Police Blotter 04-03-2014

Monday, March 24

Caller is calling from East Boston to report that his brother and sister have called him and believe that someone is in their 1st floor apt. W-93 and W-91 along W-92 and W-99 and report checking the apt. as well as the basement and all is okay.

Party reports her husband is shivering and may have an infection.

Caller reports everyday at 3 p.m. Workers from Deer Island do not stop at the Stop Sign at the intersection of Tafts Ave. and Shirley St.

Caller reports neighbors need medical assistance. Fire notified and W93 respond.

Young female called reporting a pipe broke in the house near the refrigerator. Caller didn’t know what to do, fire notified.

Male called reporting a sewer backup in Street, DPW notified.

Tuesday, March 25

Tow Company called to report that car has been repossessed from Sagamore Ave.

Winthrop Center fire station called to report they had a walk in last night and the party was transported to Mass. General. Her vehicle is parked near the driveway next to the building, it should be moved by mid afternoon.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the school zone.

Officer reports that Winthrop School Dept. Mass start van was vandalized. A Window was broke out.

Person reported overhearing possible drug deal exchanges going on at the skate park.

Party came into the station and reported earlier that her boyfriend strangled and assaulted her. They were staying at the Suburban Stay Hotel she believes he checked out already this morning.

Party requesting EMS for his mother.

Party reports 3 males who do not attend Winthrop Schools are hanging around the area. They were asked to leave but lingered in the area. Officer spoke with them, obtained the info and will file an FI on the 3 subjects.

Party called to report he just looked outside and his van has apparently been stolen sometime overnight.

Person reports his co-worker did not show up today and he is concerned about her well-being as she has not answered her cell phone or home phone number. Her MV is gone from the driveway. The officer checked with neighbor as well as the local church and learned that she had gone to the hospital.

Party requesting EMS for an unresponsive elderly male.

Party reports a black MV is parked half on the sidewalk and the party inside appears to be thrashing around. Officers report are clear.

Priest from St. John’s reports a parishioner went to MGH today and is in intensive care. She left her car outside the station without a sticker.

Wife needs a medical aid transport to EMS and they will handle.

Woman reports daughter’s estranged husband is there and there might be trouble.

Wednesday, March 26

Alarm Company reporting alarm sounding. Units off with owner and took a walk through the house. All clear.

Caller reports the manager of CVS has a shoplifter there at the store. Officer reports party will be summoned to court.

Party came in to report a wire blowing around on Veterans Rd.

Party reports receiving harassing phone calls and threats over the phone by the male subject who is the father of her son. She was advised and will be seeking a 209A at the Lawrence District Court.

Party reports a female is parked out front and the car is running and she is on the cell phone. Has seen her 3 times before this and believes she is suspicious.

Officer reports a student in detention had a knife in her  possession that fell from her pocket.

Party reports fence from construction site topples over on Shirley Ave., sitting on top of two cars.

Thursday, March 27

Party came into station requesting an ambulance.

Party reports vehicle operating erratically at the Pleasant St. and Pauline St. vicinity.

Motorist was stopped for failing to stop at Stop Sign. Citation was issued.

Party reports her mother may have fallen and is unable to reach her. WFD notified and report they received medical alert alarm activation and are responding.

Party reports her apartment has been broke into once again.

Party reports a male form the Group Home visited the School offices at the Town Hall making strange allegations over the last few days.

Party reports 2 neighbors yelling at each other causing a disturbance.

Officer located the 2 roommates and spoke with them at length.

Party reports 2 males just shoplifted some hair products and are walking on Walden St. Parties described as a black male and a white male in their thirties. One is 5/07” and the other is 5’05’. Units checked the area but were unsuccessful.

Transfer call from the State caller hung up. Call back she reports witnessing an altercation between a female and 2 males who allegedly left the area. The female was thrown to the ground and left the area in a gray motor vehicle.

Officer reports 3 Hispanic males were seen heading into Winthrop on foot along Main St.

Party called stating he was flagged down by a female involved in a domestic assault.

Caller reports three young males attempting to gain entry into a motor vehicle. She doesn’t know if they locked their keys in it or are attempting to steal it. Both units tied up on domestic arrest, no one to send at this time.

Party reports a man outside her house asked her son to call the police as he had just been jumped and robbed of his cell phone.

Officers unable to locate the victim.

Party reports an argument/fight with his roommate; he is outside of house and afraid for his safety. Units report they are coming with one under arrest.

Caller reported that she was having a verbal argument with her boyfriend who has since left for the evening.

Friday, March 27

Alarm activation for address on Bowdoin St. Officer reports a rear door appears to be unlocked officer checked it out, inner door is all secure.

Party reports an elderly woman is operating a black KIA in an erratic manner along Veterans Rd. onto Shirley St. p arty is stopping abruptly and shouting at pedestrians as the passes them the MV has the 4 way hazard lights on.

The Chief reports MVS overhanging the intersection near the Dental Office.

Party reports his neighbor on Pleasant St. threatened his children. HE reports this is part of an ongoing neighbor dispute. Neighbor denies threats, stated he just told the children to get off his property. Caller wanted no action, just wanted the situation logged.

Party reports her identity stolen, and social security number used to create a Comcast account in San Jose CA, incurring charges totaling over $200.

Party came in to report Citi credit card fraud totaling approx. $3000. This occurred somewhere in CA. by an unknown party.

Saturday, March 29

Caller states a motorist located in the parking lot of 7-11 appears disoriented. Units respond.

Caller requests an ambulance for her husband who is not feeling well.

Caller reports finding an old box of ammunition in his basement. W91 reports securing for safekeeping.

Call of a raccoon on the front yard.

Sunday, March30

Male came to the station to report he sees an open lower window on the Pauline St. side of the Cummings School that someone can climb in.

Officer requests EMS respond to young male who is suffering form headaches.

Received 2 calls regarding someone taking a stroke inside the Holy Rosary Church.

Reports a woman with five or six small children came to her door and accused her 12 yr. old son who is away visiting with his father of going into her basement and taking a bike last year. Caller reports that the woman was very confrontational and rove off in a large black SUV.

Caller reports a group of males yelling and screaming outside of a black truck.

Male called to report just getting home and finding his house broken into. Caller was out of breach and was unsure if anyone was still there. He was told to wait outside for the police to arrive.

Male requesting an ambulance for his wife.

Caller reports a single burst of fire and smoke form electrical outlet when she plugged in phone charger.

Caller reports lower end of Winthrop St. at Sea View is beginning to flood.

Cell caller reports seeing what he believes may be smoke coming from his neighbor’s house as he was leaving his driveway.

Woman called to reports domestic dispute.

Caller requests we speak to local party and request they stop calling her.

Second party came into the station to explain her reason for contact which was a civil matter as well as a matter pertaining to her husband.

Female reports a huge fight going on.

Man came in and reported a domestic situation and fight with girlfriend who has a self inflicted neck injury. She jumped out of his car near the bridge.

Woman reports a moving truck blocking street.

Officer reports a juvenile shoplifter at Mobile Mart.

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