiving a package with his name on it from eBay but he did not order anything. Party was advised to check information and turn package over to postal office for tracking and investigation.

Boston 911 got silent call pinging off Enfield Road. Officer stated there he checked the area with nothing showing.

Walk-in to report of a matter related to food being placed out about in a neighborhood at odd hours of the night that dog owners are concerned about. A police incident about the matter will be generated and forwarded to the detectives unit. The ACO has also been notified.

An erratic taxi driver headed toward Pleasant Street. A BOLO was put out. Badge 951 was able to locate the taxi.

Report of a customer arguing with manager at business on Shirley Street. Manager and customer are arguing. No weapons. A verbal between employee and customer. They have both been advised. Customer has left and will go to another store.

Customer giving manager a hard time on Shirley Street. Manager wants customer out of the store. This is the same call as above.

Party on Linden Street reports that her front license plate was either lost or stolen. Entered into NCIC.

Party on Veterans Road reports that a female party is making Q5 statements. She wants to throw herself in front of traffic. This was called in by her psychiatrist. Female going voluntarily to MGH.

Two car motor vehicle accident with injuries on Revere Street. Individual refused medical.

Report of a middle-aged woman in front of Quick Foodmart acting suspicious. She appeared drunk. Calling party states female is now passed out. Medical aid enroute. Voluntary transport to MGH for intoxication. Officer spoke with her son and advised him of his mother’s transportation to MGH.

Maynard PD put out a BOLO for a female individual for her arrest. Unit apprehended the female and are holding her for Maynard.

Assisted intoxicated male on Tafts Avenue. Followed the individual to make sure he gets home okay.


Wednesday, May 31

Party on Court Road states about 30 kids outside making noise. They have been there for about an hour and it is 3 a.m. Unit states a small group of kids and when they pulled up they were clearing out and going home for the evening.

Calling party on Veterans Road reports there is a passed out male in the hallway and does to live there. Unit states this is a known party to them and he will take a ride in the area to see if they can locate him and talk to him about this ongoing issue. Units checked out the area and he was not around.

Report of male party sleeping on bench on Veterans Road. He left prior to police arrival. Management would like to trespass male party. He is becoming a nuisance to police.

Constable walked in to station with a list of gas shutoffs.

92 off with motor vehicle in front of Dunkin Donuts o Main Street.93 transported female to station for arrest for outstanding warrant.

Party reports the IRS called her saying there was a law suit against her. She knows it was a scam and gave out no information. The number that contacted her was 804-620-3033.

Motor vehicle stop on Kennedy Road. An unlicensed operator.

Female party going door to door on Court Road saying she is from the electric company. Ever source has three individual out in the area and they could not produce permits. They were told to cease until they can get permit.

Unit escorted male party to pick up some belongings on Upland Road.

Two car motor vehicle accident with injuries on Revere Street at Dunkin Donuts. G&J notified. Vehicle #1 was stopped at crosswalk for pedestrian. Vehicle #2 failed to stop and hit the vehicle in front of him.  Driver of vehicle #1 was transported to MGH. G&J has the vehicle.

97 and 94 off on a well being check on Pleasant Street. Spoke with the mother.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports that she believes that there is a possible “meth lab” at this location. She is concerned because she walked in and instantly smelled chemicals. She is worried because there is a child that lives there. Occupants allowed officers into the apartment. There was no smell or sign of any chemicals. The child was well dressed and cared for.

Whidden Hospital called stating they had an underage male there from Kennedy Road making Q5 statements. Made contact with the child’s father and he is on his way to the hospital.


Thursday, June 1

Report of a couple of people in the back seat of a car for over an hour on Golden Drive. Units stated they spoke with the operator and a female in the vehicle. She stated she lived in the building. They have been advised that they are trespassing and to leave.

Calling party on Golden Drive reports that the male and female party moved the car a couple of houses down and are being loud talking outside the vehicle. Units stated that the female party has gone inside and the male party has left the area.

Abandoned bike found on empty lot on Shirley Street. 92 retrieved the bike putting it in the garage at the station.

Winthrop Housing director called and stated a female party was transported to the hospital and left behind a bunch of open capped prescription pills on the ground. She also left her purse which contacted cash and her ID. Housing Director will be sweeping up the pills and her purse will be put in a safe.

Attempted to serve summons to subject on Central Street. Clear, no service made.

Across from Franklin Street behind the senior center there are 13 males and females breaking glass and being disruptive.

Report of a missing female on Lincoln Street. She is autistic and she got out of the back yard through a small opening in the fence. Officer have found the female. She was hiding in the backyard.

Caller on Palmyra Street stated that a vehicle has been parked there for 24 hours with no sticker. Calling party also stated that he saw the party get out of said car yesterday with luggage. It has a Barnstable sticker on the car.

Walk-in from Enfield Road to report that her fire pit was stolen from her yard.

Caller states there is a black garbage bag on the beach on Shore Drive across from Charles Street.


Friday, June 2

Unit stopped three individuals on Court Road. Clear, individuals were walking to a friend’s house.

Units off with two individuals on Shirley Street. The individuals have been sent on their way.

Follow-up investigation on Veterans Road. Spoke to the workers on site.

Motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road. G&J was notified to take possession of the car.

Caller on Golden Drive states he has not been able to get in touch with a friend and would like a well being check on her. Lats time he talked with her she said she wasn’t feeling well. Unit could not make contact. Female party was taken to the hospital yesterday per a medical aid to her residence.

Caller reports a syringe on the sidewalk on Pleasant Street. The item was picked up.

Report of a female yelling and swearing at children on Douglas Street. Units spoke to both parties and peace has been restored. Party was advised to speak to the director of housing.

Mother said her son is on drugs and is out front of house on Prospect Avenue. Mother requests police presence because she is afraid he is getting out of control.

The male party left prior to police arrival. They will check the area for vehicle. Party was told if the male returns at any time to all the police immediacy. She was also made aware of her rights.

Daughter is worded about her mother who has dementia and is not answering her phone on Hermon Street. Her nice was supposed to be there and she cannot be reached either. Officer spoke to the mother and she is well and with the niece. She will call her daughter.

Caller reports a Paul Revere bus is broken down and causing a traffic hazard at Bartlett and Pleasant Street. Paul Revere company was notified. Nothing showing in the area.

Unwanted male and female on property on Maryland Avenue. Subjects did to realize they were on private property.

Party on Cottage Avenue has a history of being aggressive. He is screaming at female and chasing her. Units spoke to all involved parties. The male party left for the evening.


Saturday, June 3

Assisted fire with traffic control on Nevada Street.

Walk-in to report traffic light is not working at Hermon and Main Street. Officer states that the light is flashing yellow on Main Street and solid red on Hermon Street. DPW notified. They will try to fix, but stated it might be like that all weekend.

Walk-in to dispose of a  gallon container of used needles. Items placed in the Sharps container.

Caller from Golden Drive witnessed a male in front of his window on a chair with a screwdriver. The subject then left and went away. Caller was elderly and was nervous. Clear, nobody on the scene.

Caller states that two males were allegedly smoking marijuana at Michael’s Mall. BOLO given out for the vehicle.

Reporting party on Somerset Avenue stated a black rubbish truck parked by the tree. Officer spoke with the owner and he had a statement stating that their insurance was renewed on June 1st. May not have been updated in the RMV yet.

Past harassment issue going on on Shirley Street. This is an ongoing issue. Reporting party sated he is being harassed and would like to make a report. Officer spoke to the party and advised him of his rights for a HPO.

Party on Golden Drive stated there is a child running and screaming for hours. Officer reports it’s a grandmother who has her grandchild over to visit. She will try to keep the noise down.

Caller on Pebble Avenue reports a motor vehicle parked at the seawall with Texas plates. It has been there for several hours with tinted windows. Caller is concerned because she lives alone in that area. Officer off with the vehicle and a male party who was in the back seat. Officers spoke with the male in the car who had a very suspicious story. He stated that he left Arizona a month ago, but has no money. He has been sleeping in his car and has several suitcases in the trunk. Officer reported the ale was very nervous and giving evasive and vague answers to the questions. Officer documented as much as he could

A male party is being treated by a tenant on Cutler Street. He is throwing glass bottles at him. 18-20 people are there. Reporting party states there may be BB guns in the house. Units report this was a verbal argument between two cousins. One party agreed to leave for the night. Peace was restored.

Caller reports possible shots fired out a vehicle traveling outbound on Main Street towards East Boston. Officers were i the area and reported they heard fireworks at the same time the call came in. Units checked the area and it is all clear at this time.No evidence of shots fired.

Reports of shots fired at Cross and Almont Street. Caller stated it did not sound like fireworks. Nothing showing upon arrival. 92 reports a loud party on Cross Street where fireworks are being set out. This could be where the noise sounding like gunshots came from. Resident was advised to keep it down and to cease with the fireworks. Peace restored.

Officers off with a loud party on Shirley Street. Officers report this is a wedding. Resident was advised to keep the noise to a minimum.

Reports of loud fireworks on Myrtle and Beach Road. Units checked the area and report nothing showing.

Report of people lighting fireworks at Summit and Revere Street.


Sunday, June 4

Party on Tafts Avenue stated that a male and female were hanging around their backyard. Unknown if the parties are still there. Officer spoke to the party and subjects had left prior to their arrival headed towards Deer Island.

Loud party on back porch on Coral Avenue. When officers arrived the area was quiet.

92 advised two bikers who took up entire lane on Washington Avenue to pull over to the bike lane for safety issues.

92 reports lights not functioning properly at Hermon and Main Street. DPW notified again and message was left for a second and third time.

Assisted fire with lifeline activation . Fire cleared. Accidental trip by elderly party.

Checked on motor vehicles on Taft Avenue making it difficult for engines to get down. 92 off tagging illegally parked vehicles. the vehicles are on the Winthrop side of Deer Island and were tagged.

92 reports the lights were fixed this morning at Hermon and Main Street but Hermon blinking red and Main blinking yellow again. Left another message to DPW to return. A second attempt to notify DPW about lights not functioning.

Party called in saying the signal light is out at Revere and Highland d Avenue. DPW has been notified.

Party on North Avenue would like his adult son removed from the house. A verbal argument. No weapons. Party agreed to leave for the evening. All parties have been advised of their rights.

Call came in from Malden PD. Reporting party on Forrest Street is trying to get her son, who spent the night at his older brother’s apartment. When she arrived to pick him up, they refused to open the door. She would like a unit to go by and hold on the to the child and she will come and pick him up. Child is staying with his older brother. Malden PD spoke with PO Freeman. Spoke with the child’s father. He and the older son are going to Probate Court tomorrow so the older brother can have guardianship.

Report of fireworks on Waldemar Avenue. Nothing showing.

Follow-up investigation on Forrest Street. Brother is taking good care of younger brother.

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