Police Blotter 03-10-2016

Monday, February 29

Multiple summons received from Orleans District Court to be served to subject on Bartlett Parkway. Both summons were served to the subject.

W92 requests check on motor vehicle stopped at Linden and Atlantic Street. One subject under arrest for unregistered motor vehicle, operation of motor vehicle with suspended license and failing to stop/yield.

Medical request for party on Shirley Street.

An arrest warrant was served on subject at Clipper Ship Shop.

Reports of having a problem with another person while walking on Shore Drive regarding an animal complaint.

Caller on Kennedy Road requesting an ambulance, stating she’s manic.

Party on Revere Street requesting an ambulance for her friend. EMS responding.

Party came into the station with her boyfriend reporting that here baby was taken by her mother without her permission. The baby is safe and in custody for tonight.

Caller on Grandview Avenue requests EMS for her husband who has fallen. EMS notified and responding.

Report of a smell of gas on Shirley Street. WFD responding.

Caller on Main Street reports fire in the garage. The fire was extinguished.

Officer reports being off at 7-11 with some type of past incident. A disagreement between a cashier and a patron. The officer spoke to all parties.

Tuesday, March 1

Caller on Tileston Road reports a tree has fallen and possibly taking wires with it. Officer reports road impassable, and there appears to be power lines down in the middle of the street. Possible damage to a motor vehicle, unknown until town-owned tree is removed. Officer reports National Grid finished for the night. DPW will respond for clean up.

Report of low hanging wires on Pebble Avenue. Fire notified.

Caller on Grandview Avenue reports that her boyfriend is having a drug overdose. Fire notified. Off. Pena revived the party utilizing Narcan. Action EMS transported subject to MGH.

Caller on Lincoln Street requesting medical aid for a lift assist. Action EMS notified.

Reports of a large skylight that blew off the roof of a three-decker on Bowdoin Street. Party said it landed on her property and she is concerned that there could be other lose objects due to recent work there. Also the skylight is too big for the caller to move it and would like the owner of the property next door to retrieve the skylight. Inspectional Services was notified who will take care of the situate and notify the owner.

Party on Moore Street reports a wire down blocking the street. Fire notified.

W91 and 951 responded to Cottage Avenue to check on female who had posted some issues on social media. Officers spoke with the party who stated she will call if she needs us.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports receiving a call from his wife about a possible fire under the sink. Fire notified. There was no fire, wiring issue with garbage disposal. Circuit disconnected.

Reports of wires down on Tafts Avenue. Fire notified.

Caller on Irwin Street requests an ambulance for his friend. 70-year-old female. Action EMS notified.

Detail officer at the polls requests an officer to take a report regarding a fall. W91 responded and reports a woman tripped and fell caused by a small hole in the pavement.

Officer report a minor motor vehicle crash involving a parked vehicle at Larsen Rink. He assisted parties with exchanging paperwork.

Wednesday, March 2

Company reports activation at the Arthur T.Cummings School. Units report checking out entire building and all doors are secure.

Arbor House employee reports a 86-year-old male fell and needs help with an ambulance. Fire and EMS notified and will respond.

Caller on Morton Street reports a fire alarm activation. WFD is responding.

Motor vehicle trespass tow at Governors Park.

An individual at Amaral & Associates is reporting that they have discovered a set of lost keys. 91 will respond to retrieve the keys and bring them back to the station in an attempt to locate the owner.

Officer attempted to find a person to be located on Grovers Avenue to be notified to call another agency. Officer reports that there was no answer at the address at this time.

Caller on Mermaid Avenue reports a male was trying to see his energy bill to make sure it was right. Caller stated he was dressed i black. He stated he did not want to get the guy in trouble and did not want to give any more information. Said he was afraid he may try to break into a home.

An individual came to the sedation to report that a female has been bothering him via e-mails. The individual just wanted it logged in to the system for now. If the female continues to bother the gentleman, he will inform us immediately.

Caller on Crescent Avenue reports that he has discovered damage to the hood of his motor vehicle. Apparently an errant baseball came from the adjacent park striking the hood and causing a large dent.

Party on Trident Avenue reports a person stating he is from National Grid is going door to door. Black jacket, black hat with a white stripe on it.

Caller on Walden Street reports a dog with a diaper on it is walking around and seems lost. The caller state he has never seen that dog before. ACO notified.

Officer located the subject from the other calls. Negative WMS. Will stop for the night and get a permit from the town hall. He works for Direct Energy.

Report of a possible fraud at Brown’s Drug.

Caller on Pauline Street reports the traffic lights are turned around. Officer reports the lights are turned around. DPW notified and will respond.

Female at Beach and Shore Drive reports a drunk male walking around. 93 Ramadani reports he was unable to locate the male.

Caller at Governors Park stated that someone is banging on his mother’s door and she does not know who they are. She is afraid to answer it. Officers report UPS delivery. All is okay.

Transfer 911 call from Viking Gardens. Very hard to understand. Yelling about medication that she needs. Fire and medical notified.

Motor vehicle stop with passenger requesting medical for chest pains. Medical notified. Passenger refused medical. Operator has a suspended license and is in custody for also speeding. The vehicle turned over to the person who is on the rental agreement and has a valid driver’s license.

Thursday, March 3

Caller on Coral Avenue stated that a person working for Direct Energy came to her door posing as a National Grid employee demanding to see her electric bill. When she explained that her husband works for National Grid and could speak to him, he said he had to leave. This happened yesterday. We explained that we had multiple calls on this individual and finally caught up to him.

Report of a medical alarm activation on Lincoln Street. WFD responding.

Gentleman on Lincoln Street called to request medical attention for his wife who has fallen on the floor. The gentleman was informed that WFD has already been notified and is en-route to the location.

Caller at the Dalrymple School reports that he is having difficulty breathing and is requesting medical assistance. Winthrop Fire responding.

Party on Dolphin Avenue called to report that his landlord arrived at his apartment and was “yelling, swearing, and demanding access to the property.” The tenant refused access to the landlord and the landlord left the area. The landlord and tenant are in an ongoing civil dispute and the tenant will be in touch with his attorney on the incident.

A party walked in with a large very happy friendly and fuzzy dog. She saw the dog walking down Sunnyside Avenue by itself. ACO was notified and I read the town dog tags to him. The owner lives up the street from her. There was no answer on the phone. She will bring the dog to them on the way home.

An individual came to the station to report that she ha been contacted through the Internet which violated an existing HPO.

Party on Shirley Street left his office phone on the sidewalk. 93 Ramadani found it and brought it to the station.

Friday, March 4

Caller on Shore Drive reports that her brother is having a seizure and needs an ambulance. Fire and EMS notified and will respond to the scene.

Alarm Company report an alarm activation at the Winthrop Yacht Club. Units are responding to investigate.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports that a large moving van is blocking access to the street. 94 responded.

Party on Central Street reports that someone in his house. He hears banging in the basement. Caller on the second floor. All units dispatched. Detail officer responded. W3 reports a family member.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports that there are two men arguing loudly in the street and the caller is concerned it may escalate. 93 is responding to the area to investigate.

Party on Putnam Street reports that there is a wire down. 93 responded to the area. The officer temporary secured the wire to an adjacent pole.

Ambulance requested on Golden Drive for male who fell.

Saturday, March 5

Caller reports seeing three males enter the Center Laundromat and not come out. Units report no one inside the building.

Party on Loring Road reports his black and white blue tick Coonhound escaped. Units will be on the lookout.

A woman called from the Arbors stating that her mother was complaining of hip pain and needed an ambulance.

A woman from Shore Drive called the station and was talking somewhat erratic. 91 and 94 are responding to the home to check on the woman.

Gentleman came to the station to report that the windows of his motor vehicle were sprayed with an acidic liquid. The gentleman discovered the vandalism after the fact, and is to sure where the incident took place, but wanted it noted in case other vehicles were damaged in a similar manner.

Mother called to report that she had filed a missing persons report on her daughter. The mother believes that her daughter may be with a friend on Shirley Street. 93 and 94 responded to the location in an attempt to locate the daughter. Units were able to gain access to the building and perform a walk through of the entire building, knocked on doors and windows and all was quiet and nobody appears to be home. P976 notified the caller of the attempt and the results.

Caller on Revere Street states that she called earlier about a vehicle that was both partially blocking her driveway and a part more than 12” fro the curb. She states that she wasn’t aware of a response. P988 reported to me that he did in fact respond to the complaint and did not believe that there were any violations.

Report of two young kids playing on and around the crane in the boat yard at Crystal Cove Marina. Officer reports speaking with the caller who advised him that they had just left the area. Officer will maintain a watch on the area.

Party reports a woman just flipped out and tossed her wallet, medications and all over the ground and left on foot from the Orient Heights T station. The caller reports that kids are attempting to take the property but she will stand by until the T police arrive.

Caller just left the rear of La Siesta Restaurant where he observed a male operator in an Acura revving the engine and operating in what he believes to be an erratic way. The caller states that he believes there is something suspicious about the operator. W93 reports that the operator’s girlfriend will take possession of the vehicle and he will file a report and seek a summons for the operator.

Party on Sturgis Street states that she needs a medical transport for her daughter for a pre-existing medical condition. Call transferred to Action Ambulance/WFD for response and transport.

Caller from Hutchinson Street called to report a loud party or music on Sagamore Avenue. Officer reports there were a few people exiting the back of the home and going home.

Party on Golden Drive reports some people are driving around the area banging on doors and acting suspicious. Officers report area search negative, no signs of the truck or persons.

Caller reports two motor vehicles racing around the area with kids jumping the fence into the Pillar House Apartments. Officers converged on the area and report.

Party on Marshall Street called to report loud music blaring from a home on Beal Street. Officers report they are off at a house with a large group of people. The officer spoke with the family who will shut down the party.


Sunday, March 6

Party on Winthrop Street reports that he is locked out of his condo and is requesting some assistance. Officer responded and WFD notified to gain entry.

Party on Locust Street called 911 line then stated he called the wrong number. The officer stated that he sounded impaired. Officer reports speaking with the caller who misdialed.

Party called again from Marshall Street reporting the music is turned back up on Beal Street. Officers advised them to shut down the party and stood by while they left the area.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports loud music being played by a neighbor and they will not turn it down. The crying baby was soothed and the officers left the apartment.

Party on Willis Avenue reports that his family member is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Report of a motor vehicle accident by D&T Market on Shirley Street. One operator may leave and is acting up. Officers assisted in the exchange of papers and all is okay.

Female caller from Golden Drive reports that her mother is having a seizure. Call was transferred from another agency. The caller was hysterical. Transferred to EMS and W93 responded to assist.

Patriot cab driver reports a fare evader on Shore Drive. The driver reports the male took off towards the Highlands. All unit reported to check the area for the evader. State was also notified.

Party on Waldemar Avenue called to report that his neighbor is locked out and his toddler is still inside the house. Fire notified. The locked out party called back to report gaining entrance to his house and all is okay. Fire cancelled but W93 continued on and spoke to the resident and everything is good.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports a resident fell on the floor and needs medical. EMS/Fire notified.

Party called to leave a message for the ACO regarding someone in the past that may have abused a dog.

Report of three youths around throwing rocks at the school under construction. Last report they were on Payson Street. Officers located the youths and had a talk with them. They claimed to have been throwing rocks at the stop sign. They were told to knock it off. No rock throwing!

Caller requesting an officer as he reports that he was struck from behind by another vehicle at Main and Fairview Street. W93 dispatched.

Male called for his neighbor on Bayview Avenue who is having some difficulty. Fire notified and will respond.

Party called from the Landing to report that while he was reading a book, two males in a silver car were doing circles and driving crazy. Caller reports that she was frightened and left the area. W94 went to the Landing and it was clear.

Caller at Executive Apartments reports he fell and needs assistance getting back up.

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