Police Blotter 11-13-2014

Monday, November 3

Call of a car parked in the same place for days. Officer reports vehicle listed out of town, placed on 72-hour list.

Report of an injured duck near Daw Playground.

Female caller reports a wire down.

Party request ambulance.

Male caller stated a neighbor wanted him to sign something and he said, no, and she is threatening him.

Male called to report someone just keyed his car.

Caller reports abdominal pain. Fire and ambulance notified.

Mgr. reports a drunken male, tall, 30 yrs. old, Italian looking wanted to harm himself and appeared intoxicated. Cannot locate him in the area.

Caller reports two males wearing baseball caps looking inside vehicles with a flashlight. Units report speaking to caller and stopping two kids from neighborhood, everything checks out.

Party came to station to report an on-going neighborhood dispute. Subject stated neighbor came to his residence and yelled at his wife about their children making noise.


Tuesday, November 4

Detail officer located a social security card near the Dunkin Donuts.

Units will attempt to serve a Warrant of Apprehension.

Concierge reports the resident has fallen inside the apartment. WFD notified and will meet the Concierge for access.

Party reports a woman was at his home and he noticed that his watch is missing. Officer reports taking a report.

Party called reporting strong odor of gas in the street.

Boston PD called over Central Dist. requesting an officer respond for a shoplifter that was being held at Winthrop Market Place.

Party reports a delivery truck is parked in violation near Washington and Shirley St.

Party reports a juvenile operating a dirt bike without a helmet in the area.

Party reports a group of kids vandalizing the trees. Party reports he has 2 juvenile shoplifters inside the CVS. Officer reports he spoke with the parties and their parents.

Caller reports husband has fallen and hit his head.

Party reports his VIS Green Dot Visa was used at two locations. Game stop in Smithfield, RI and Dix in North Attleboro. He stated he is in possession of his card and has reported the charges to his bank.

Caller states that she can smell smoke in the bedroom.

Wednesday, November 5

Caller reports dog in blue motor vehicle for a while. EBNHC checked for owner, negative. Dog appears fine.

Caller requesting boyfriend be removed, as he won’t leave voluntarily.

Caller reports hypodermic syringe on beach.

Officer reports issuing a verbal warning to a party dumping leaves in the marsh.

Party and his wife came in to report an assault and being threatened by a neighbor.

Party reports an issue with one of her electrical outlets after an incident with her vacuum cleaner plug.

Party has custody of black mutt that was walking unattended in the area without any identification. ACO notified and will respond.

Caller reports a homeless drug addict in the park who is passed out and going to the bathroom in the open.

Party came to the station to report that at approximately 122:40 p.m. He was operating his vehicle and while entering Shirley St. from Beacon had an accident with a pedestrian.

Party came in to the station to notify our agency that she has served the tenants of her rental unit a 48-hour notice of emergency repair. She also contends that the tenant/landlord relationship continues to be contentious bordering on criminal.

Owner called to report that someone came into Cove Convenience and dropped a small dog on her counter and walked out.


Thursday, November 6

Party requesting EMS to evaluate the resident who appears to be confused. WFD notified.

State Police Revere reports receiving call from a female about a lawyer and some paperwork. Units report eviction matter and she was advised.

Party reports he lost his wallet containing 2 ATM cards, 1 credit card and his MA license. He will try back at the cabstand where he believes he may have lost it in a taxi.

Caller states that she parked her vehicle at approx. 1600 hours and when she returned found her rear window smashed.

Caller reports a chimney fire.

Units located the suspect vehicle and 2 damaged parked vehicles on Shirley Street. One operator in custody.

Friday, November 7

Detective requests a check on a student that has not been in school for the last 3 days. Officer reports all 3 students are at school.

Party requesting a well-being check for her adult son with whom she has been unable to reach by telephone. Officer reports he is fine and will contact his mother.

Party reports her 7 months old baby fell off the bed onto the floor, she believes the baby is fine but would like EMS to check her daughter out.

Party reports he has a POD in front of the residence and was unable to obtain a permit as the DPOW offices were closed.

Party reports his neighbor blowing leaves onto the roadway.

Party reports brown Shih Tzu running around Ingleside Park.

Caller reports someone broke into house. Heavy set white male, 6/0”, wearing white shorts.

Party called to complain about arguing with tenants.

Female reports her boyfriend is unresponsive on sidewalk, she is in Amesbury, WFD, subject will be transported, he is now awake.


Saturday, November 8

Wife called to report her husband needs an ambulance.

Female caller reports there are two people passed out in a vehicle. Officer reports he sent them out of the area.

Caller reports a group of youths using airsoft/pellet guns in the area of Corinha beach. W92 reports speaking to youths, advising them of the prohibitions against air rifles.

Caller reports her neighbor is burning leaves in his back yard.

Caller requesting ambulance for back pain. EMS notified.

Caller reports erratic operator entering town. Vehicle struck a parked car on Revere St. She pulled into Dunkin Donuts parking lot and caller is speaking with her now.

Party came in to the station to report that while driving on Winthrop St. in front of Browns, he damaged a tire on his vehicle when he drove into the unpatched area where National Grid has been digging.

Caller reports hearing loud noise similar to gunfire. They don’t believe it to be fireworks.

Caller requests assistance. Someone is yelling for help from the street. Callers husband is going to check.

W-91 and W-92 arrive and discover that a party had fallen and been trapped under his motorcycle. Neighbors assisted in lifting him out from under. He is refusing medical assistance.

Party came to station to report a violation of court orders involving custody of a child.

W-94 reports noticing a large amount of beer cans dumped in the area.


Sunday, November 9

Two retired police officers report a pumpkin was used to smash the rear window to a car parked in the driveway.

Caller reports someone threw a mailbox with post thrown on his lawn.

Female called, she was in an accident, Officer reports he assisted with papers.

Male called to report that dog on Orlando Ave. barking again and does it every day.

Male called to report the people working on the above house just dropped a dumpster in the streets travel lane.

Caller reports female was found inside apartment and had been drinking. Units reports one female to MGH.

Caller reports her house was just egged. Caller reports seeing a male approx. 14 yrs. old in her yard wearing a white hoodie.

Report of dog barking for over two hours which is unusual, caller thinks something could be wrong on Walden St.

Unit reports assisting a cab drive with a drunken fare.

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