Massport Briefs the Council at Meeting

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

MassPort is working on its runway and facilities and for a period of time the runway will be shut down, forcing airplanes to use alternative runways.

At Tuesday night’s town council meeting Flavio Leo, director of aviation planning for MassPort, said they are undergoing a construction project for safety reasons and from May 15 to the end of June there may be some disruption in air traffic patterns. This will cause more flights to go over the Point Shirley area  of town. Two runways will operate during this time with the other route going over South Boston.

“We are rehabilitation a runway and replacing the pier at the end of another runway,” Leo said, adding that there are cranes being used on the pier construction. During this time the runway will not be in use due to the height of the cranes. MassPort is hopeful to have all construction at Logan Airport completed in September.

Leo said the work would be done during daylight hours and there will be dedicated truck routes to lessen any traffic impact. The flight patterns will also vary depending on wind and weather.

Councilor Phil Boncore asked about MassPorts soundproofing program. Leo said there are no plans now but in the past, over 25 years ago, they did do soundproofing by replacing windows.

“We were the first airport to do soundproofing,” Leo said.

MassPort shared its telephone number for complaints if anything should arise. The number  is 617-568-3711.

In other council business:

  • Several announcements were made. Fire Chief Paul Flanagan announced that the Fourth of July fireworks will be held on the actual Fourth of July this year!
  • The town council Spring Forum on May 2 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Center. The regular meeting of the council will be held at 6 p.m.

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