Miller Field Vote is June 21

The prospect of an entirely new Miller Field complex — to go along with the state-of-the-art, $80 million Winthrop Middle/High School that opens later this year — is a necessary adjunct for any high school, but especially for a town that has such a superb athletic tradition. Winthrop residents will have the opportunity to give Miller Field renovations the go-ahead when they vote on the project on June 21, 2016.

Viking Pride and other community groups and individuals have done much to enhance the Winthrop athletic tradition and create opportunities for our student- athletes so they can maximize their high school experience both academically and athletically.

Viking Pride helped save Winthrop sports years ago and we know their members will welcome the opportunity to voice their support of Miller Field renovations at the polls next month.

But there is only so much that private groups and individuals can do. A renovated Miller Field is the final piece of the vision of our town leaders, who recognize the  importance of having a first-class athletic facility for all of Winthrop’s student-athletes and its residents.

We know that somewhere in Winthrop, Hall of Fame coach Patricia McGee and others are smiling about the thought of a new track facility at Miller Field so Winthrop athletes can compete in home meets in front of their families and classmates.

The City of Revere’s new sports complex at Harry Della Russo Stadium proved to be an eye-opener for many Winthrop residents when they attended the past Thanksgiving Day game.

We encourage all residents to takes the time to look at what other communities are offering their students and others in terms of athletic facilities, and then compare them to Miller Field — which was built in the 1930s on swampland as a WPA project under the New Deal  — and we feel confident that the proposed Miller Field project will receive the overwhelming support of our taxpayers and citizens.

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