Speaker DeLeo is Assisting Tony C Jersey Campaign

As Speaker of the House of Representatives, Robert A. DeLeo is asked to support many causes, and such was the case Saturday morning when the leader of our 160-member legislature to traveled to Chelsea (stopping on his way to the Boston Women’s March for America) to lend his support to the Tony Conigliaro Jersey Retirement Campaign.

Many Red Sox fans are hoping that the Red Sox will retire Conigliaro’s jersey No. 25 (which is currently being worn by Jackie Bradley). Long-time Red Sox fans remember Tony C. very  well. He grew up in the area and at the age of 22 he was the youngest American League player to reach 100 home runs, a record that still stands today. In August of the Red Sox’ 1967 pennant-winning season, Tony was hit by a pitch that forever changed his career. Many felt that Tony C. — with his pull-hitting style and the short distance to the left field wall — was on his way to breaking the all-time home run record held by Babe Ruth at that time (Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds)have since passed the Bambino).

Speaker DeLeo – -who had just graduated from Boston Latin School during that Impossible Dream season of 1967 — has agreed to lend his support to the campaign. DeLeo’s response to the leaders of the effort is just one more illustration that the Speaker is working for the people of Massachusetts (and in this case, Red Sox fans) seven days a week across the Commonwealth on all types of issues. Being the most powerful Democrat at the State House, Bob gets so many requests to attend events and forums, and we’re so fortunate to have Bob representing our town on Beacon Hill.

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