Ordinance Review Committee Discusses Town Charter

The Ordinance Review Committee has been diligently meeting and discussing the details of the Town’s charter.

Headed by Chairman Joseph Boncore, the committee so far has heard about ideas to reduce the number of elected members on the School Committee and on the Town Council. School Committee chairman Gary Skomro, speaking as a public citizen, told the committee that seven members are better than five due to all the sub-committee work.

Resident Paul Caruccio suggested term limits for the Town Council be implemented to increase competition. He also asked the committee to look at the apartment inspection ordinance. Another resident, Norm Hyett, suggested thaving wo term limits for the Town Council with a third term if a member becomes the council president.

The committee plans to meet the second and the fourth Tuesday of each month. Information pertaining to the committee and its work will be on the town’s website under the boards and committees section. The first half of the committee’s work will focus on changes to the charter. After August the committee will deal with the town’s ordinances.

The charter changes will be submitted to the town council prior to the November election.

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