Police Blotter 12-03-2015

Monday, November 23

Party on Perkins Street called to report finding a gun in her house. She would like us to pick it up. W92 responded and took custody of the item which is a gas powered pellet gun.

Reports that an elderly male fell by Dr. Brook’s office but the caller is not sure if the party is still there. 942 responded from the station and the area was clear. The officer also checked inside businesses and no one was there.

Party on Main Street called to report that her uncle fell in the cellar and hurt his hip.

Requests for medical for party on Lincoln Street.

Caller on Pauline Street reports a fire in the yard. WFD and 91 responded and report a resident disposed a cigarette improperly in a plant. The fire was extinguished.

Party on Golden Drive reports that his son is unresponsive. WFD notified and are responding. The medical examiner took possession and CPAC was on the scene. All units cleared.

Alarm company reports a back door alarm on Woodside Avenue. Officer reports a caretaker of the house set the alarm off accidentally. The alarm was reset. Units clear.

Tuesday, November 24

Several residents report no water in the Crystal Cove Avenue area. DPW notified and they have a crew responding.

Party on Waldemar Avenue requests medical for her husband.

Calling party reports all the cars on Bayou Street had their tires slashed overnight. Officer reports three cars in total with slashed tires.

Party came into the station to report that she was notified by a credit monitoring service that the social security number belonging to her 8 year old son has been compromised. This social security number is being used by a party at an address in Fairfax, VA.

Calling party reports a white trailblazer with MWRA plates driving all over the road from the entrance of Winthrop to the Michael’s Mall parking lot. Officer spoke to the driver and all appears fine.

Party on Trident Avenue requests medical for his wife.

Reports of a branch that is cracking and about to come down on Tileston Road. The caller referred to the situation as a “widow maker”. DPW notified and message left for them.

Party came to the station to report being contacted by her credit card company to inform her of some possible fraudulent credit card charges recently to her account. The reporter had not made the purchases or charges to her account. She was advised to report this to the police.

Alarm company reports front door alarm on Court Road. Officer spoke to the homeowner who set it off. She states her husband knows how to reset it. Unit clear.

Caller on Pearl Avenue reports his driveway is partially blocked. Officer reports the driveway is not blocked, but he did issue a ticket on a vehicle parked on the opposite side of the street for a sidewalk violation.

Party on Siren Street reports a female screaming hysterically at someone. Officers report this is an argument and it is settled for now. All parties were advised of their rights.

Cashier on Revere Street reports an intoxicated male is hanging around outside the store asking for donations. Officer reports the male is not panhandling and he was sent out of the area.

Numerous calls reporting a male party is back on Revere Street and now laying on the ground at the parking lot. One caller stated his face appears bloodied. Officer reports the party was evaluated and is on route to the Whidden via EMS.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that her roommate’s 11-year-old son will not leave the room he is in or respond to anyone. W92 responding to ensure it is not medical. No medical condition. A disobedient child was counseled. W91 requests an incident report based on information received before leaving this residence.

Wednesday, November 25

Motorist was stopped for a violation at Walden and Pauline Street. Officer reports a verbal warning given for number plate light.

Party on Shirley Street reports that her husband is not breathing. Transferred to EMD for service. WFD and EMS responded to the scene. Officer requested we make contact due to a sudden death. Medical examiner’s office notified and CPAC unit notified.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a man in a hoodie is acting suspicious around some of the motor vehicles in the neighborhood. Officers report speaking with an individual who lives nearby.

Party on North Avenue came into the station visibly upset and reports that she was just involved in a dispute with her landlord and as she was walking away she was almost run over by her. The party reports that her landlord sped up and forced her to jump out of the way into a driveway as she feared that she was going to run her over. Officer spoke to witnesses and will contact the landlord and complete a report.

Caller on Edgehill Road requesting help for his mother.

Party on Chamberlain Avenue called to report that he is being harassed by the downstairs neighbor in his building. The caller reports when he came out of his apartment today the other male came out and started to follow him. He reports that he then ran away. The caller reports that he was threatened in September by this person and a hearing was set up in court but the party did to show. The caller was advised of his rights and reports he will call if anything further occurs. W91 responded to the address and spoke with the callers finance as well as the other party. All are okay and another resident did not know there was a problem and only has an issue with a light on. The parties have agreed to use different stairwells when leaving the residence. All worked out for now.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports a red van parked in front of her house and never moves. W92 responded and listed it to a neighbor across the street.

Report of an alarm in entry area on Faun Bar Avenue. Officers report a package was delivered which may have set it off. They did a walk through and all is ok.

Delivery driver for Hong Kong Dragon requests an officer speak to a driver who is blocking access to the driveway. The party called back and cancelled stating the party had moved his vehicle.

Report of a hit and run crash on Revere Street.

Thursday, November 26

Party at Governors Park reports that people are doing construction in the above apartment. Officer spoke to the owner who will cease immediately.

E911 call from Executive Apartments. Call requests lift assist. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Almont Street is requesting EMS for her husband who is having some difficulty breathing. EMD and WFD notified.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that her other has fainted. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Reports of a female who just dumped trash illegally in the building’s dumpster on Washington Avenue. No record listing on this plate. She is going to look around for this motor vehicle.

WFD called about an illegally parked car that they weren’t sure if they hit or not on Cutler and Shore Drive. Officer reports no damage but parking ticket was issued.

6-year-old is having an allergic reaction on Revere Street. WFD notified and they will handle.

Motor vehicle crash reported from a resident on Trident Avenue. 91 reports that G&J will remove the vehicle.

Male party on Highland and Crest Avenue called to inform us about a black Mercedes with paper plates driving all over the road and passing him across a double yellow line. Multiple searches resulted in no record found for this registration. Vehicle towed by G&J.

Walk-in to report that he lost his black wallet at the car wash at the bridge today. If found call number listed.

Caller states that while walking his dog in the area of the WHS, he did observe a flashing green light on the doors located between the main entrance doors and the entrance to the Memorial Auditorium. He walked over and opened the door which is normally secured. Facilities Manager was notified.

Party on Beacon Street states that he came out of his residence to discover that his motor vehicle had been struck. W94 assessed the damage and spoke to the caller.

Several calls of a loud explosion that was hear at the station as well. Units cruised the area but no discovery of the cause. No loss of power.


Friday, November 27

Call from Winthrop Taxi that one of tier drivers was just rear ended on Enfield Road and the vehicle fled with the driver fleeing on foot. W91 reports that the accident occurred in East Boston. He also spoke to the homeowner at that address.

Woman on Sewall Avenue called for assistance with her 83-year-old mother-in-law. Transferred to EMS.

Party on Forrest Street called to report that her husband is in pain from medical treatment he had at the hospital. EMS notified.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports old needles in the street. Officer unable to locate any needles.

Party came in to the station to report that his landlord keeps going into his apartment when he is not there on Shirley Street. He is moving out on Monday. He wants this on record if anything should happen.

Mother on Shirley Street called to report that her child is choking. EMS and W92 report the child is okay. He is being checked at Children’s Hospital.

Another caller on Winthrop Street to report there are needles in the street. Officer reports locating them and placing them in a Sharps container.

Report of a motor vehicle accident at French Square. Unit reports one subject under arrest for driving under the influence.

Caller on Franklin Street reports a group of kids on the soccer field and in a car across the street. Unit reports the area is clear.

Party reports a vehicle driving erratic and went into Governors Drive. Unit reports no vehicle in the area. Will BOLO.

Caller on Madison Avenue reports an intoxicated male at the residence. Officer reports a verbal disagreement between two roommates.

Party on Washington avenue reports a male party is trying to enter the residence but does not have a key. Units reports trying to assist the subject in locating his keys. The subject’s keys were located and he is in his apartment.

Saturday, November 28

Officer has a vehicle stopped on River Road for a traffic violation.

Another traffic violation at Sturgis and Shore Drive.

Party on Veterans Road request an assist as someone fell and he can’t get him up.

Clerk at Cumberland Farms reports that someone there needs medical help. Fire notified.

Caller on Washington Avenue report coming from her residence and going past the Elks, a male in his 50’s was yelling “help me and pick me up.” The caller states she does not pick people up. W91 responded to the area and surrounding streets and no one was there.

Caller at Hong Kong Dragon reports a male was screaming inside the store and acting up. The caller stated that the person left but would like to speak to an officer.

Party at D&T Market reports he was attacked by an unknown female. Unit reports speaking to the male who claims he was verbally attacked by a female. Officer will drive around to locate the female. Officer was unable to locate the female who may be named “Robin.”

Unit reports a hit for a parked motor vehicle/revoked license on Shirley Street. Unit reports G&J on the scene and will tow the vehicle.

911 call for a medical at Executive Apartments. Transferred to EMD.

Caller at Revere and Sagamore Avenue reports vehicles parked on the sidewalk. Officer reports that the vehicles have moved.

Party on Wave Way Avenue requests an ambulance for her father after some recent treatment. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller reports a white Ford with a male in the car sleeping in front of Swett’s Liquors. Unit reports he brought the party home.

Sunday, November 29

A vehicle was towed for expired/non-renewable registration on Wave Way Avenue.

Caller on Putnam Street reports loud noise coming from people exiting a home on the street. Units report telling the subjects to go inside or further action will be required.

Caller on Madison and Bowdoin Street states a suspicious vehicle. Units respond and report one female in custody for assault and battery warrant, one trespass warrant and one un-licensed warrant.

Party on Coral Avenue states a suspicious vehicle parked out front with loud music. Unit spoke with the party and he is going to head into his house.

Male caller on Shore Drive reports the people next door have a roofing company working. Officer reports the roof just has a tarp over it and they are closing the cracks. They will be done in a few hours.

Report of a raccoon on a porch on Washington Avenue. ACO is not available until 12 and the officer will try to help if possible. He reports the raccoon is sleeping. Party was told to call an animal removal company.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports that sometime overnight something struck the driver’s side mirror of his vehicle. The mirror was knocked off the side of the vehicle.

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