Police Blotter 01-19-2017

Monday, January 9

Todisco Towing towed vehicle from Governors Park for expired inspection sticker.

Caller on Lincoln Street states there is a plow truck that is parked in front of his house since the snow storm. He believes it may be a plow that plows for the city. He states that it is difficult to get out of his driveway. The truck is a lease vehicle and comes back to E-Z Disposal in Revere. Spoke to a female party who said she knew the owner. She as calling him to move it. Officer tagged the truck for blocked driveway.

Party needs assistance with backing up his truck at Highland and Natant Avenue. He did not want to knock down branches. We assisted and he is on his way.

Caller at Pleasant and Bartlett Road reports a manhole has sunk down into the roadway. DPW was contacted and they will handle the situation.

Caller reports that her neighbors house security lights shine directly into her bedroom and it disrupts her sleep. She is unable to tell the owner of the home to shut off security light due to security reasons.

Call of a panhandler outside Cumberland Farms. Male party left prior to arrival.

Tuesday, January 10

Party came into the station to report that her landlord had improperly signed for and took possession of her dog’s remains (created ashes) and then threw them out.

Female party on Bayview Avenue was standing on the caller’s door and was asking for prescription medication. Female described as white, wearing glasses. 92 reports speaking with the caller and this is related to a female who dropped off a pillbox with prescription medication at the police station that she found in the area where the caller lives. Officer reports nothing out of the ordinary, just a misunderstanding.

Caller on Belcher Street states there is a car blocking his driveway. Officer spoke with the caller. A citation was issued for blocked driveway violation. Officer will give the owner some time to move the vehicle before towing.

Officer will be conducting a follow-up investigation on Golden Drive. Unable to locate anyone at this address.

Officer will be off conducting a follow-up investigation on Harvard Street. Officer was able to speak to a subject and gave his contact information.

Party on Crest Avenue came in to report a theft from his back porch.

Officer reports being off in the area of Shirley Street doing parking enforcement due to recent parking complaints from local business owner. He issued five parking violations.

Minor motor vehicle accident at Bank of America. Parties need assistance with paper work. One party reportedly being uncooperative. The paperwork was exchanged and parties on their way.

Female from Coral Avenue came in with an ongoing incident. Officer will handle and file a supplemental report.

Caller on Summit Avenue states that someone is parked blocking her driveway. She may need some guidance as to private property rules regarding police involvement. 93 reports he spoke to the calling party and advised her that the vehicle is parked on private property and that she may call a private tow to remove it.

Calling party on Seymour Street stated a past hit and run 15 minutes ago. He believes it may be a silver Jeep, possibly his neighbor. Report to be filed.

Wednesday, January 11

Motor vehicle stop at Pleasant and Edgehill Road. Citation issued for speeding.

Calling party on Grovers Avenue stated that she woke up and let her dogs out in the backyard. She noticed footprints where there should not be any. She also noticed someone tried to get into her vehicle. She left for work and came back in her vehicle to inspect her home. During that time someone had tried breaking into her work vehicle and her car alarm went off. She was not able to ascertain a description of the person trying to break into the vehicle. She also said her neighbors experienced similar activity at their residences over the past few months. Units spoke with the calling party regarding a description from a neighbor. BOLO for a white male walking around the area. Units conducted an area search and negative at this time. Units will be observant for anyone out of place in the area.

Calling party on Shirley Street states that her tire was slashed on her transportation bus.

Reporting party on Washington Avenue heard two rounds of fire. Units report duck hunters in the area of Snake Island. Received multiple calls regarding this.

Life Line activation on Crystal Cove Avenue. Spoke with male party that said they were all set. Life Line worried about well being of female party. Unaware of who the male party was but refused to identify himself. Units spoke with both male and female party. All is well. Units 92 and 93 cleared.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Governors Park for expired inspection sticker.

Attempt to serve summons to juvenile and guardian on Brewster Avenue.

An argument between two friends on Pauline Street. Medical aid and detective requested on the scene. Winthrop Taxi contacted to have driver that was on call that dropped off the subject, come back for a statement. 94 transporting female party to station.

RPM Fitness said female left screaming and yelling. They are concerned for her well being. They gave me an address of Bartlett Road. Make contact with the female and all is well.

Unit 92 continued his follow-up investigation on Chester Avenue. He spoke to the individual they were looking for.

Male party called and asked if pitbulls were allowed in the town of Winthrop as he breeds them and will be moving to the town. Contacted OIC of Winthrop and he stated that would be a question for the ACO. When this was explained to the male party that he would have to speak to ACO he then said because we were directing him to another person to ask, that he believed they were legal to have in Winthrop and that he made up his mind about the answer. When we tried to get his attention to explain to him that is not what we said and he would have to contact ACO to get the answer to his question, the male party hung up. This call came in on the business line. No other information was provided.

Male party came in to report while doing a car appraisal for the insurance company on Dolphin Avenue he had a verbal disagreement against the mechanic over the price of an appraisal. The subject made threats and informed him he knew where he lived in Winthrop. The threats were made in Revere and Revere PD did file a report. He wants this on file in case there are any issues in our town.

Individual ran and jumped into the driver side window at the Winthrop  Yacht Club and drove around the parking yelling. Unsure if the individual is still on the scene.

Male party from Seymour Street came in to report having information about responsible party to a motor vehicle accident. Party was contacted and agreed to pay for damages to their neighbor’s vehicle. Issue has been resolved at present time.

Thursday, January 12

Caller from Governors Park states that a female keeps knocking at his door complaining he is being loud. She has done it multiple times today and keeps arguing with the caller. Unit stated a verbal disagreement between neighbors. They will resolve with management of building.

MWRA looking for an escort over the Deer Island bridge for two fuel trucks. Detail officer on the way.

Party from Shirley Street came into the station to report that her tire has been slashed for a second time. Officers will speak to party and check vehicle damage.

Caller on Sargent Street reports that she received a call stating she has won a car and money. Number is an international number and party was advised not to give out personal information as this is a scam.

EBC called and faxed over a warrant of apprehension to be served on subject on Revere Street. W92 and W93 along with 942 will attempt service. An arrest was made and party transported directly to court.

942 reports registering a level 2 offender.

Court officer 939 reports a warrant of apprehension issued for subject on Revere Street. Petitioner reports the subject is in Revere at Verizon store at Northgate. Revere control notified and all paperwork faxed to them. Winthrop Control reports that Revere has picked up the subject and will transport to CDC per EBDC. EBDC notified and they will fax all the pertinent documents to the Chelsea DC.

Report of an injured skunk in the street on Cottage Avenue. ACO will handle the deceased skunk.

Party on Revere Street reports seeing several needles in front of her house this a.m. Items were picked up.

Party on Prospect Avenue reports being scammed regarding the purchase of a dog.

Reporting party on Main Street states that neighbor is throwing lit matches and other trash out into the yard. Party reported the four males live in the middle apartment, three were the ones throwing trash out the window. Landlord will speak with the residents about proper disposal of cigarettes/matches and proper disposal of trash.

Assisted fire with person with an altered mental status on Short Street. Party was transported to the Whidden Hospital.

Suspicious white male staggering in the roadway at Winthrop Y act Club, appears drunk. Last seen waling towards Pleasant Street. 98 and 93 located subject near the yacht club. Male party was given a courtesy ride to Veterans Road.

Hit and run on Underhill Street. Parked car was struck. No other information at this time nor any witnesses. Vehicle may need to be towed. Owner was on the scene.

Party on Woodside Avenue stated a male party wearing a came vest was harassing a female party. Female party left the scene. Male party headed towards CVS. Police spoke with the male party. Services rendered.

Caller on Coral Avenue states people in a white hatchback are playing loud music. Unit spoke with the party in the vehicle and they turned down the music.

Friday, January 13

Reporting party retrieved syringe put in a barrel in front of Honey Dew entrance. Concerned someone will get hurt because it is not covered. She stated it is on the top and she notified the manager. 93 removed the syringe.

93 off with vehicle stop on Almont Street. Two verbal warnings for turning violation. Owner of third car showed proper paperwork. Operator was warned about turning violation and showed up with original title to prove when purchased.

Party from Cliff Avenue reporting past assault and requesting assistance. Individual refused medical at the station but requested EMS help from home. 93 reports party will follow up at hospital after being seen by EMS. 908 spoke with parents and reports generated and warrant will be sought. W93 responded to the scene to investigate.

Report of a woman in a silver Hyundai dumped two large garbage bags into the dumpster at the Ft.. Banks School. Listed to a party in Revere. Revere Control notified to have party call us regarding her disposal of unauthorized trash.

Warrant issued by the Boston Juvenile Court to subject on Cliff Avenue. Juvenile taken into custody on warrant. W93 will take the juvenile prisoner directly to court. W92 assisted with the arrest. Party was transported to Boston.

Caller on Cottage Avenue states that someone cut her dog’s leash on her property and the dog aran away. Caller states she did find her dog but wants to speak with a police officer.

Party on Nevada Street states a white Ranger truck is blocking his driveway. Services rendered. Owner will move the vehicle.

Calling party is an employee working at Citgo She reported that a white male is harassing customers. The party left the scene when calling party picked up the phone to call police.

Female caller from Senior enter states that a suspicious male followed her to her vehicle. She starts he was an older male and states that the male in question is in the field near the Center. Male party was identified and sent on his way. Services rendered and peace restored.

Caller from Jefferson and Fremont Street states that a car is parked on the wrong side of the street and facing the wrong direction. A citation was issued. Car is not blocking anything.

Caller on South Avenue reports a large party and cars in and out of the street. This is an ongoing issue. Unit stated the  area is quiet. There was a get together and the units advised them to keep it quiet.

Saturday, January 14

Motor vehicle stop at Hawthorn and Shore Drive. Unit stated party checks out and he will be going home for the night.

Caller on Main Street reports that their neighbors are arguing with them about parking spots. Unit stated this is a civil matter and to discuss with landlord. The peace was restored.

Female on Golden Drive stated an unwanted party went into her room. When Life Line tried asking more questions she did not answer. Responders were to reset her Life Line button before they leave. When female was called back, she stated the unwanted party was a white male. She stated that he broke in and hit her with his bare hands and ran out. Unit stated there were no signs of a break in or an assault.

Calling party reports brown spray paint “leash dogs” was on the equipment at Hannaford Park. Also large amounts of trash. Officer located spray paint and reports no trash in the area.

Parties from Shirley Street came in to report the money/coins missing from their coin operated laundry facilities in the basement of their home. Access to the laundry is open to the tenant only. the party is concerned because the tenant is under an eviction notice due to non-payment and they have already been to a court hearing. Reporting parties are also concerned as their tenant is allowing his dog to defecate all over the property and not cleaning up afterwards. ACO and W93 responded.

Party came to the station reporting an issue with his daughter who is in his car outside of the station. Officers spoke to parties and resolved the issue for the time being.

Fire requested police on Pleasant Street. Unknown reason at this time. Unit stated female going to MGH.

Caller stated that she lived on the second floor and an elderly party (landlord) lived on the second floor. The landlord was taking applications for the third floor apartment. She chose a male party, exchanged money. The reporting party stated he received a house key by taking it off the second floor porch. The landlord had a change of heart and wanted to rent to someone else. She told the male party that she wanted to return his money and take the key back. The male party said to her, “you took my money and I have a key. I am not leaving.” spoke with the with OIC and explained the citation to him. He told me it was a civil matter and she would have to contact a lawyer on Tuesday because there was money exchanged.

Caller on Buchanan Street stated she heard an explosion around the cemetery area and then heard people yelling. Units conducted an extensive search of the area and found nothing.

Sunday, January 15

Caller states there is more graffiti in addition to yesterday at Hanford Park. Also lots of beer bottles in the park. Caller has pictures on her phone. DPW notified.

Two calls from Governors Drive about the Paul Revere bus blocking traffic. Bus company notified and said they were about 10 minutes out. Bus was towed and traffic cleared.

Caller on Buchanan Street states there is a motor vehicle that has been parking in front of his house for over an hour with a white male in it. The vehicle is blocking some of his drive.

Close friend of family on Undine Avenue stated that she has not seen a child for four months. She is concerned. Child is saying in New Hampshire with the grandmother according to the mother. Police state nothing looks out of place at the home. Police also spoke with reporting party who told them that the other set of grandparents are estranged from the family at this time. This is causing the family to be concerned for the well bing of the child.

Assisted fire with working fire at the boat year.

WFD reports there is a dispute out front on Governors Park between a taxi driver and a possible fare evader.

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