SBAC to See New Facade Materials

At the last Winthrop School Building Assistance Committee’s (SBAC) construction subcommittee meeting the committee announced that HMFH Architects will present the latest façade materials and ideas to the next subcommittee meeting on May 1 and then to the SBAC on May 12. Bob Carroll from the Planning Board will attend the May 1 meeting to look over the planned materials.

The construction subcommittee is planning to meet on May 8 to review the reconciled design development level budgets and value engineering lists with HMFH, Skanska, and Gilbane. The budgets will then be presented to the SBAC on May 12.

“We also recommend a peer review of the envelope and waterproofing systems be undertaken,” said Subcommittee Chair David Girard. “We’ve asked HMFH to obtain at least two proposals for this service. If the proposals are within reason we expect to recommend to the committee to have HMFH engage one of the consultants to undertake the peer review.”

At the meeting Dick Lawton agreed to sit on the subcontractor prequalification committee with Gilbane and Skanska. Karin Chavis will be the alternate.

Skanska reported that Gilbane has narrowed the time they’d like to close Main Street to March to December of 2015 while they’re installing the facade of the building and the Mains Street facing hardscape. Gilbane, Skanska, and Superintendent John Macero will be hosting an abutters meeting on June 10 at the High School at 6:00 p.m.

In October the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) voted to approve the town’s plans to build a new Winthrop High/Middle School. The plan is to tear down the existing high school and build a brand new facility that would house both a high school and middle school that would operate independently of one another.

Last January the SBAC voted 14-4 in favor of building a new Middle School and High School during a joint Winthrop School Building Assistance Committee/Winthrop School Committee meeting.

The cost of the project would be 82,950,000. The projected cost and cap set by Winthrop would be 42,975,000.

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