Thank You,Chief Flanagan

Since Fire Chief Paul Flanagan took on the mantle as the organizer of the Winthrop Fourth of July Fireworks Fund, he hasn’t missed a beat, as hundreds of Winthrop residents enjoyed another fine display of pyrotechnics on July 3.

The event was moved up a day and everyone agreed that it was well-orchestrated and it worked in every respect, delighting residents young and old. We thank Chief Flanagan for his outstanding leadership and for going above and beyond the call of duty in making our Fourth of July celebration a spectacle that everyone looks forward to each year.

We also commend Chief Flanagan and the firefighters for their work in containing a fire on Snake Island

The annual Horribles Parade on Point Shirley also went off without a hitch and we thank the organizers of that fun-filled, town-wide event.

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