Police Blotter 03-13-2014

Monday, March 3

A call was received from Shirley Street regarding an alarm activation of a backdoor alarm. There is a cleaning person on site.

Greater Boston Home Health Care called and reported a patient on Lincoln Terrace threatened to harm himself to the doctor. Doctor has pink slip and party was transported voluntarily.

Caller on Siren Street reports roommate has not been in his room for a week and he is worried about him. Medical Examiner and CPAC notified.

Party at Seal Harbor requests an officer respond to assist her with a family check.

Walk-in to report that he evicted a family on Shirley Street. They returned later in the day and shut off the power to the house, they then turned on the hot water and lights in their old apartment and left. No one saw the family but they still have a key.

Caller on Hutchinson Street reports hearing someone in her hallway. Units report checking both staircases and all is clear.

Tuesday, March 4

Caller on Hermon Street reports a fight in the first floor apartment. Unit report he spoke to the resident and she believes the yelling came from the schoolyard. Units report the schoolyard is clear.

911 transfer from the State Police. Party on Cross Street requesting an officer and unable to understand what the problem is. Units report a domestic assault and battery. Male party has left the area.

Party on Hermon Street reports someone yelling for help and she is positive it is coming from the first floor apartment. Units report a verbal argument. Parties advised of their rights.

Caller on Hermon Street requesting an officer to check his girlfriend’s property before she enters it. Unit 93 reports no one in the area.

Two investigators from the DCF came to the station and would like an officer to respond with them to do a follow-up visit of children on Hermon Street. The male party left the home after talking with the investigators. They will remain out side and speak with the female’s daughter when she wakes up for school. W92 will stand by with the investigators.

Party on Kennedy Road reports that her upstairs neighbor is screaming as she walks by her window and believes it is a violation of a Harassment Order. Officer spoke with the calling party who wants it placed on record at this time. The defendant in the harassment order is not home at the present time.

Caller on Shore Drive reports two parties in water walking chests deep coming in from the breakers. WFD and MSP notified. Parties refused medical.

Party on Wheelock Street reports two men wearing blue jackets was on his property claiming to be measuring the Middle School property. Officer speaking with them and the homeowner. They are surveyors.

Female came to the station to report that on Monday, her car was struck while she was pumping gas at Cumberland Farms. Her car was struck in the front end. The party who hit her gave her a phone number to exchange paperwork and it was turned off when she tried to call the number.

Wednesday, March 5

Caller on Kennedy Drive states that she is being harassed. 91 spoke with the caller.

Male party on Cottage Avenue called to report his mother needs to go to the hospital for trouble breathing.

Party from Washington Avenue came to the station and requested to speak to a detective. Det. Jaworski and Callinan were notified and spoke to the party. Detectives report that the party was advised of his/her rights for a civil matter.

Caller from the Pizza Center reports that during the course of his duty, threats were receive to his well-being.

Report of a swan is in the Landing and caller is worried about it. ACO notified.

Woman reports that the steel grates by the Dalrymple School have shifted. DPW notified. W92 responded and reports they have moved, so he will stand by until DPR arrive. DPW arrived and took care of the situation.

Female caller from Cottage Avenue reports that she is scratching and bleeding.

Officer reports a citizen reports a black motor vehicle with a hatchback is in the area of Shirley and Washington Avenue and the operator is stopping to swear at people.

Several calls from residents in the Court Road area reporting a helicopter in the area. Officers checked the area to identify the agency that was flying around. Officers could not locate it. May be related to a visit from Washington DC today.

Thursday, March 6

E911 hang-up on first call with arguing in the background. On callback, the caller stated that he needs help with residing with his parents. That he’s emotionally and verbally abused. Officers spoke to the caller who is having some personal issues. All parties advised of their rights

Caller reports a suspicious package in the rear of Winthrop Middle School. Off. Freeman reports trashbag containing a dead skunk. ACO notified and responded to remove item.

Party on Shirley Street reports a theft of a check from their business at Everett Credit Union.

Caller at Letterie’s Italian Market reports young students fighting.

Woman on Cross Street called to report that they are at it again and he went after her again. Units responded and spoke with the victim and residents. Report of a weapon. W94 Lt. Scarpa searched the area with W98. Officer located suspect near the Laundromat at Main and Pleasant Street. W91 transported the subject under arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault and battery to the station. EMS was summoned for female victim and she was transported for old and new injuries. W93 checked the property for firearm and found none.

Mother on Shirley Street called to report that her 13-year-old son has not returned from school today. At 4 p.m., the father called to report that his son just called and he was at the Middle School playing basketball. Father said he would come to the station and meet up with his mother there. Son met up with mom in the lobby. Lieutenant spoke to the child regarding calling his family when he will be late.

Caller on Locust Street reports receiving a call from a woman whom was upset reporting receiving a call from her telephone number. The woman told her the caller from her number said that they were the FBI and were coming to her home to seize her computer. The basis for the seizure was that the woman was looking at inappropriate pictures. The caller to the station was told that this process is known as spoofing by the phone companies and we are aware of it. This happens often.

Male caller reports a 30-40 year old male with jeans and ark jacket lurking around Gymnastics Academy. All units BOLO.

Caller on Shirley Street called to report that his girlfriend called him to report that she was parking her car and male in a hoodie appeared and tried to talk to her. When she drove around the block, he appeared to follow where she went and reappeared. He was ducking in and out of alleys and passageways in the area. Officers report seeing a male running from them in the area. He was ducking in and out. Officers report hearing dogs barking in the area.

Friday, March 7

Caller on Cross Street reports some type of disturbance with screaming and yelling in the background. Units report a verbal argument between tenants involved in a domestic disturbance yesterday evening. All advised of their rights.

Caller on Main Street reports a suspicious inside the ATM area. Officer reports no one in the area.

Party on Floyd Street reports that she wants her son removed from her home. Units report son voluntarily left the residence.

Mother called to report that her 14-year-old daughter left her school in Everett and has not returned home. Mother was instructed to come to the station to complete forms. Mother completed the forms and while at the station, the daughter returned home to Winthrop.

Reports of a disoriented female with white shirt and shorts on Winthrop Street. 92 Ramadini and 93 Bonavita/Curran report no one around.

Female in a Toyota at Metcalf Square is being followed. She was told to come by the station so we can stop the motor vehicle behind her. 93 Curran/Bonavita spoke to the caller. The vehicle drove off on Washington Avenue. Officers will keep an eye out.

Female on Grovers Avenue reports that her fence was pulled back. 91 Ramadini reports a contractor fixed a boiler and will put it back on Saturday.

Mother on Cutler Street called to report that her daughter received threats via a text message.

Male came to the station to get an escort to go to a house on Court Road to pick up a coat, etc. The aunt was contacted and she provided a location of a key. W94 with 951 and 977 responded to the home for the property and retrieved a winter coat for the party. Male party was transported to a shelter for the night.

Female on Beal Street reports a lot of noise coming from the first floor. 91 Ramadini requests additional officers. 93 Curran/Bonavita and 98 Jaworski report the matter settled down and male was warned.

Saturday, March 8

Female on Trident Avenue called to report that while outside in front of her house, she noticed a male fiddling with a car. When he saw her he took off towards Sea Foam. A few minutes later, she heard a car alarm go off. White male wearing a leather jacket.

Several reports of a disturbance out in street involving a bat and a knife. This happened on Winthrop Street. Units report one under arrest for malicious damage to a motor vehicle. Party locked his keys in the car and requested amnesty from overnight parking laws until he can solve the problem in the morning.

Caller on Main Street reports a large fight out in the street. Units report a misunderstanding amongst parties. Issues have been resolved. All parties advised of their rights.

Party on Hermon Street reports someone yelling outside. W91, W93 located screaming woman on the first floor. The yelling was about stepping in her illegal pitbull’s urine. She was advised to quiet down. Animal matter will be referred to the ACO.

Caller on River Road reports that he believes someone is inside the residence as the doors are wide open. Officers checked the dwelling and all appears to be in order.

Party at First Church United requesting an ambulance for a 39-year-old female with diabetic issues. WFD notified.

Caller on Hermon Street reports a male subject appears to be under the influence and is sleeping standing up. Officer reports searching the entire area for the subject to no avail.

Party reporting a physical altercation between two adult males at Amaral & Associates.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports that his wife is having difficulty breathing. WFD notified.

Party on Bowdoin Street came in to report the larceny of jewelry from her residency by a party known to her. This happened sometime in February. Victim/witness form provided.

Party at Seal Harbor requesting EMS for hr father. Transferred to Action EMD.

Female came in to report that she believes she dropped her wallet out in front of her residence on Sagamore Avenue. Today she discovered her social security card, $120 in cash and a couple of school photo Ids were missing. She was advised to monitor her account activity and of possibly becoming an identity theft victim.

Father called to report that his son left a message for him indicating he may harm himself. 977b contacted the Elmo Center to ascertain a location for the son. Information was received that the subject was in Boston and that information was given to Boston PD as well as their dispatch.

Party came to the station to report that a woman who was in Brown’s Drug is acting strange. She has a young child with her. 935 and 989 responded and spoke with the person who was having a problem with her medicine. Party was okay and sent home in a cab and was met by her family.

Caller from Brookfield Road called to report a male keeps coming to her door and ringing the bell and running away. He is running toward a dark motor vehicle possibly an SUV. Male ran off when the resident called out as to who was there. While on the phone with the caller, the male described as a young black male, possibly a teen, came back and rang her bell for the fourth time. Vehicle was located at Edgehill and Brookfield Road. The youths are from East Boston who thought they were being funny. The resident was advised of the outcome.

Party on Quincy Avenue called asking us to check the well-being of a friend. He received a call from the wife who reports that she called him and she thinks the phone was answered but then nothing. A call to the residence and phone rang without a pickup. Calls to the dog walkers regarding a key or other entry. WFD notified and units responded. Officers located the party on the floor. EMS arrived. Party was assisted back to his chair and family was contacted.

Dispatch operators reports a domestic in the area of Crystal Cove but the location could be off. Officers dispatched to the area. Operator called back with the actual tape, which had the correct address. Officers responded and report brothers were fighting and have now left the house.

Sunday, March 9

Female from Sunnyside Avenue walked in to report that she received a call from  WWW.ESUPPORT-ONLINE.COM to help fix her computer. She gave them access to her computer and they threatened her if she did not pay them more money. She has contacted her bank and credit cards to report the incident.

Party on Cutler Street reports that her friend fell down some stairs in the home and is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Caller on River Road reports that her mother fell and may have a leg injury. WFD notified.

Party on Hawthorn Avenue requesting an ambulance transport for several issues. Transferred to Action EMD.

Caller on North Avenue called on 911 line. The call was completely unintelligible. Party called the 1212 line reporting that he has no heat. Units were cancelled and the party was advised to contact the courts regarding this civil matter if the landlord does not address the heat issue. Off. Romeo made a courtesy call to the landlord and left a message regarding the heat problem.

Received abandoned call from Veterans Road. Called back three times and the party just hung up. Officer dispatched to check further and reports speaking with the male party who does not need any service

Party on Revere Street is requesting assistance for his female friend who cannot come to the door. She does have some health issues. WFD and EMS notified. Officers reports party was checked out by EMS and she refuses further treatment.

Caller on Main Street reports that someone is banging on her door but she does not want an officer to respond. Officer reports speaking with a tenant who was at the house who informed the officer that she does owe rent to the caller but it is due to a mix up with her paycheck at work. The officer spoke with the 911 caller who responded her to the station rather than remain at her home. Officer informed her that it is a civil matter that the East Boston Court civil session will have to settle if the rent is not paid.

Party on Trident Avenue requesting EMS for her mother. Transferred to Action EMD.

Caller reports that her ex, whom she has a 209A against, walked into Honeydew Donuts, where she was sitting, and sat down at a table in violation of said order. Subject placed under arrest for violation of a prevention order.

Party at Paesan’s reports having a knife pulled on him and threatened with death. Suspect left prior to officer’s arrival.

Monday, March 10

Party on Payson Street requesting EMS for her husband who is not feeling well. Transferred to Action EMD.

Caller on Linden Street requesting an ambulance transport for her mother. Transferred to Action EMD.

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