Residents Attend Meeting on Nahant Ave. House Site

WINTHROP – Concerned neighbors and abutters packed the hearing room last Wednesday night, April 8, as the Conservation Commission considered a plan by Brian Anderson to build a house at 96 Nahant Ave. with over 100-feet of ocean frontage.

Anderson would like to build a home on 21 pilings and a garage on a slab on the 12,366 square-foot lot at the end of Nahant Avenue. The property has been owned by George Collins, who subdivided his property. Collins will continue to own the next door property and plans to add a new 20-foot by 20-foot garage.

The commission listened to Rick Salvo, from Engineering Alliance in Saugus, present Anderson’s plans. He also discussed plans to finish the Nahant Avenue extension, which partially serves as a public way. At issue are concerns about flooding and water flow on to abutting properties. Salvo said there is still space on the property for water to “pond, but it is not leaving the site.”

Concerned residents brought up issues of materials to be used, the past history of the property. Salvo also said they could dig a test pit to determine water tables and what was used for fill in the past. The commission determined that the issue should be continued to its next meeting.

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