A Good Decision: Change in Forum Format Makes Sense

We commend Council President Peter Gill for his decision to alter the format of the Spring Forum that is scheduled for Tuesday night at the Robert A. DeLeo Senior Center. Rather than put the focus on the various town department heads and their presentations, Gill wants the residents to be featured and be given the opportunity to ask questions of the Town Council and various department heads.

It’s also a good idea that the Council is requesting that questions be submitted in advance, although residents can still ask their questions in person. Having the questions in advance will eliminate any duplication and give our department heads time to do some research and put together a concise response to the questions.

The forum, which is a requirement under the town charter, is scheduled for one hour before the Council convenes for its regular meeting. We hope that residents will turn out for the meeting, invoking fond memories of our former Town Meeting form of government.

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