In The Final 14:WHS Drama to Perform this Weekend in Boston

By Kate Anslinger

Members of the Winthrop High School Drama Club perform in “Antigone”

Winthrop High School Drama is gearing up for a big weekend.

As one of fourteen schools that made it to the final round of the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Competition, Winthrop thespians are heading to the John Hancock Hall Back Bay Events Center to give their final performance. The competition started with 120 schools from across the state, and Winthrop was amongst the top leaders, praised for their choreography, dialogue, and strong chorus vocals in their original adaptation of Antigone.

The judges at the semi-finals, which were held two weeks ago, gave their production of Antigone props for the invigorating choreography and chorus strength that was buoyed both in its unity and its individual members. The production was the unique result of the combined talent of 38 cast and crewmembers.

And believe it or not, the group isn’t all that nervous for their final performance…

“We have faith in each other and we are confident,” said Elizabeth Carsley, sharing that they have become like a big family. “We are super excited.”

After the drama club made it past the semi-finals, they were able to tweak some of the pieces that didn’t work, which will make things stronger for the final round.

“It’s been a long process but an amazing collaborative effort, said 10th grader, Allison Earl, who is proud that they built the adaptation from scratch. “We each have a piece of the project and you can see every single member of the cast and crew in the production.”

When asked what they will do if they win this round and become the state champions, the group all agrees that they will cry tears of joy. They are also excited to be surrounded by the top theatrical high school performers in the state and are looking forward to being motivated by the competition.  On Friday, March 31st, Winthrop High School Drama will take Antigone to the stage once again. Their final production is at 6 pm at the John Hancock Hall Back Bay Events Center. You can purchase tickets at

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