MWRA Officials Urges Residents to Practice Water Conservation

While the Quabbin Reservoir remains within normal operating range for this time of year, it is always important to practice water conservation wherever possible, particularly during long dry spells such as this.

 One reason MWRA’s reservoirs are still in good shape is that water use efficiency in our region has dramatically decreased total water use from over 340 million gallons per day in 1980 to around 200 million gallons per day now.

 MWRA communities which supply a portion of the water from local supplies may have mandatory restrictions; customers should check with their local water department.

Whether or not your community has water restrictions, it is important for everyone to use water wisely. MWRA’s website,, has many good ideas for saving water – both indoors and outdoors.

 For more information on how to conserve water, call the MWRA’s water conservation line at (617) 242-SAVE.

2 comments for “MWRA Officials Urges Residents to Practice Water Conservation

  1. August 30, 2016 at 1:52 am

    A simplest way to save water in the world with no cost as follows:

    Step 1: At a washbasin – Just turn water tap maximum and measure total volume of water in a minute. That’s around 9 liters or more.
    Step 2: There is a knob below every wash basin.
    Step 3: Turn it little to reduce water flow.
    Step 4: Water tap maximum volume of water in a minute should be equal to 6 liters or near it.
    So, you save water 33% or more at the wash basin with no cost, time, or much effort.

    This makes it to be the Simplest way to Save Water in the World and it comes with no cost.

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  2. guywb
    April 19, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    Yeah, people were conserving water here in Winthrop, that is until the Town Manager decided to penalize them to make up for the lost revenue. A $50.00/qtr Minimum Charge was instituted on our water bills. Why should we conserve if we are to be punished for it?

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