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The First Church of Winthrop, United Methodist has appointed Alexx Wood as the new pastor. Prior to her work in Winthrop, Wood spent eight years in a communication role at the New England United Methodist Church, followed by two years as a chaplain at the New England Deaconess Association in Concord, MA.

“This is the first local church I’ve served,” said Wood, who started in Winthrop on July 1.

“What I love is the privilege of being with people in the significant moments of their life including baptisms and marriage. Wood, who believes that preaching and teaching others, is her God given gift, is very aware of how well connected the church is to the Winthrop community.

One of the major endeavors that Wood hopes to focus on in the upcoming months is the new clothing ministry thrift store. The three rooms dedicated to men, women’s and children’s clothing is open the second and fourth Thursday and Saturday every month, from 10 am until 1 pm. Donations are welcome.

She will also take her technology background and use it to establish a strong media presence and website. The church will continue to host the men’s monthly breakfasts the second Saturday of every month at 7 am, along with the various community dinners.

Rev. Alexx Woods replaces Rev. Alecia Reeves-Freeman who is moving on in her ministry.

Summer worship times are 10 am. The first Sunday after Labor Day, worship hours will go back to the 11 am time frame.

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