Police Blotter 08-04-2016

Monday, July 25

Caller on Crystal Cove Avenue states that she hears a male subject yelling for help. 91 responds and reports call unfounded.

Detectives are off on a follow-up investigation on Woodside Avenue.

Call of a wire down on Willow Avenue. Officer reports there are no wires down or out of place in the area.

Female on Grovers Avenue called to report there is a truck in the middle of the street and will not move. She does not want to back up. The truck driver also called; he stated he is trying to push a car out of the way. Officer reports the area is now clear.

Detective unit is checking out a report of someone doing sexual favors for cash in back of Governors Park. They report having an encounter with one individual.

Safety Officer reports there is an elderly man walking down to Expert Auto from Tafts Avenue and he looks like he may pass out. Off. Gergerian drove the man to Expert to pick up his vehicle.

Caller on Kennedy Road reports she may have left a black pocketbook in her motor vehicle. She can no longer find it and did check her apartment as well. She notified all her credit card companies and will call back later in the week in case it was just left behind somewhere.

Party on Franklin Street requests an ambulance for her husband who is feeling weak. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Male on Pleasant Street came in to report that a knife punctured his tire.

Caller on Shore Drive reports five raccoons are on her porch deck after she had her tree cut. ACO notified and reports speaking to the woman to help resolve the situation.

Report of a female being punched in the face on Revere Street. Looking for vehicle. Also Revere PD notified. WFD and Action on the scene. Female transported to MGH.

Party on Almont Street dialed 911 for a medical aid stating she was in pain. Call directed to WFD.

Tuesday, July 26

Calling party stated he saw a skinny white male walking around the boats inside Crystal Cove Boat Yard and then watched as the individual attempted to climb onto or into the boats. 91, 92 and 92 responded.

Reports of wires down in driveway of home on Douglas Street after Pathfinder Tree Service was working there. Fire notified to check for hazards. All is ok.

Officer is off on a follow-up on Shore Drive. He reports speaking to the subject and providing information.

Friend called for a check on a party on Hutchinson Street whose phone has been ringing busy for three days. W91 responded and reports locating the party who will call his friend and check his phone. All is okay.

Caller on Morton Street reports a possible panic attack. Numbness in arm.

Party on Villa Avenue reports a tree company is trespassing on his property and cutting down his tree. W92 reports it is a civil matter, all parties appear satisfied.

Caller on Main Street reports finding three dogs running loose in the area. ACO contacted and responded. ACO reports no one was home at the address and there is no shelter or water outside for theses animals. The resident was contacted and reports that her dogs are never out. She was instructed to respond. After close to an hour and no sign of the owner, ACO brought the dogs to Oceanside Kennel for their well being and safety. The dog owner arrived and was told that the dogs were just dropped off at the kennel. She would need to pick them up there. The owner inquired why were the dogs dropped off when she informed us that she would be right there. The owner was informed that she was not right there as it has been almost two hours and it is for the safety of the animals. What were we supposed to do with the dogs to keep them safe in this heat?

Party on Amelia Avenue reports a man fell in the driveway and he may have broken his hip.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her vehicle was vandalized. Unit reports eggs thrown from the building.

Reports of a garbage truck spilling hydraulic fluid on Grovers Avenue. WFD notified and they will handle.

Party came in to report that she was assaulted. 92 will take the information and file a report.

Caller reports that the Paul Revere bus company keeps letting off passengers in front of her home on Hermon Street instead of the Cummings School. She would like us to let them know the bus exhaust keeps entering her home when it parks there. A call will be placed to inform the bus company.

Report of a motor vehicle hitting a young girl at Pleasant and Plummer Avenue. WFD and 92 responded.

Reports of a sparking electrical outlet at French Square. WFD notified and they will handle.

Sergeant reports a motor vehicle parked at Hannaford Park, which appears to be abandoned. Units report moving two couples out of the area after visiting the park.

Father on Shore Drive reports that his son walked out. He is 14 years old. 92 is looking around for him and could not locate him.

Wednesday, July 27

Party walked in to report he would be towing five motor vehicles from Executive Apartments for trespassing on private property.

Report of a man walking with a cane on Pauline and Putnam Street. Officer reports no one needs any assistance.

Female at Viking Gardens called to report she has needles that need disposing of. Officer reports she had them in a Sharps container and he took the container.

Report of a mattress on the sidewalk of Shirley Street. People have to go into the street to go around it. DPW notified.

Party on Grovers Avenue called to report that she has a spine injury and cannot move. She is on the floor of a one family home. Front door may not be open. Officer and fire report she is being taken to MGH.

Officer will try to serve subject and his daughter on Shore Drive a summons issued by the court. He reports the father was not home. His son will tell him to come to the station and pick them up.

Female called to report she just gave a panhandler $3 and she believes he needs to be looked at. This happened at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street.

The Police Chief reports being off for a medical aid at the Senior Center. WFD and EMS responded to the area. The chief is not requesting further police at this time.

There is an ongoing dispute over a property line and the trimming of a tree at the corner of Pleasant and Vine Avenue. One party came to the station and stated the tree company that is going to do the work. Path Finders Tree Service has no insurance and is not licensed. We called the state and they told us Path Finders Tree Service is an LLC and it has Workman’s compensation and that is all they need. They are legal to work.

98 is off on a follow-up investigation on Buckthorn Terrace.

Female came in to report that she has items belonging to her left at her home on Cutler Street. She currently lives elsewhere and would like to retrieve some items. We called her father who will be home Saturday and she will get her belongings. All parties advised of their rights.


Thursday, July 28

Party reports loud group being noisy on the beach on Bayview Avenue and have a fire going also. Officers report having the group of adults put out the fire and leave the beach. Peace was restored.

Caller at Atlantis Marina Condos reports that her daughter is sick and needs to be transported to the hospital. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Citizen called to report that a vehicle was traveling the wrong way on Atlantic Street. A check of the plate reveled revoked/uninsured. W91 dispatched to attempt to locate and reports the vehicle is on the street and a RMV check reveals the same. G&J Towing notified to respond. Trailer towed to private property and officer will do the report.

W93 along with 940 and 979 responded to Somerville to pick up a prisoner involved in a previous matter. W93 reports being on their way back from Somerville with the prisoner who is wanted to assault to commit a crime, assault with intent to rape, aggravated assault and battery, strangulation or suffocation, indecent assault and battery on person 14 or over, attempt to commit a crime (kidnapping) and reckless endangerment of a child.

Officer reports they will be conducting a follow-up investigation on Summit Avenue. Unable to make contact.

Caller on Atlantic Street reports suspicious gold car outside residence occupied by two males. Unit arrived and spoke to the individuals. The vehicle and parties were sent out of the area.

Tenants on Kennedy Road are in a dispute. WFD first responded as it was thought to be a medical call, then requested the police. 92 responded and settled the matter for now. Housing will be contacted by a male party.

Neighbors in dispute at Governors Park. 94 and 93 report daughter returned home from neighbor’s home and the other mother had words with the other tenant. All advised of their rights.

Party reports a male is hanging out in front of Cumberland Farms and talking crazy to kids outside the store. Officers report locating the subject at the bus stop. He spoke to the officers and boarded the bus for Orient Heights.

Officer reports a motor vehicle is parked in Hannaford Park with nobody around.

Two reports of a muskrat or opossum injured on Bowdoin Street. ACO notified and will respond. Injured animal picked up by ACO.

Friday, July 29

Caller on Upland road reports a neighbor is having difficulty walking. Information passed on to WFD and EMS for service.

Party on Shore Drive reports she discovered her car windows smashed when she came out this morning. Drivers side and both back left windows broken. Caller advised to contact RSP.

Facility called reporting that they received a call from resident/patient on Golden Drive who stated he was having chest pain and they cannot get in touch with him at home. Caller advised that the party was transported to BI this morning as a result of a medical aid.

Nurse called from Circuit Road requesting an ambulance for a child. WFD/EMS notified and responded.

Officer reports a male party turned in a box of ammunition that he found in his residence.

Caller reports that her daughter is being harassed at the Planet Fitness in East Boston. A7 notified and responded.

Party reports observing a horse inside a garage on Main Street. ACO will investigate. ACO unable to locate and the area is quiet. No signs of a horse.

Caller on Nahant Avenue reports “an elderly looking dog” on her front porch with no collar. ACO notified.

 Party on Temple Avenue requests an ambulance for an intoxicated male party. Fire notified. Officer reports voluntary to Whidden.

Call of an out of control male breaking things and screaming on Shirley Street. Officers report no one in the area at this time.

BPD requests a unit check on a reported missing 12-year-old male. The sister of the male called 911 and reported that she heard her brother calling for help from the marsh. BPD and our K9 searched the area behind Saratoga Street. As the story became clearer it was a misunderstanding. The 12-year-old is fine and was located at his residence with his mother where he had been all night. The youth fled when he saw Off. Pena but underestimated the officer’s youth and vigor.

Report of teens playing basketball at the courts and making noise. Officer reports clearing out the court.

Saturday, July 30

Party on Golden Drive wanted to make an anonymous call regarding the resident there and a young female with her baby. He mentioned possible drug usage but refused to give further information. Party is believed to be related to the subject. Officers report checking on the parties who are all fine, the home is clean and the baby is sleeping.

Caller on Summit Avenue called and stated a couple has been walking up and down the street and arguing with each other. Officers spoke to the couple who said they were not arguing, but were being a little loud. They needed a taxi. Winthrop Taxi was called.

Party reports loud noise coming from Hannaford Park. Officer reports a group of five males and females were leaving as he arrived. Officer advised them that the park is closed at dusk.

Report of smoke alarms going off in an apartment on Golden Drive. Transferred to WFD.

92 asked for the ACO to respond to Shirley Street for a resident that flagged her down because her dog had been bit by another dog. ACIO will follow up when the second owner of the dog comes forward.

A woman called stating that she lives in Somerville but she received a text message from a Winthrop number at 4 a.m. saying that her nephew was in trouble. Her nephew’s brother who lives in Maine received a text stating that his brother had died. I was unable to get anything on the phone number and I helped her by contacting MGH and the medical examiner’s office. No one under his name was brought in anywhere. Somerville had no record of anything. I called her back and informed her. She stated that her nephew had reached out to his brother stating he was ok and his phone had been hacked.

Caller on Fairview Street reports finding a small green parrot. She will hold on to it until the owner comes forward.

Party on Edward Street reports that his mother may have had a stroke. Fire notified.

Caller reports a female client/patient is unresponsive possibly due to a diabetic reaction at the Arbors.

Party reports two kids tossing a tennis ball back and forth across Crest Avenue and darting out in front of cars. Officers had the subjects leave the street and go into the park.

Party reports locating a young child who appears to be alone in Massa Playground. Officers report the child was picked up by a parent who left the area with the child when the caller told him she had called the police. The party was last seen turning right onto Shirley Street. Area search was negative.

Report of someone setting off heavy-duty fireworks in the area of Walden and Lincoln Street. Officer will stake out the area for a while.

Caller on Charles Street reports that there is a loud party next door and the smoke from their fire pit is coming through his window. Units report speaking to the owner but observed an orderly gathering.

Sunday, July 31

Party reports a loud group at the park along Highland Avenue. Officers are off with a group in the area. The parties were at a friend’s house and two of them were advised to leave the area.

Male party called to state there is a loud party going on in a backyard on Sunset Road. Officers told party members to take it inside and quiet down for the night.

Caller from Seal Harbor reports something floating in the ocean. Fire has been notified.

Countless calls for a power outage throughout the town. Officer will monitor the intersections and assist. National Grid reports outage caused somewhere in the vicinity of Governors Park.

Caller on Golden Drive reports receiving harassing calls from her mother who lives in East Boston. Also, a granddaughter-in-law is worried about the same East Boston party making false reports to DCF about her 2 and half-year-old son. Both parties were advised of their rights.

Mother on Marshall Street is concerned for her 17-year-old daughter’s welfare because her ex-husband refuses to return her home. Instead, he is taking her to his home where the ex-wife says he lives with an individual who had assaulted her in the past. Mother was advised to go to Probate Court in the morning regarding this matter. Units will conduct a well-being check when the parties return home.

Caller on Paine Street states that there is work being done on the neighbor’s house in violation of the by-law regarding work on Sunday. W94 reports speaking to the masonry workers who apologize and will wrap it up.

Party on Franklin Street states that she observed two people lying down under a tree. K9 Brown reports speaking to the two individuals who were walking home and just decided to take break. They are now continuing their journey home.


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