Police Blotter 06-18-2015

Youths sent home with parents

A caller reported at 6:47 pm on Friday, June 12 that 15-20 youths with backpacks just climbed through the window at 142 Pleasant St., the old nursing home. The youths were middle and high school age. They were sent home with their parents. It was also noted that the young people and the officers responding came in contact with what appeared to be mold and mouse dander inside the building. The police and fire chiefs ordered the building to be boarded up.

A report of broken glass had been reported at the old nursing home also at 3:53 pm on June 9.


Ricky Masello, 27, 303 Main St., #1, Winthrop arrested Saturday, June 13 at 3:41 am and charged with domestic assault.

Monday, June 8

Bowdoin Street resident called to report vehicle was damaged sometime at night.

Report of a medical alarm going off on Hermon Street.

False alarm at 40 Shirley St.

Report of a larceny on Walden Street.

Harrassing telephone call to Circuit Road address.

Woman transported to emergency room from Kennedy Road address.

Vehicle stopped on Veterans Road at Cutler Street for violation.

A party reported that her firearms are being held by a family member. Upon further investigation officer will seek a complaint against subject.

Medical aid call to Shore Road address.

Party came in with a tow slip for a motorcycle that was trespassing.

Follow up investigation on Summit Avenue.

Report of a break-in at the high school over the weekend.

Follow up investigation on Underhill Street.

Motorist stopped for number plate violation at Main and Hermon streets.

Medical aid call to Lincoln Street address.

Follow up investigation on Willow Avenue.

Medical aid call to Court Road.

Off duty officer had an altercation with a female and her unleashed dog. Animal control with follow up.

Complaint on Governor’s Drive.

Report of a sound of an explosion coming from the beach area. State Police notified, all units checked area.

A report of people on the beach near Bayview Avenue. Officer reports five people ran off, One woman left her purse. Officer will follow up.

Report of an intoxicated person on Somerset Avenue.

Tuesday, June 9

Report of pot hole at Pleasant and Bartlett Road.

Past B&E investigation on Pleasant Street.

Report of grey Nissan throwing trash out the window on Shirley Street at Cross Street. No car found.

Small silver motor vehicle speeding around Bowdoin Street and Madison Avenue.

Medical aid call to Golden Drive.

Medical aid call on Lincoln Street.

Medical aid call on Edward Street.

Kids loitering at Pico Playground. Gone upon officers arrival.

Carbon monoxide detector going off on Moore Street.

Report of smoke detector going off at Vikings Garden.

Medical aid call to Court Road and Pleasant Street for intoxicated male.

Wednesday, June 10

Search warrant from Everett PD was executed at Governors Drive.

Noise complaint on Governors Drive.

Follow up investigation on Maryland Avenue.

A suspicious fire extinguisher was found at the Little League field. Never seen it there before. Fire department checked.

Medical aid call to restaurant on Shirley Street.

Three road flares found near seawall on Seal Cove Road.

Report of young man out of control at Shore Drive address. Taken to MGH.

Motor vehicle struck tree on Crescent Street. Some limbs knocked down.

Medical aid call to Sagamore Avenue.

Investigated a part b&e on Pauline Street.

Disabled car blocking street at Shore Drive and Locust Street.

Drunken male on Bowdoin Street lying down in the parking lot. Transported to MGH.

Motor vehicle crash on Beach Road.

Report of suspicious motor vehicle. One person found smoking hookah pipe with tobacco.

Thursday, June 11

Loud music coming from a van on Governors Drive.

Two young men play fighting in parking lot at 20 Main St.

Car towed after single car crash at Washington and Elmwood avenues.

Noise complaint from Swissport and Argyle Street.  Advised Swissport Airport Services now operates 24-hours.

Someone tried to evade taxi fare on Shore Drive.

Computer and bag found at Shirley Street and Veterans Road. Turned in to station.

Medical aid Bayview Avenue.

Complaint of Verizon installing pole at Cliff and Nahant avenues.

Medical aid call to the senior center.

Complaint of truck on sidewalk on Cottage Park Road.

A passport was in the parking lot of the high school.

Medical aid call to Governors Drive.

Report of a missing scooter on Bowdoin Street. Caller states son had it.

Medical aid call to Walden Street.

Animal  complaint on Golden Drive.

Medical aid call to Hermon Street.

Friday, June 12

Report of men working without permit on Washington Avenue.

Report of resident removing belongings on Read Street.

Woman cut her finger and passed out at Main Street restaurant.

Medical aid call to Edgehill Road.

Complaint about cars traveling the wrong way on Wave Way Avenue.

Man fell out of wheelchair on Shirley Street. Police and fire assisted and repaired chair.

A break in was reported on Main Street. As owner returned home spotted man and woman trying to get in back door. They ran, jumped the fence.

Golf clubs stolen from yard on Forrest Street.

Report of a hole in the street on Revere Street. DPW contacted.

Misplaced credit card at Revere Street store.

Runner twisted ankle Shore Drive. Driven back to the start of the race on Franklin Street.

Report of a woman screaming for over an hour on Golden Drive. Resident found sleeping.

Report of illegal use of BBQ grill on Cutler Street. BBQ grills are not to be used on porches.

Loud party on Pauline Street.

Report of dog barking on Golden Drive.

Report of stolen bicycle at Coral Avenue and Shore Drive.

Medical aid call to Governors Drive for seizure.

Medical aid call to Golden Drive.

Saturday, June 13

Driver pulled over on Hermon Street and given a warning for speeding.

Report of someone in the backyard on Winthrop Street. No one found.

Drunken person on Revere Street. Taken home by associate.

Disturbance reported at Main Street apartment.

Wallet turned into police.

Report of Honda with smashed windshield on Shirley Street.

Elderly female taken to the hospital.

Red pocketbook found at Bayview and Hale avenues.

Medical aid call to Lincoln Street.

Report of dead squirrel in the road at Fremont and Jefferson streets.

Sunday, June 14

Medical aid call to Kennedy Road.

Medical aid call to Beach Fire House.

Water leak in front of Sea Foam Avenue property.

Attempted break-in on Shirley Street.

Medical aid call to Faun Bar Avennue.

Woman called to report missing husband. She called back when he returned home.

Loud music on Walden Street at basketball courts.

Woman at Atlantis Marina condos report locking herself out after walking her dog.

Report of children locked in third floor bedroom and door knob is broken. Fire department responded.

Report of too many vehicles parked on causeway into Deer Island. Vehicles tagged.

Report of two females on new high school property. Project manager responded.

Swastikas were painted on car parked on River Road.

Medical aid call to Tewksbury Street apartment.

Car hit and run on Sturgis Street.

Police assisted the harbormaster who was given a hard time for ticketing vehicles in the parking lot.

Report from Woodside Avenue pharmacy that someone attempted a scam for a prescription.

Wallet lost at the town landing on Shirley Street.

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