High Marks for Manager McKenna: Council’s Evaluation Is Well-deserved

May all of our Winthrop students receive a “report card” as outstanding as the one Town Manager James McKenna received from the Town Council in its annual evaluation of his performance. The Council gave McKenna strong commendations across all categories in their evaluation and it’s clear the Council is very pleased with his calls on major decisions, such as personnel and financial management in coordination with Town CFO Tim Gordon.

James McKenna has been our Bill Belichick, a true leader who is decisive and willing to make the tough decisions that will serve the best interests of the town as a whole.

We can only imagine the feeling of pride and satisfaction that James McKenna has as he drives to work each day to his office in Town Hall and when he returns to his family at his home. Our town manager has Winthrop on the brink of greatness and with a new school building on the horizon and long-dormant properties about to flourish with residential activity, James McKenna was the right man at the right time to steer our town in a positive direction.

We are fortunate that we have James McKenna at the helm of our ship.

And let’s give a shout out to Council Clerk Denise Quist, who also received an overall excellent evaluation for her performance as clerk to the nine-member Town Council.

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