Welcome ISD Commissioner Al Legee

We want to welcome to our town, Al Legee, the Commissioner of the newly formed Inspectional Services Department. Town Manager James McKenna announced the appointment of Legee, who has many years of experience in the field, at the Town Council meeting Tuesday night.

Legee will head the new department that will have numerous responsibilities concerning the safety of all of our buildings, commercial and residential properties, and the enforcement of health and sanitary codes, among other important tasks.

McKenna has the right vision for this department as it will centralize operations, provide staff support, and create a team approach to its functions. The formation of the new department is considered another step in the town manager’s administration toward making our town government more accessible for residents and business owners seeking the many services offered by this new department.

This was a well thought-out decision by McKenna that will improve efficiency and we’re pleased that the Town Council gave its full support to the new department.

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