Police Blotter 01-12-2017

Monday, January 2

Traffic control caller stated that her mom was cooking eggs on Shirley Street and smells smoke. Fire clearing area.

Party from Governors Park went to headquarters for a well being check on her daughter. The daughter was located and is fine.

Follow-up investigation on Veterans Road. Made contact with the people he was looking for. They have his information.

Follow-up investigation on Golden Drive. Officer on follow-up.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that a male neighbor is making threats to kill her. Verbal only. All parties advised to stay away from each other.

Party came in to return ammunition recovered after the weather of his grandfather.

Unit stated one transported to MGH from Overlook Drive. Original call came from Essex Regional.

Tuesday, January 3

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Citation issued for speeding.

Caller reports two men running a table saw on Forrest Street behind Nevada Street. Units spoke to the subjects and they are done operating with tools.

Breaking and entering in progress on Girdlestone Road. Loud bang on the first floor and to sure if someone may be breaking in. Units checked all entries of the house including the basement and all were secure.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports wires are sparking outside his house. WFD also responding. Assisted fire with incident. National Grid enrollee as well.

Gentleman on Beal Street reports that sometime overnight someone entered his unlocked motor vehicle. There was nothing taken from the vehicle. It appears that the individual was looking for loose change in the compartment area.

Party from Marshall Street came in to report that her vehicle was broken into sometime over the past few days.

91 and 93 will be off trying to make an arrest on a warrant of apprehension to subject on Pleasant Street. Party was picked up on the warrant and is being transported to East Boston Court.

99 off with investigation on Cottage Park Road.

Wire down outside on Douglas Street. Fire secured the wire.

Low hanging wire on Sewall Avenue. DPW reports they were unable to pass under it safely with their bucket truck. Fire responded.

Dog outside i the rain barking on Buchanan Street and trying to get in the house. Caller is concerned for the dog’s safety. Dog was not on scene when ACO arrived.

Walk-in to report a lost passport.

Two operators involved in an argument on Jefferson Street. Calling party states that the cab driver left the scene.

Caller on Shirley Street states there was an argument between family members in the household. Peace was restored at this time.

Wednesday, January 4

Assisted WFD with traffic control at working fire on Revere Street.

Off-Dusty sheriff reporting white Pontiac Grand Prix with passenger side damage and what appeared to be blood on the hood driving erratically heading towards Magee’s Corner. Unit checked the area and unable to find vehicle matching the description.

Trespass tow on Shirley Street.

Trespass tow at Governors Park.

Reporting party concerned that duck hunters are too close to his house on Tafts Avenue. Units made contact with the party and they are 500 feet away from the dwelling on Deer Island.

Party on Locust Street thinks an animal went into his house through a window. Unknown what kind of animal. Unit checked the area to no avail.

Two males on the shore lie taking picture of planes on Johnson Avenue. Subjects located and both checked out.

Identity theft reported on Overlook Drive. Party will be filling out a victim form and dropping it off at the station later in the day.

Reporting party states that six years ago while working in Revere establishment, his boss stole his personal information. He is no concerned that the same party may be attempting to do the same. The party was advised to come into the station to file a full report.

Landlord/tenant dispute on Orlando Avenue. An  eviction process and the tenant is ringing the doorbell and screaming. Landlord refuses to answer and requested a unit. Unit stated there was a misunderstanding between the parties. All parties have been advised of their rights.

Of with vehicle in Boston. G&J Towing to retrieve vehicle and towing it back to Winthrop Police Station.

Caller on Beal Street states that there is a Christmas tree in the middle of the street. DPW notified. Tree has been moved. Officer noted that the weather condition is very windy. DPW will be picking up trees tomorrow.

Female caller on Main Street stated that she needed police. She was speaking softly with a strong language barrier. They have been advised to speak with a family member who arrived on the scene to translate.

Female party on Main Street called Essex Regional back. The husband left for the night to stay at a friend’s. Peace restored.

Thursday, January 5

Motor vehicle check at public landing on Shirley Street. Unit stated a male party was catching some sleep as he has to work in the morning at this site.

Motor vehicle accident into building on Pleasant Street. Accident report to follow. Be advised that the plates expired in December, 2016.

Two vehicles were issued civil citations for taking the improper turn(s) during the school crossing per the posted signage at the Gorman School. These two operators were given warnings about the illegal turns back in 2015 and they failed to comply with the signage.

Reporting party on Franklin Street claims that the owner of a dog was kicking the dog then put him in the vehicle and took off. Winthrop ACO will attempt to contact Rowley PD for well being check on the dog. Unable to locate subject.

Attempt to serve warrant of apprehension on Somerset Avenue. Headquarters notified cab company. Searching the center with no luck. Paul Revere also notified. No service made. Court notified that the party could not be located.

Vehicle towed for suspended plates on Shore and Nevada Street. Lexington County SC PD contacted for information on the owner. Vehicle towed to G&J Towing. Tag expired. Before releasing the owner needs proper active registration and licensed operator.

Party on Central Street called to state that he noticed his back plate was taken off and replaced with another plate. He will be in tonight to fill out paperwork and bring in the other plate. His address on his license is out of town but he stays with his girlfriend in Winthrop. He came to the station and filed a stolen plate report. Entered into LEAPS.

Lynn PD confirmed plate that is stolen.

Friday, January 6

Drunk male down on Main Street. Unit requests medical for unconscious male. Medical is on the scene. One transported to hospital.

2012 white Honda reported stolen at Seal Harbor.

Reporting party on Chester Avenue states that a brown Michael Kors wallet bifold was lost. There was a BOA card, Costco card and some cash inside the wallet.

$22 in cash was found by bus stop in front of police station.

Calling party on Sargent Street stated that a new owner has several trucks, one being a commercial truck, parked all over the street. Police will try to make contact with the owner. Unit clear for now.

One from Bayview Avenue in custody for four counts of possession of firearm without FID card, six counts of possession of large capacity of firearms and four counts of possession n of ammunition without FID card.

Attempt to serve 209A. Subject will be at residence in about half hour. Unit will make a second attempt at that time. Unit stated as they were leaving the subject was coming home. 209 has been served in hand.

Caller reports that a truck hit his mirror and took off. He followed him to Whittier Street. Unit stated that the party did not realize he clipped the other party’s mirror. Unit is on standby until paperwork has been exchanged. The parties exchanged paperwork.

Saturday, January 7

Caller on Shirley Street states there is an intoxicated male driving a red Jeep Wrangler and is pulled over at Crystal Cove. Calling party is returning back to crystal Cove to speak with the officers. Unit stated that all units conducted an area search. They believe the vehicle has left the area. Nothing showing.

Party on Trident Avenue states that she left her wallet, cellphone and keys in an Uber vehicle. She has no idea of make, model of the vehicle, license plate or description of the operator. She is requesting to speak to an officer. Fire was sent for a lockout as well as a unit to take a report. Unit stated the address was verified and fire got in the apartment.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that there are duck hunters 100 feet from his house. Duck hunters are allowed to be 100 feet way as long as they are to discharging their firearm.

Party called regarding an arrestee. Party was advised of her right to an ERO as she stated that she was a victim. She stated she would discuss it with her attorney. She was instructed to call us if needed.

Owner of motor vehicle reported as stolen came into the state to give a new phone umber and also mentioned that he owed money on the vehicle and maybe it was repossessed. The party was advised that there was no record of such. He was advised to contact his lender. The vehicle is still listed as stolen.

Assist medical on Shirley Street with unresponsive male party. One subject transported to MGH.

Motor vehicle went into a tree on Main Street. Fire enroute. Area is extremely slippery due to ice.

Report of vehicles in the public landing doing donuts. Two big pickup trucks. One has an American flag on the back. The parties had left before the officers arrived.

White Toyota SUV crashed into wall on Faun Bar Avenue. No injuries, will possibly need a tow. Units stated G&J is on the scene. They area awaiting a second tow truck to assist due to weather conditions.

One car accident at Hutchinson and Revere Street. Car drove into a guardrail. Unit requested medical as well as a tow truck. Medical enrollee and G&J enroute. Patient refused medical treatment. Vehicle was towed.

Party on Washington Avenue was involved in an accident and hit a phone pole. No injuries, not requiting medical. He is requesting police vehicle as he needs to be towed. G&J is on the scene. Verizon notified of pole damage.

Party from Nevada Street came in to the station to report that since October, her parents have been staying with her and in that course of time, her father has been harassing her boyfriend, who had been living with her and their children until her parents moved in. She states that her father has been threatening to falsely report to the police that her boyfriend has been making death threats to him in the hope of permanently keeping him away from the residence. She wanted this on record in case of future incidents.

Winthrop Taxi called and stated that  a rider did not pay their taxi fee. Unit stated that Winthrop Taxi is not there. If they call back have them call the station.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that people are playing music very loud and it has been going on for about a half hour. Unit stated involved party did not realize how loud the music was. They will turn it down.

Sunday, January 8

Reporting party on Undine Avenue stated that there some youths lighting a fire in the back yard. Unit stated the involved party was in their mid-twenties. They were very cooperative and put the fire out.

On Cliff Avenue, someone got pulled out of a car forcibly and into a house. Unit 94 stated he made contact with  female party and it was verbal only. Moving vehicle due to weather. Unit stated it was a verbal between boyfriend and girlfriend. Confirmed girlfriend was home.

Loud stereo on Winthrop Street. This is an ongoing issue. Units were there last night. Party shuts off the radio and when officers leave the residence they turn it back up. Caller wishes to speak to officers. Unit stated he spoke to reporting party and the involved party. He advised the involved party to turn the music down. Involved party was also advised if the units had to come back and that other matters would be taken.

Lucky Market on Pauline Street will need caution tape for ice building on the roof.

Driver of Todisco Towing came to the station to report towing vehicle from Cutler Street to Condor Street in East Boston.

Motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. Fire enroute. Both parties refused medical. Vehicles are drivable.

Suicidal female in lobby of station. Female party being transported.

Caller on Ocean View Way reports water in his basement. His plumber stated it is coming from the street and on town property. DPW notified.

Walk-in from Bowdoin Street to report that her Tablet was stolen from her car. The tablet was in her car in Peabody and is now missing. Party thinks it was her roommate that must have followed her around with a spare key to steal from her. She also stated that her lucky penny was stolen from her key chain and the roommate has people follow her into McDonald’s and other places. She said the tablet was stolen in November or December. She was advised to contact Peabody and that we would make a computer entry.

Attempt to serve warrant to subject on Sunset Road. Officers spoke to the wife who stated that the subject of the warrant was not at home. Officers also report that his car is there but he is not.


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