Paul Revere Bus Line Awarded Local Contract

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The MBTA has finalized a four-year contract with Paul Revere Bus Lines to continue service to the community of Winthrop.

Paul Revere Bus Lines have served Winthrop for several years and their current contract was set to expire June 30. Under the new contract, buses will be equipped with GPS tracking. Riders will be able to use their Charlie Card in town and anywhere in the regional system.

“We’re excited about our new buses,” said Brian Shortsleeve, general manager of the MBTA. “As of July 1, Winthrop will have six new buses on routes 712 and 713.”

Each bus cost the MBTA $750,000. The buses include GPS tracking so riders will be able to use the “Where’s My Bus” app to see where the bus is. The data collected will also be used by the MBTA for analysis.

The 712 bus runs between Point Shirley and Orients Heights in East Boston. The 713 bus runs on a shorter loop from Veterans Road to Orient Heights.

The new buses are 40 feet in length and are a hybrid diesel/electric vehicle.

“We wanted to improve the rider experience,” Shortsleeve said.

The annual cost to the MBTA for the service is $1.9 million.

Since 1991 the Paul Revere Bus Lines have been contracted by the MBTA to service two routes in Winthrop.


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