Wallace Named New Library Director Here

WINTHROP – A Quincy woman with over 30 years of experience in libraries has been selected as the new library director at the Frost Library in Winthrop.

Diane Wallace was selected from several candidates. The previous director left for another position. In the meantime, Mary Lou Osborne has served as the interim director. Wallace comes to Winthrop after being at the Saugus Public Library for ten years as the director. Ironically, she begins work April 15, in the middle of National Library Week.

“The trustees of the Winthrop Public Library are pleased that Wallace will be joining us as the new director,” said Trustee Ron Bergman.

Wallace holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a masters degree in library science. In Winthrop she will draw a salary of about $73,000.

“In the past several years the library has made significant improvement to services and the facilities. This is due to the hard work of our librarians, support staff, director and assistant director,” Bergman added. “Under Wallace’s leadership we expect that this upward trend will continue and even more new and innovative programs will come about.”

Bergman said the hiring of Wallace was a three month process that involved receiving resumes from all over New England, a careful review by the selection committee and several interviews. The selection committee, made up of Trustees Gillian Teixeira, Maria Ferri and Virginia Wallace.

“They did an excellent job combing through all the data and made a final recommendation to the board,” Bergman said. The trustees will need to search for an assistant director, who will also be the research librarian.

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