Military Father Surprises Daughters at School

By Kate Anslinger

Military surprises are all the rage these days, and for good reason, as people can’t help but be overwhelmed with emotion when watching a family reunite for the first time in months.

Recently, Winthrop experienced its very own homecoming surprise when US Army SPC Vinnie Glover made an unexpected visit to his two little girls while they were at school. Seven-year-old Brynne’s reaction was one that left even the toughest in tears. Glover and his wife Courtney snuck in the back of Mrs. English’s first grade classroom as class was in session and seconds later, Brynne was sprinting across the room and jumping into her father’s arms, as the rest of her classmates watched the emotional moment unfold.

Little Brynne released tears of joy as she clung to Glover, who was in full uniform for the occasion.

His next stop was the Children’s Corner Preschool, where he was on a mission to surprise three-year-old Devyn. In a bit of shock, Devyn was at a loss for words when she saw her dad for the first time in months but she was scooped up into his arms and back to her normal self in no time.

“It was up in the air for awhile whether he was coming home or not, but I got the ticket just in case,” said Glover’s wife, Courtney, who was in on the surprise.

SPC Glover was home for three weeks and during that time he had the opportunity to meet his newborn niece, take a trip to North Conway, and spend some much needed family time with his wife and two daughters. He is currently back at Fort Humphries in South Korea, where Courtney, Brynne and Devyn will be meeting him at the end of the summer.

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