Police Blotter 04-09-2015

Monday, March 30

Party on Lincoln Street reports a residence there has lot consciousness but has awakened. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Elderly party fell at Senior Center. No injuries detected.

Party on Undine Avenue reports a disturbance taking place on the second floor apartment. Officers requested EMS for a medical evaluation. WFD and EMS notified and responded.

Visiting nurse requests medical aid for her patient on Marshall Street. Transferred to medical.

Officer will try to deliver a summons from the Cambridge Court to subject on Hutchinson Street. Officer reports summons served in hand.

Call on Pleasant Street states there is a suspicious male in a vehicle parked across her driveway taking pictures. Vehicle left prior to officer’s arrival. Officer responded to East Boston and reports the subject vehicle is not in the area, windows in the residence appeared to be blacked out and no mailbox with the subjects name affixed to it. All units directed to stop subject vehicle and question the operator if it is observed this evening.

Lifeline activation on Elliot Street. Referred to WFD.

Caller on Shirley Street states that there is a vehicle blocking her driveway. Officer reports being able to get the attention of the vehicle owner and having it moved.

Party on Shirley Street states that she needs EMS to check her boyfriend’s vital signs.

Two driver came into the station to report a confrontation he had with the subject owner of a vehicle he has a repossession order for on Read Street. He states the subject told him that he was a federal agent and that he will never find the vehicle. Driver wanted this on record.

Tuesday, March 31

Party pulled over at the bridge on Main Street insisting he had arm pain and it was going numb. WFD and EMS notified. Subject was transferred to the hospital via EMS.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports hearing a loud bang and her electricity went out. Call transferred to WFD for assistance.

Audible alarm activation was heard by a neighbor on Court Road. Officers report no signs of a forced entry but the alarm was audible from outside the address.

Party on Waldemar Avenue reports a Viking Taxi blocking driveway.

Caller on Argyle Street states that she received a text message on her phone stating that her vehicle would be repossessed within 72 hours. She said she is up to date on her payments and found this odd and wanted it recorded.

Party on Walden Street called to report someone loud in the building. Officer responded and reports speaking with a couple having a verbal. Cab was requested and male left in the cab to East Boston for the night.


Wednesday, April 1

Party on Willow Avenue states that upstairs neighbor has been loud all evening but now appears to be quiet. Will call back if the disturbance continues. Caller called back and reports the couple upstairs are fighting again. Officers responded and report speaking with the couple.

Caller on Birch Road called to report that there was a man in her home. Units responded and a man was there but he has rented the apartment. Officers were in contact with a family member who will respond.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports husband is passing out.

Elderly party took a fall in Shirley Hardware. Officers report no injuries and that party refused medical.

Party reports that his daughter has been followed by a male. Revere PD was contacted and will check out. The party was known to RPD.

Caller on Shirley Street reports somebody attempting to kick her door down. Units report party had left prior to their arrival, and caller was unable to provide any details. She was advised to call if the subject returns.

Reports of suspicious vehicle and possible 94C on Townsend Street. Detectives will follow up.

Caller on Shirley Street reporting suspicious activity. Units requesting medical for an evaluation. One female on a voluntary transport to Whidden for further evaluation.

Party on Central Street called to report a male party had his dog unleashed and it tried to attack her dog in her driveway. Male party yelled at the female after she complained about his dog. Animal Control Officer notified and is aware of the situation and will investigate.

Caller at La Siesta Restaurant reports a cook cut his finger and passed out after seeing blood. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond. Called back to inform us he was ok.

Report of a male causing trouble at D’Parma’s Restaurant. Officers report, the male left prior to their arrival.


Thursday, April 2

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a pickup truck appears to be attempting to steal a canoe out of a driveway on George Street. Additional caller describes vehicle with three white male occupants. Then a report that the canoe fell out of the back of the truck and is in the road on Winthrop Street. Canoe retrieved and returned to owner. Units will BOLO for above described vehicle.

Officer reports going off with green pickup on Washington Avenue matching the description given in the previous call.

Nurses station at East Boston Neighborhood Health reports female elderly patient having chest pains.

Caller on Locust Street reports that her niece is attempting to force entry into her father’s home. Units report speaking to all involved parties. Father has given permission for granddaughter to obtain some personal belongings and she will be on her way. Officers will stand by until she leaves.

Female came in to report the possible theft of her purse and its contents at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street.

Caller on Fremont Street reports that her elderly father may have a foreign object stuck in his throat. EMS notified.

Report of two large dogs on Shore Drive without a leash.

Todisco Towing reports towing for expired inspection sticker at Governors Park.

Woman on Pleasant Street reports that two hours ago, her 11 year old son was yelled at by a light skinned black male, age 23, that came out of Pleasant Park Road. He also used vulgar language at her and her husband. Units will check area during shift.

Caller on Grandview Avenue reports his dog went missing. ACO notified and will call owner and inform him that his dog has been located.

Party reports someone with a flashlight looking around a boat at Belle Isle Boat  Yard. Units report speaking to subject who was outside looking for a set of lost keys.


Friday, April 3

Reports of a large dog in the middle of Read Street barking. Officer gets no answer at the door. Message left on the telephone. Neighbor will bring the dog into his house for the night. Owner notified.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that she hears someone trying her door. Someone stayed on the line with her until units arrived. Officers checked the building after being let in by the caller. All clear.

Report of someone falling on Lewis Avenue. EMS notified.

Caller on Shore Drive called to report that she wants her cousin out of the apartment. Officers report party has left the area. Caller is satisfied with officers response.

Report of a male that appears to be having some type of medical emergency on the beach wall on Shore Drive. Male called to report that an older man may be having a seizure or a heart attack near the DCR Bath House. EMS notified. Officers reports male going to the Mass General.

Letter carrier called to report that an elderly customer has had her mail pile up. A neighbor with a key opened the door and she was there, unresponsive, but breathing. EMS notified. Officers report 94 year old female going to Mass General.

Caller on Willis Avenue called to report that her mother needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Female came to the station with housing manager to report that she and her sister have received a threatening letter.

Several calls of a motor vehicle crash at Revere and Shirley Street.

East Boston Neighborhood Health reports a patient with symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports someone walked by her home and yelled “ho”. She came out and exchanged words with male. She would like this documented as she has been having an ongoing dispute with another female who lives there and is being investigated by SRO.

Several male teens came to the station to report seeing an injured raccoon walking around the center. Last seen by the Citizens Bank. ACO notified and checked the area and the animal could not be located.

Caller reports a very strong odor coming from address on Shirley Street. Units report speaking with party complaining and spoke to subject in apartment who will cease smoking.

Units report having motor vehicle pulled over on Crest Avenue. Female has out of country license. Husband arrived on the scene and will take custody of his vehicle. Female operator explained about rules for international licenses.


Saturday, April 4

Caller on Otis Street called about a dog outside and barking. Caller said he would try to knock on the door and raise the owner. Called back and said he located the owner who will bring the dog in.

Party on Main Street reports that his vehicle was sideswiped while parked in front of his residence sometime yesterday evening. Party advises he is currently out of town at work, but will come by the station to fill out a report when he gets an opportunity.

Caller at Ft. Heath Apartments called to report that a motor vehicle with occupants in it parked in the lot to the complex and the caller believes that people are sleeping in the car or living in the car and he has noticed the car there multiple times overnight. Officers located the vehicle and subjects who claim they were waiting for the mother who lives in the building. Parties cleared the area.

Party on Park Avenue called regarding a friend that he is unable to contact for several days and the friend has been very sick. Officer checked the apartment and it appears to be under construction. Officers also note that his car is not on the street. No one is home. The caller was informed.

Male at Seal Harbor reports that a woman is down in the garage and she may have broken a hip Fire notified.

Party on Brookfield Road reports water backing up into his basement. WFD and DPW notified.

Caller reports dispute with another motorist and is requesting an officer. Units report minor accident at Revere and Central Street and assisted in the exchange of insurance information.

Party reports the pole next to the Veterans Hall has fallen and damaged the flashing school zone sign. DPW notified and will check on it.

Caller reports an eighth grade student was yelling offensive and rude comments towards her daughter who is also in the eighth grade. This happened at the basketball courts on Walden Street. Mother is upset and would like the young man spoke to. Officer responded and spoke to the male located at the basketball court.

         Party on Sea View Avenue reports a large pane of glass has blown out of her neighbor’s window, scattering broken glass into the street. Officer reports an attic window blown out due to strong winds. Owner is responding to clean up the broken glass.

Party reports that she was assaulted 20 minutes ago at Belle Isle Seafood. EMS requested for facial wound. Party refused medical.

Caller on Walden Place reports that her grandmother needs assistance in getting up as she has taken a fall. WFD notified.

Tree branches are falling on Edgehill Road. DPW notified.

Caller on Edgehill Road called to thank Lt. Scarpa and the DPW for the quick response regarding the tree branches she reported hanging and being down. DPW notified of the appreciation extended to them as well.

Reports of a wire down on Pleasant Street. Officer responded and reports a thin wire hanging there. Fire notified and responded and reports an old signal wire. They cut and secured the wire.

Caller on Hermon Street reports a wire just blew off their house and it is hanging over the street. Fire notified. Officer responded after clearing the previous call. W99 reports that it is a cable wire and the homeowner will notify the company and will pull it up.

Party on Cottage Park Road requests medical for his mother. Transferred to EMS.

Daughter called to report a private detective was at her mother’s house on Golden Drive in regards to a hit and run case she has pending. She was advised of her rights.

Auxiliary unit reports a light pole down by or on the gas/diesel pump at the town garage. Fire notified to respond. Officer reports fuel lines will be shut down until repair can be done. Repair won’t be out until Monday. Officer will notify the chief regarding arrangements for fuel for the department.

Caller on Veterans Road reports being locked out and said he will meet Fire Department in the lobby. Fire notified and will respond.

Party called to report a silver motor vehicle almost stuck two poles coming into town at Revere and Shore Drive. All units advised.

Officer reports finding checkbook at church parking lot. Article brought to the station.

Units report an alleged past assault and battery between two parties on Siren Street who have been advised but do not want to pursue anything. Allegations of missing telephones. At this time, all telephones have been returned to all owners. One male and a female leaving the residence for the night.

Caller reports being behind a motor vehicle that is all over the road at Quincy and Deane Avenue. The vehicle is driving erratically. Units located the vehicle at Temple Avenue and one in custody for driving under the influence.

Female on Summit Avenue reports being asked for pictures of herself from a registered sex offender in our town. Officer called the caller back and will follow up with the registered party.

         Ambulance requested for Ft. Heath Apartments for medical aid.

Caller reports a male is asleep in a white vehicle in the CVS parking lot with the engine running. Officer responded and the vehicle could not be located. A call back to the caller who reported that the car left the area.


Sunday, April 5

Units report moving group coming from Blackstrap out of the area per Lt. Scarpa.

Female called to report that her phone was stolen earlier from Blackstrap BBQ and has been tracked to location on Beal Street. Units report speaking to parties who have it tracked to a general area. Female may report it later but not at this present time.

Vehicle towed from Governors Park by Todisco Towing.

Taxi driver reports an individual got out of the cab without paying at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street.

Caller on Pleasant Street requests medical for her mother. Transferred to EMS.

Walk-in to report that on April 4, his tax returns were rejected by the IRS. The IRS rejected his federal filing electronically as they had previously accepted a filing with his social security this year. Someone had used his social security to file a federal tax return.

Walk in to report that overnight someone damaged his door by kicking it on Beal Street.

Party came to the station to report being harassed via social media from a party she was involved with over an incident with a lost/missing cell phone. She wanted this logged in case of any further harassment or escalation of the incident.

Male party came into the station to report that he was assaulted by his ex-girlfriend’s father when he went to the family residence to retrieve his belongings.

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