An Exciting Race for School Committee

Six candidates have submitted nominations for School Committee and the race is on for the Tuesday, November 3 election. The candidates for three available seats are Ron Vecchia, Laura Callis, Jared Wickham, Marcie Moline, Christopher Hurley, and Valentino Capobianco,

That’s a good turnout and it is very heartening that residents want to get involved in helping our schoolchildren receive the maximum education available. It also speaks well of Supt. of Schools John Macero, Council President Peter Gill, and the current members of the committee that people want to join them in planning and making decisions on the best direction that the school system can take.

Of course, the fact that Winthrop has a brand new, $80 million state-of-art middle/high school under construction also makes it an exciting time to be a member of the School Committee.

As one sees the large building rise and take shape across the street from the Winthrop Golf Club course and next to Veterans Field, one can only imagine the many new opportunities and better facilities that will be available for our middle and high school students. Just the thought of having a new auditorium and superb sound system for the plays to be performed by our Drama Club and  the new gymnasium that will host our basketball teams is the stuff of which dreams are made.

The future of the Winthrop school system with John Macero in charge has never been brighter. The fact that six people have chosen to put their names before the voters for service on the School Committee is great news for all of our townspeople.  We hope that the candidates will engage the voters in a spirited campaign with some new ideas for the future.

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