Massport and Winthrop Little League

The Massport Authority really came through in a big way for the Winthrop Little League and on behalf of our young baseball players, coaches, and parents, we say, “Thank you” to Massport officials for the generous $5,000 donation to the organization. Massport has been an excellent supporter of our youth sports programs over the years and this donation just reaffirms its commitment to our town.

As always, it goes without saying that Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo was instrumental in helping forge the strong connection between Massport and Winthrop Little League. We remember Bob’s days as a coach in the Winthrop Little League and we believe one of his star players was Mike Vatalaro, who went on to play baseball at Salem State University and later became one of his aides. Mike is now Massport’s liaison to the town and we always see Mike at community events, reaching out to residents and keeping the relationship between Massport and Winthrop strong and accessible.

Winthrop Little League has set the foundation for so many outstanding athletic careers. We remember a young southpaw named Larry Thomas playing at the Winthrop Little League field before starring at Winthrop High and the Univ. of Maine and eventually reaching the Major Leagues. So many others, such as Steve Coffey, Ronald Tallent, John Tiano, Chucky Sullivan, and Joe Giaquinto got their start in Winthrop Little League, as well as some of our greatest female athletes.

So when Massport makes such a great donation, its effect is felt not only today, but for years to come.

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