Police Blotter 12-12-2013

Monday, December 2

Caller on Revere Street worried about a séance in the basement. W91, W93 report caller distraught and wanting to go to the hospital. Contact made with the party’s sister, who is enroute to help with the children.

Caller on Grovers Avenue said that last night a suspicious motor vehicle was parked on the wrong side of the road with interior lights on and the driver writing something inside. At this time, no crimes reported in the area.

Female who works in Burlington is receiving calls from a party that resides in Winthrop. She will contact Burlington and she will seek a harassment order.

CVS Pharmacy reports having syringes found in their lot. W92 reports locating and disposing.

Party on Pleasant Street reports finding a syringe.

Caller on Hawthorne Street reports he has fallen and requires assistance getting up.

Party on Kennedy Road was inquiring as to whether a defendant was served with the extension of a harassment prevention order, which was extended on November 26th until November 25, 2014. We did not receive copy from EBDC to be served. We contacted EBDC and they informed us that it was extended. Court staff informed us that the order was sent to the defendant via mail and we did not need to serve extension. They will fax over a copy of the extension for our records.

Walk-in to report an ongoing harassment at her residence on Revere Street.

Caller from the Methodist Church is concerned about a cooler and other debris left in the lot. W92 will check it out.

Call of an unwanted guest at the Winthrop Senor Center. W92 reports party sent out of the area.

Caller at Governor’s Garden reports a customer just paid with what appears to be a counterfeit $20 bill.

Reports of a male subject sleeping behind the Middle School. Units report male subject known to us feeling under the weather and will be transported to Whidden for evaluation.

Male came to the station to report that he was hit by a gray car last Wednesday night at Pauline and Pleasant Street. He has knee and stomach injury. Fire and EMS responded to the lobby and the party was transported.

Female on Terrace Avenue has a resident sticker. A neighbor told her that they own the street parking. 91 Curran sent to clarify parking space issue and settled the matter with other homeowner. He was told it was a public way allowing anyone to park in front of his/her house.

Father came to the station to report that his daughter has been receiving threatening phone calls to her Verizon cell phone. The threats were being received on her old cell number. It has since been changed. The calls are believed to be coming from Jamaica and Verizon has no record of the calls on their printout. The reporter believes that someone may have hacked into their computer in order to have knowledge of the personal information that was mentioned in the call. Party was referred back to Verizon to investigate the origin of the calls. Reporter was instructed to contact us if there are any incidents associated with this.

Female on Moore Street reports that her ex-husband did not return their 15-year-old son after school today. She claims that it is not in the custody agreement.

Female on Sunset Road reports someone slapped her kids. 92 Bonavita and 93 Ferullo report a domestic. One female in custody. Matron called and cannot report until midnight. Charges: domestic assault and battery and resisting arrest.

Father on Wilshire Street reports a problem with his son. 91 Curran and 98 Dalrymple report and request WFD for an evaluation. Party going to the hospital.

Tuesday, December 3

Party on Buchanan Street reported to an officer that her husband has passed out and gray in color. Call transferred to EMD for EMS service. No response. WFD was contacted directly and dispatched to the location. Call back was made to EMD by Off. Brown.

Officer went by an address on Pleasant Street and met with a family member who wants to check on the oil, water and other utilities at the premises.

Party on Main Street reports that they overheard a downstairs neighbor state a threat to his roommate while she was hanging holiday decorations yesterday. Party will come to the station, as she is not at home at this time to file a full report.

Officer is following up on a previous investigation at Governors Drive.

Party on Irwin Street reports that she is receiving phone calls by someone who is definitely trying to harass her by consistently calling and not saying anything.

911 call from Prospect Avenue of flames in the bottom of a stove. Fire notified.

Lifeline call of a woman who fell down on Cliff Avenue. Fire notified.

Officer reports a roommate dispute on Morton Street. All parties spoken to and agreed to leave each other alone. Parties advised of all court rights. Matter settled for now.

Call of a man sleeping in the front hallway on Walden Street.

Two 911 calls from young woman and her mother. They say a man, blue jacket and hoodie on the porch. Units report stopping subject. Caller reports it is the wrong person. Area search negative.

Caller at Cumberland Farms reports he received a counterfeit $20 bill earlier tonight. Officer picked up same.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports she heard people outside and she thinks they are trying to break into her rear basement window. Officer report no sign of attempted break, area clear.

Caller reports odor of natural gas outside on Winthrop Street.

Wednesday, December 4

Female bleeding on Willow Avenue. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Party on Pleasant Street at Girdlestone road reports a tree service is taking down a tree and has traffic blocked on the side streets. Officer reports the area is clear, no vehicles obstructing traffic.

An officer was requested by the assistant principal of the Middle School.

Party on Crystal Cove reports a loud explosion he believes to be a transformer. WFD notified. 91 reports a Pole #365. WFD arrived and cleared. National Grid notified and will respond.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reports that she found a cloth bag with some items in it. Tan cloth bag with several items placed under the rear counter.

Party reports a male inside the ATM at Bank of America appears to be arguing over the phone with someone and has been there for over 20 minutes.

Male on Cottage Avenue requesting an ambulance transport for his elderly mother who is having difficulty breathing. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party reports an elderly female with a cane fell out front while walking to a waiting cab on Bowdoin Street. Action EMD notified and will dispatch fire and EMS. Officer reports patient refused treatment.

Officer stopped motor vehicle for violation at Magee’s Corner. Operator has a suspended license. Number plates were removed by the officer and brought to the station. The vehicle is on private property where the vehicle owner resides. Plates were seized and brought to the station.

Thursday, December 5

Caller on Pauline Street reports a man and two girls are putting her in fear. 92 reports roommate dispute. Advised of rights in court.

Party on Hutchinson Street reports finding an older confused female is in his driveway. Officers requested EMS for evaluation. Party called from Golden Drive reporting that his wife suffers from Alzheimer’s and has left the home. He was advised of her possible location and responded.

Caller on Governors Drive reports that her daughter is having some difficulty breathing. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Female party on Emerson Road reports that her daughter’s unlocked motor vehicle was broken into last night. They took a Coach wallet with an old Navy charge card inside. The card has been cancelled and the caller just wanted to report the crime.

Party on Somerset Avenue requests we assist her in getting her elderly male neighbor back to his home. He is locked out. WFD notified to respond and assist as well.

Officer completing an investigation regarding a student at the William Gorman School.

E911 call from an 11-year-old crying female who is with four other friends in the area. A white male is following them. Parties were located once they saw the officers and were able to approach them.

Disturbance between owner and customer at Belle Isle Boat Yard.

Cab driver/customer dispute at Bank of America. Dispute settled to all parties satisfaction.

Female requesting police on Nevada Street. The call was then disconnected. No answer on callback. Officers report verbal argument between boyfriend and girlfriend. All parties advised of their rights.

Friday, December 6

Alarm activation for the front stairwell at Winthrop Middle School. Officer reports there was access gained through a locked door. He will be investigating further. Teachers who do not have the alarm code set it off. No signs of a break-in.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue requests an officer respond as her checkbook was stolen and she has roommates in the home.

Caller on Hermon Street reports that her husband needs assistance. WFD notified and will oblige.

E911 wireless caller reporting that two loose dogs in the vicinity of Winthrop High School. ACO notified on his cell phone and will check the area.

Party on Hermon Street reports that someone opened his screen door and then tried his solid front door. By the time he got to the door, the party had fled. Officer checked the area and reports no signs of anybody going door to door in the area. He will BOLO for suspicious activities.

Caller on Governors Drive requesting EMS for her husband. Transferred to Action EMD.

Walk-in to report that her 13-year-old daughter was assaulted by another girl on Taylor Street.

Saturday, December 7

Caller on Main Street reports following a drunk into town. Units report stopping motor vehicle at Pleasant and Cottage Park. G & J to tow. Officer coming in with one for driving under the influence, and marked lanes violation.

Caller on Circuit Road states a possible drunk male on his property. Units bring subject to his residence on Coral Avenue.

Male on Governors Drive came in to report that his vehicle and other items were stolen from his home.

Caller on Locust Street requests an ambulance for his brother who has injured his leg.

Female came in with her daughter to report an accident in which they struck a fence on Kennedy Road. Fence was town property. DPW notified.

Male on Cutler Street lost his set of 20 keys. Female found them on the street and turned them in. Owner notified.

Female on Bowdoin Street reports that a woman is down there and they need an ambulance. Officers responded and WFD and EMS arrived. Unable to get in and they can hear the woman calling from inside. They were looking for the code to enter, but WFD gained entry. Daughter arrived on the scene. Officers cleared.

A report of an unknown situation is going on at Town Liquor. Officers spoke to party and he was given a no trespass to the business.

Male at Mobil Mart giving clerk a hard time. He was insisting on buying alcohol when they are closed. W93 located motor vehicle at Pleasant and Tileston Road. Officers spoke to him regarding his behavior and he apologized.

Female on Grovers Avenue reports that her roommate took her work ID’s and left the apartment. Her ID’s are issued from Massport and Jet Blue. Caller then reported that her roommate is her boyfriend and they had been arguing. She reports that he has left the apartment. When the boyfriend was called by police, he returned the caller’s ID’s. Both parties were advised of their rights.

Homeowner on Tileston Road reports she is in Hampton, NH and no one should be in her apartment. She recently evicted her son and locked up the apartment when she left. 91 Freeman, 92 Bonavita/Oyola and 93 S. Hickey report there are 8-9 youths there. Owner reports all should be removed from the premises and doors locked. She will apply for a TRO on Monday. One party decided to become disorderly and was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Sunday, December 8

Reports of a disturbance in the street on Freemont and Jefferson Street. Officers request medical. Female transported and one under arrest for assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports that an unknown female is knocking on doors, causing dogs to bark. W91 and W93 report the area is clear. When callback placed, caller said the woman was let into another residence.

Party on Cora Street reports that a black cat has been following her around for several days. ACO notified and will go by to advise her of her rights.

Report from Payson Street of a larceny of a debit card, which is being used.

Male caller on Winthrop Street reports an accident involving a motorbike. Officers report a male on a small scooter fell, got up and said he is okay and then drove away. No one knows how he was or got his number.

W91 officer responded to Pleasant Street to speak to the passenger of a taxi that did not get his fare. Officer has tried several times to get the passenger to pay the fare, all to no avail. A hearing will be set up.

Male came in to request an emergency 209. A judge denied the order and instructed him to call 911 if his ex-girlfriend comes by his house and to request a 209A at the East Boston Court on Monday.

Female called to report that she left her apartment after having an argument with her boyfriend. He ran after her and left the children, one-year and 6 years old alone in the apartment. Officers spoke to both parties. It was verbal only. Female will leave for a few hours.

Male reports he witnessed a shoplifter – male with two kids with him in Cumberland Farms. He said he saw the man stuff items, like trash bags and candy into the clothing of the kids. 93 S. Hickey and 92 Feeley stopped the male at Paine and Main Streets. Manager at Cumberland stated trash bags were taken. It was a misunderstanding and all settled with store and man.

Monday, December 9

Caller reports that his girlfriend is going crazy and smashed his TV. Units report the girlfriend fled, but she lives right across the street. Units request EMS and WFD notified. They responded.

Call from Paesan’s to report they had windows smashed. Lieutenant and officer report they may have various cameras in the area that may help. Off. Callinan will also respond to fingerprint the scene.

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