Police Blotter 03-30-2017

Monday, March 20

Officer reports he got a call at the station for water coming from side of house on Hillside Avenue. He believes it is just the hose. He is going to secure it and just make sure it is all set. Officer reports everything all set and the homeowner showed up when he was about to leave.

Vandalism to motor vehicle on Read Street. Owner will meet officer out front. Officer reports a string of break-ins of three cars on Read Street.

Officer following up with investigation on Harvard Street. He reports he got all the information he needed.

908 called in about the sidewalk being in deplorable condition on Grovers Avenue. DPW notified and will send someone out.

Female party called stating that cars are parked on the street. This female party is a repetitive caller who calls multiple times a week with complaints over a barking dog, cars parked without a permit, etc.

Walk-in from Ingleside Avenue reports having her frequent flyer miles stolen. Her airline is requiring a report for reimbursement.

Party on Sewall Avenue states there is a black four door sedan screeching their tires and causing a disturbance. Spoke with residents in the area and they stated it was a BMW that drove off.

Party called and stated a post on Winthrop Shore Drive has a light fixture that is loose and hanging. When Mass Highway was contacted, they stated that it is Winthrop DPW that handles it. Message left with DPW.

Female party on Faun Bar Avenue called 911 and hung up. Upon a call back, the caller stated that her daughter is having an emotional episode and she requested we do not send anyone to her location. Officers request medical aid. Medical refused and they will seek treatment tomorrow with their own physician. The episode started over a landlord/tenant issue.

A black Altima driving around with no headlights on Morton Street. No plate given.


Tuesday, March 21

Two females on sidewalk distraught on Shore Drive. WFD  and EMS also responded. Couple of females staying at hotel on Shirley Street. They will be heading back there for the night.

Report of husband and wife’s cars broken into on Court Road. Unit took all the information down and a report was to follow.

Caller states that her car was broken into last night with items stolen from Bartlett Road. She is requesting to speak with an officer at the school.

Red Corvette abandoned for several weeks on Winthrop Street. G&J notified and will tow the vehicle.

A wire hanging down on top of car at Deane and Quincy Avenue. Fire on the scene and a phone wire was fixed.

Assisted fire at Governors Park. 951 also assisted.Officer requested an unit for help with accident. Officer reports an elderly man was confused about some things and officer calmed him down and officers are clearing.

Party on Main Street reports a male party in motor vehicle taking pictures of her. She is with him now waiting for police. Party was advised that we have a fire and will be there as soon as possible. No altercation, just a private investigator.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that a party in question was supposed to return to work a month ago and did not. Last they heard he went to the MGH for surgery two months ago and should have been back to work. 941 spoke with brother. Male party was sleeping and still recovering.

Officer is taking a harassment report at the station for subject on Pauline Street.

Report of four kids on the roof of the old Middle School. Officer is talking to above parties about going on the roof. The boys went up there to retrieve a ball.

Comcast was contacted regarding a low hanging wire on Quincy Avenue.

Party came to the station to pick up a copy of the police department report related to the larceny of American Airlines miles.

Party came to the station to report losing his wallet in the CVS. When he returned to the store, the clerk checked the cameras and informed the party that a female party can be seen picking up the wallet. W93 responded to check the tapes.

Mother came to the station along with her daughter to report that two messages that came over her phone via a Snap Chat app. Mother has already reported it and she was advised after making an initial report to speak with the school and the SRO officer tomorrow as this involves a ring of messages being forwarded to others with instruction to speak ill of others on this app.

Car was broken into on Court Road.

Reporting party on Bartlett Road noticed that someone was trying to break into her vehicle along with another family member’s vehicle. No damage.

Assisted fire on Faun Bar Avenue with female with mental altered status. Officer reports female refused medical help. Officer advised other of their rights through the court system. Party was also advised of her rights. She may seek medical help in the morning.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Winthrop Street. Officer requested G&J and they are enroute.

Reporting party on Morton Street states that her friend rents a room and the person he lives with punched him in the face. He is bleeding and disabled. Unit stated one party will be summoned for assault and battery.

Report of a black vehicle driving up and down Coral Avenue playing loud music.


Wednesday, March 22

Motor vehicle parked for several days on Winthrop Street. G&J enroute for tow.

Mailman was bitten by a dog on Main Street. The dog is still in the area. The dog was caught and the mailman will be going to the hospital via his friend.

12 year old female hit by motor vehicle on Woodside Avenue. Fire enroute. The girl is going home with her parents. Just scraped her leg.

Assisting fire with possible fire on Grovers Avenue.

Party on Pleasant Street states there is a Toyota that has been parked for quite sometime. It was given a ticket a week ago and has still not moved. The vehicle is legally parked. Has been previously ticketed for resident sticker. It is not causing any obstruction. It will be checked periodically.

Caller on Shore Drive reports there is a dog in the yard that has been barking for 1/2 hour. The dog was brought inside.

Tow requested for vehicle on Main Street. G&J towed vehicle for revoked insurance.

Homeowner on Adams Street returned home to find her basement window askew. No one in the home but she would like a unit to stop by to put her at ease. It was no break, just the outer part of the window due to the wind.

Party at Executive Apartments came to the station to report that she is being harassed by her landlord since she gave notice that she is not renewing her lease. Party reports that she received notice from the management of the building that want to come into her apartment and she does not want them there. She is leaving in approximately one month. The party was advised that this is a civil matter but if someone comes to her apartment with an order and she does not want them there, she should call us to keep the peace. She was also advised of her rights.

An older woman on Shirley Street is confused. Fire notified. 67 year old female transported to Melrose/Wakefield.

Report of debris in the street at Pleasant and Court Road. Someone’s trash can blew over.


Thursday, March 23

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Unit stated a female party was the operator. She was given a verbal warning for headlight violation.

Party came to the station to report being harassed by a roommate. Specifically, the reporting party reports that the roommate was being physically intimidating and tampering with his mail. Off. Carter reports speaking to the other roommate, who is disabled, and who denies harassing or tampering with the mail. Reporting party would like this instance on record for the purpose of documenting further harassment.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that her neighbor’s two large dogs are constantly barking and she has made complaints multiple times. She states that the dogs’ barks are really loud. Officer checked the area and nothing showing.

Caller on Johnson Avenue states that she would like an officer to come by her home to speak with her about an existing restraining order she has on a male party. She is afraid to leave her home due to an incident that happened about an hour ago.

Party on Veterans Road reports neighbor’s apartment above are screaming, banging, and making a wrestling noise. Residents were arguing amongst each other and they said they will keep the noise down.

Calling party on Tileston Road states lots of yelling and screaming on second floor and they are concerned for their well-being. Police spoke to the downstairs neighbor who believes girlfriend and boyfriend were arguing. They left in the same vehicle before police arrival. Calling party stated that this is a common occurrence.

Dog on Willow Avenue left outside barking all day. Issues has been going on for months. No one home at this time and the dog is still outside. Officer tried counting someone at the residence.

An intoxicated male on Grandview Avenue. Officer reports nothing showing.

Big party and lots of people screaming outside of Blackstrap’s. Nothing showing when officer arrived.


Friday, March 24

Report of an injured hawk at Main Street in front of Woodside Hardware. ACO has hawk on board and will be getting in touch with the proper agencies for further care for the hawk.

Driver with black Porsche was informed of his driving habits when picking up during school traffic and he understood.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that her doorknob was hanging off when she returned home yesterday. It does not appear that any entry was made and nothing was taken. WHA is replacing the locks and she just wants something on record.

Reporting party on Cross Street reports a scam that she received. She is concerned that they knew all about her grandchildren. She did not give out any personal information, just wanted it reported.

Caller on Court Road state that two females came to her door and asked for personal information regarding her electric company. They also asked for the last four digits of her social security. She did not give them any information. The officers states that he will be on the lookout for two females in the area. He checked the area and nothing showing.

Party was headed out at Shirley and Beach Road and stated that a black male approached her asking for money. Officers checked the area and nothing showing of the party.

Caller at Energy To Go stated that a black male came into the store asking for money. Subject was found at Dimitri’s Liquor Store. He was sent back home.

Party reports a group of 5-7 loud teenagers, possibly fighting. Second call came in reporting the subject are in the area of Shirley Street. Second party reports that it is two males and two females. HQ requested EMS for an evaluation of driver. Medical notified and they are enroute. Party sent home.

Caller at River and Bowdoin Street reports a group of youths are being loud disturbing the peace.

Caller on Veterans Road stated that a gentleman was escorted off the property earlier and he is now back ringing

bells trying to get into the building. The party was sent back home again and he was advised of the consequences if he comes back again.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Central Street. Unit stated there is a language barrier on this stop. They will be getting in touch with husband and give the ride over to help translate. Husband came on the scene and helped with translating. Verbal warning given.


Saturday, March 25

Large group being very loud at Blackstrap’s. Unit stated that nothing showing at this time but will monitor the area.

Motor vehicle in the water at Winthrop Yacht Club. WFD called to assist. One transported to MGH. G&J responded to tow vehicle from the water. Accident report to follow. DPW put up a couple of reinforcements.

Caller stated that a boat appears to have broken from its mooring at Atlantis Marina. Fire and harbormaster cleared as the boat was secured. No police needed at this time.

Report of a disturbance at Fort Heath Apartments. Reporting party is afraid that nephew with altered mental status right harm his uncle. No weapons. Male party transported to Whidden to be evaluated.

Report that in the parking lot at Seal Harbor, there is a blue Cadillac with its alarm going off all day. This has been an ongoing issue with this car. 92 reached the ra and found no Caddie’s alarm going off.

Reporting party on Myrtle Avenue stated that a neighbor is playing loud music since 9 a.m. 92 spoke to the party to keep the music down and there would be consequences if he has to come back.

Caller reports there is a male in a wheelchair that may be in distress at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. 92 found the mane in the wheelchair on Shirley Street and checked his well-being. Several taxi companies were called and senior center also. No one equipped for wheelchair. Party is going on the bus.

WFD asked for assistance with motor vehicle accident on Atlantic Street. Driver will be making arrangements to get a ride. His van will be parked over night and he will be back in the a.m. to retrieve the vehicle.


Sunday, March 26

Calling party on Beach Road state that her and her roommate have been verbally arguing and she requested the police as she feels unsafe and it could get physical. This has been an ongoing issue. Two tenants arguing over laundry, and trash. One tenant will be moving out in two weeks and they will stay away from each other.

Party on Woodside Avenue said loud music from Blackstrap’s. Units stated that there have been a few incidents. There are a lot of people inside, but no disturbance. The only time you hear something is when patrons leave and the door is left open for a minute.

Report of loud music on Cutler Street. Unit stated that nothing showing, absolutely quiet.

Assisted with an elderly male sleeping inside vehicle at the Public Landing. Male party is okay.

Female party flawed down an officer regarding a suspicious package at the Public Landing. Clear, it was an empty briefcase.

Units are off with a female party in regards to a call that a call taker received. Female party was not going to be on the scene and she had taken off. Called Winthrop PD to do a well-being check on the female. Received more information as to where the female party was located which was Waldemar Avenue. Officer states a more serious issue. She will be seeking a RO and will head to the home. Officer will be enroute. Able to get in touch with the judge and an order has been issued.

Caller stated that she found a skeleton of some sort. She is on the scene at Belle Isle Cemetery. The bone that was found was a deer.

Party has been trying to get in touch with a friend on Forrest Street for several days and she is not answering her phone. Friends and family have bene trying to call her but she is not answering. Reporting party is from Florida and is very concerned. Medical informed and they are enrollee. Party was sleeping and she will make contact with the reporting party in Florida.

Walk-in requesting to speak with the Chief. When he was advised that he was not in and asked why he wanted to see the chief, he refused to answer. He then requested to speak to a detective. Again when asked to explain why, he refused to answer. He held up his passport and stated that he was a US citizen and had rights. He was then told to make an appointment with the Chief. He finally stated that it was in regards to a restraining order he was just served. He was advised to bring his concerns to the court as a judge had issued the order.

Well-being check requested on Revere Street. Caller states that the dog upstairs has been barking for hours and she is concerned for her neighbor who recently had surgery. She also stated that she has the key to the apartment if needed. Unit checks the second floor and the woman was not home. Calling party has the dog downstairs.

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